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TV Shows Updates

this is a list of a bunch of TV shows and their air date count down. or just how much is left till the next episode 

Jane the Virgin                                           26 days

Supernatural                                              25 days

Rierdale                                                      24 days

The Flash                                                   23 days 

Blackish                                                    16 days

Fresh off the Boat                                    16 days

Hawaii Five-0                                           12 days

Superstore                                               11 days

Criminal minds                                        10 days

American Housewife                               10 days

Modern Family                                        10 days

Brooklyn Nine-Nine                                  9 days

Scorpion                                                   8 days

Teen Wolf                                                  7 days

Raven’s Home                                          5 days

Fuller House                                             4 days

Gotham                                                   4 days

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The Last Stand of the ENS 'Durandal'

Thirty years have passed since Humanity’s involvement with the Thanatari Wars.

For thirty long years, Vice Admiral Uoke had ground those damned bugs into the dirt wherever they were found. Through those thirty years, she watched the most of the few remaining Q'iri killed off in the Crux-Scutum campaign, the Iri'jiij beaten back to their home cluster, and the Thanatari inch ever closer to Human space. She watched as their superior numbers crashed upon hers in waves. She watched governments dissolve, and dynasties die and decay. The Galactic Union was hardly a concept anymore, as anyone with two drops of sense hid behind the ‘space orcs’.

But even mountains wear under the pounding of an ocean.

And she never thought she’d see this mountain fall, but, rarely do expectations meet reality.

Her Dreadnaught, the ENS “Durandal”, was positioned broadsides, damming the brooks and providing as much cover as her 12km beast would offer for the fleeing civilian and other non- military vessels. After three years of silence, the Thanatari had come to the human world, Eden-in-the-Wind, and it was time to leave.

Her vessel’s shields held well against the incoming hail of fire, but mere minutes into the enemy’s invasion, and the Dreadnaught’s barriers were already down to 75%. This, of course, did not spell well for evacuations, as the closest human fleet was a day out-system. Her ferroplasers and muon beams barked out and cut screaming pillars into the rain of fire, igniting new suns and rippling the invading fleet’s body, but serving only to stem its flow. Missiles raced out to meet the fireships and shield-vessels, blooming into life and silencing any force within 30km of the blast.

Seemingly in response, a new hole tore into realspace and spit out a stream of craft, all bristling with heat and powered weapons, headed straight for her ship. She targeted these new contacts in turn, and unleashed a hail of magpulser rounds into their numbers, with ferroplasers barking their death sentence into the largest of their numbers and spearing them like a fish, their hulls bloating and popping from the intense heat. Their forces kept charging through the debris at her ship, firing all the way.

A cluster of blue suns ignited off the bow and disappeared as soon as they showed, spilling out friendly forces from dark-side of the planet. They shredded the incoming battlegroup, and began spitting beams of their own back into the looming fleet of thousands incoming. The friendlies added to her defenses and covered the last of the fleeing refugee and civilian vessels sun-side as they jumped out of the system.

All she had to do was buy the last of the evacuations a bit more time. As she watched another pair of Thanatari fleets jump in to either side of the planet, she realized that time was not something that they possessed.

She watched nuclear detonations flare on the planet’s surface, a self-euthanization by the human and alien populations still on the planet, preventing any more lives or resources from falling into Thanatari hands.

Her chest tightened as she flipped through the open channels, hoping to hear a response. The only one she received was from an Iri'jiij carrier pilot.

“Preparations are complete, and as many as we could save were evacuated,” it chirped. The Iri'jiij was silent over the open channel for a few moments. “May the mistress of the After take those souls kindly. Kirta out.”

Admiral Uoke and her battlegroup were now alone in the system, staring down a crashing wave of Thanatari.

She flipped on her battlecomm channel. “Now hear this; all accompanying ships, exit this system. This is an order. All hands, abandon ship,” she barked into the comms.

Her aide rushed up to her, enraged by her order.

“No, damn it! All due respect ma'am, but what in the Hundred HELLS are you doing?! Officers, belay that!” She rushed up on Uoke and took her by the shoulder. “I’m not letting you die alone on some damn-fool hero run! You’re coming with us!”

“Petty Officer Harper, take your hands off me.”

“Don’t pull rank, Uoke. Come with me. Please,” Harper pleaded. A tear ran down her face as she took Uoke by the cheek, staring into her charcoal eyes.

