flash fest



- Tom Felton asked Danielle if they have so much fun on the set of The Flash as it looks like. She answered: “Much More!” .
- Danielle hopes that girls are looking at Caitlin Snow and Felicity Smoak and saying: “Yeah, I want to be good in math and science.”
- Danielle said she would love to be on #SuperGirl. And that she was jealous because Grant had the chance to hang out with Melissa Benoist and she doesn’t yet.
- Danielle said that nobody is really dead in the DC universe, and that in Season 3 there are some returning characters, but she can’t say who.
- Danielle would like to met Caitlin’s mom this season (btw, me too).
- Danielle talked about how hard was for her to play KillerFrost and being mean to a lot of her castmates.
- She talked about a scene where Grant’s phone was supposed to ring but Tom Cavanagh hid it on purpose, and how her favorite moments with the cast are when they play at “Uno”.
- Danielle said that when she found out that Jay was Zoom she was like: “Ughh, Caitlin will never find love.”
- The FlashPoint Paradox won’t affected just the Flashverse, but it could be extended even to Arrow.

You get closer to everybody because you spend more and more time together, and I really love it because you’ll meet somebody, you know like, I love Candice; but you have to see each other a bunch of times before pure finally like oh my god we should be best friends.
—  City Lotz at a EW Pop Fest panel
{via @iriswestallens on twitter, thank you so much for tweeting and videoing the panel you’re great}

Katie’s very first Black Siren, she gave me a double 10( two high-5’s at the same time lol) I can hold the crown for that. I was on 3 hours that day, I wasn’t supposed to be but I was forced to do a double so I got home and was up till 5AM but she made it worth it. I’ve done both of her costumes now 😁 want to do a composite shot of the two 😁 Laurel means so much to me and I’ve met Katie before so this was just for her to see that I’ll always Stan her, hero or villain