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community appreciation week 2017 day 3: favorite episode • Intro to Recycled Cinema

I feel the force. What? I don’t feel the force, I’m not allowed to. What do I feel? I feel Dracula force. I feel Dracula signals.

3x03 Top 5 Moments


2. “Is it?” “It is.”

3. Harry begging for Caitlin and Cisco’s help

4. “But she’s calling herself Magenta.” “Meh.”


- Honourable Mention by @ithemetahumancrusader - Barry being Joe’s second daughter

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Gotham s2e16  Oswald Cobblepot: Bad Dreams

It’s remarkable that Oswald’s experiencing guilt for his past misdeeds; it it solely the result of Dr. Strange’s conditioning, or did those “treatments” uncover guilt that was already there? I understand why Oswald might have guilt about Fish, and Butch; but how does Frankie (who was a low-life who was mean to Oswald) get into the dream?

You guys, I don’t mean to get anyone excited, but this episode may have actually passed the Bechdel test.

Like, it squeaked by. But with that scene of Caitlin and Jesse talking about her powers? If that segment of it before they mentioned Harry made it to thirty seconds, we have an actual Bechdel pass on our hands.

But besides that, multiple women being allowed to express what they’re thinking and feeling?? Even if, as in Caitlin’s case, it was cloaked. And unfortunately, Iris didn’t get much - just a response to Barry’s feelings about the date. But Jesse’s frustration, Frankie’s fear and powerlessness, all got their moment.

Hey, Flash writers, do you need to sit down? Do you feel dizzy? I know this is new territory for you.

2,000+ icon mega pack

ok so yesterday was my birthday and I wanted to do something special but I was at comic con all day so I’m just gonna post it today haha, here is every icon I’ve made so far, all 2,000+ (even some I haven’t posted before bc I dind’t have enough for a full pack) obviously I’m putting them under the cut because it’s crazy long so I suggest not opening it on your dash (if you’re on mobile don’t open it it WILL crash your phone)  enjoy! (also please keep in mind they look a lot worse all stretched out like this but also some might be a little sloppy because even the first icons I ever made are on here so if you want one cleaned up just let me know!)

here’s a sample:

——————————————–3D Man———————————————-

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