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Cass Cain


“Hold still,” Jason Todd mumbled irritably, his lower lip caught between his teeth in an expression of intense concentration. Cassandra Cain was not moving and she knew she had not moved more than the gentle inhale and exhale of breath as she perched on the dark red armchair with her hand on her knee.

Jason was kneeling, his tall and broad frame bent over her outstretched hand while he held a tiny black brush and pushed neon green polish across her fingernails. His hands shook slightly– not from nerves or emotion, Cass knew– because they always shook when he wasn’t smoking or holding a weapon.

“Good,” she said, admiring the finished nails when he sat back on his heels with an explosive sigh.

“You could make Steph do this,” he grumbled as she moved her unpainted left hand to her knee. He dipped the brush into the tiny glass jar.

Cass glanced over to the couch where Damian and Steph were leaning against each other, in their New Year’s Eve tuxedo and dress, respectively, asleep on the couch in front of the TV with a video game menu on screen.

“No,” Cass said. “You.”

“You’re doing mine next,” he said, holding the jar and brush in one hand and pulling his bow tie off his neck with the other. He tossed it over his shoulder and readjusted how he was kneeling. “My fricking foot is falling asleep.”

Cass slipped off the chair and sat cross legged on the floor and he mirrored her pose. He set the jar on the chair and unbuttoned the collar of his shirt.

“I’m suffocating in this shit,” he said, running a hand through his hair.

Cass looked down at her own dress: she liked it and it was comfortable. She’d spent three hours shopping with Stephanie to find something she really liked and the effort had paid off.

“Fuck,” he gasped, and her head snapped up. The nail polish had tipped and a small puddle of neon green paint had pooled on the red chair. He scrubbed at it with his cuff and swore again and the spot merely grew, across the chair and over his shirt.

Cass laughed at the contrast, the opposite colors red and green smearing on the furniture and on him.

“Don’t– Cass– it’s not, Alfred’s gonna kill me,” Jason snapped, sitting back pale and wide-eyed. “Fricking hot sauce.”

“A robin,” Cass smiled, tapping his nose with one finger. “Red and green. Alfred doesn’t kill.”

“Gimme your hand,” Jason grumbled, eyeing the spot.

“Alfred hates this chair,” Cass assured him. There was still a burst of light and joy inside her, the hope of a new year. She didn’t think Alfred would be upset.

“If you say so,” Jason said, his lip between his teeth again as he focused. “God, your hands are so little.”

A minute later, she was painting his nails. His hands were large and rough and they still shook, but she was deft with the brush and kept the lines clean and didn’t mark his skin.

“Happy new year,” she said quietly, blowing on the paint to dry it.

“You, too,” he said, admiring her work. “I gotta say, you’re the best thing I got out of this family deal.”

“I am,” she said with a smirk, “don’t forget.”


It’s a very small, big thing but this right here is why Dev Dixit is one of the finest male leads written for a romantic drama on Indian telly. It’s just the way he has so much respect for Sonakshi as an individual that sets him apart. Dev Dixit doesn’t love just one aspect of Sonakshi Bose. He doesn’t have any high and mighty ideas about her in his head which makes him go crazy for this woman. He just loves everything about her. It’s just the way he acknowledges her as a person, an individual, and respects her for that. Time and time again, Dev has said that he puts Sonakshi above everything else. This gesture here is just him proving that he even puts his own self below her. Just the fact that this is the first time Dev has kissed Sonakshi makes it all the more special. It’s not just romantic, it’s a very earnest show of love that he feels for her. It’s just the way he’d rather bow down his head and kiss her hands rather than bringing them up to his lips…that shows just how deeply he respects and love this woman. He has no issues in doing that. It’s because he knows that it is solely because of her he has learned that life can be beautiful too. This is him accepting that Sonakshi Bose is the reason Dev Dixit can laugh freely, be happy for no reason, and live.

Seriously, amidst all the toxic masculinity that rules the media, Dev Dixit is a fine example of what a man ought to be.

"Oh great! Now we're a bobsleigh team."
"It's the luge. It's only a bobsleigh team if you've got a bobsleigh."
"You're both insane. There's no such thing as a triple luge!"

↳BOOK 3: Whispers Under Ground
alfie enoch as peter grant
paul mcgann as thomas nightingale
vinette robinson as DI miriam stephanopoulos
hettiene park as FBI special agent reynolds
dev patel as BTP sergeant jaget kumar
colin morgan as zachary palmer
christine adams as lady ty

happy holidays, tiny fandom!

This is just beautiful, not only does the Flash installer window lack a shadow (Because “Flat” UI is so hot right now) it’s also seemingly running an entire web browser engine for the simple task of displaying a bit of text, a progress bar and a button. The incompetent devs even forgot to disable drag events.

Although credit where credit it due the installer progress bar DOES reach 100% now, well done Flash dev team! I mean you might have had to resort to loading an entire HTML engine, you might have go so far over budget you could no longer afford Window shadows and judging by the jump at the end of installing I have a sneaking suspicion someone wrote a “if progress > 85 then progress = 100” statement but you did it! you got the blue bar to go all the way to the end of the gutter!

This is your moment Flash dev team! Well done!

Thanks Simon for sending this in.