Uoke teared up herself, and pushed Petty Officer Harper away.

“I’m not letting those damned bugs take this system. This is our space, and your lives at stake. By denying them a foothold, I delay their campaign into Ecumene space.”

“By killing yourself?”

“… If that’s what is necessary.”

Uoke pulled Harper in for a kiss, and Harper relented. This was goodbye.

Harper addressed the officers, telling them to resume evac as the Thanatari fire rocked the ship through the shields.

The party left the bridge, and the blast door sealed behind them.


The ship-board AI chirped to life. “Yes, Admiral?”

“Status report.”

“Aye,” the ship replied. A bosun’s call sounded. “The last aboard are away, and the fleet has jumped outbound to Sol. Shields at 5%. Hull integrity at 80% and declining. All decks have sustained minor damage in the outermost sectors. Aft Engine 5 disabled. Ferroplaser munitions at 50%. Muon beams on cool down and recharge. All other systems nominal,” he ended.

“Power down all crew bays and non-essential systems. Nova Protocol in five minutes. Slave the controls to me, give me targets, and man the auto-turrets. You have permission to engage freely.”

“Aye, Admiral.”

A countdown timer flashed onto the HUD of the bridge.

The ‘Durandal’ came about and plunged bow-first into the oncoming swarm, closing the 4km distance and bringing the pain to the Thanatari.

The auto-turrets flicked from target to target, shredding the incoming vessels with relativistic bullets. Ferroplasers cut and seared, as enemy fire broke the shields and began pounding on the hull in full barrage, giving the 'Durandal’ angry red welts and detonating along her silvery surface. The ship groaned as a fusillade bombarded her angular surface and left glowing pockmarks.

“Durandal, will we have Muons before Nova Protocol?”

“Muon lasers at 95%. Thirty Seconds.”

She looked at the timer. 2:30 and counting.

“Plot a jump sun-side and get me a targeting solution for the host star. These bugs get nothing.”

“Admiral, reading a larger fleet on the other side. Commence regardless?”

“Just do it.”

Everything faded into darkness and pulled away from her as Durandal jumped, and snapped back immediately as she came out the other side.

“Durandal, what’s our power situation look like?” The Admiral asked, bracing as the ship rocked and groaned.

“We are at 75% efficiency. Muon lasers ready.”

“How much do we need for Nova Protocol?”


“Dump as much power as you can into the Muon lasers and supercharge them. Give me a clean shot at the star.”

“With all due respect Admiral, this course of action will leave us defenseless, and will result in the destruction of this system. Shall I continue?”

“Yes. Admiralty override. HU-0777645,” she replied.

“Valid credentials and biometrics. Override successful. Firing solution acquired.”


The muon lasers screamed forth into existence, vibrant hellish pillars arcing out and into the star less than an AU away.


“Plot is solid, delivery confirmed. Eden-In-The-Wind will be dust in 5 minutes,” Durandal said.

Uoke looked at the timer. Twenty seconds and counting.

She sat in her chair, as the lights flickered and went out. Durandal withdrew into a small terminal by her seat. Boarding alarms blared all through the ship. She heard those damned bugs clambering down the hall, out for her blood.


“Yes, Durandal?” she replied, as she unholstered her pistol.

“It has been an honor to serve with you, ma'am. Have a blessed journey.”

The terminal went black, save for a countdown timer.


The bugs were pounding on the blast door.


A stream of sparks spit out from its center.


The stream traced along the seam of the door.


She raised her pistol and shot a few rounds in the gap they cut. She heard gargling screams.


They were halfway done.


The bulkhead burst open, revealing the damned bugs in all of their horror.


She downed a few with her pistol and pulled out a knife.


A Thanatari knocked her over and snapped at her with its jaws.


She unloaded into its belly just as three more came down on her.


Everything went white.

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Dominique Provost-Chalkley said in today’s Tales of the Black Badge podcast that she once had a job where she had to wear a bear costume and hold balloons. So, naturally, @haughtbreaker wanted a fic, and I was more than happy to oblige with this silly drabble. Please don’t judge me. (But someone please take away my laptop.)

It’s quite possibly the most mortifying thing Waverly has ever done in her life: scurrying as fast as possible down a crowded sidewalk in an overstuffed teddy bear costume and trying not to scare young children or knock over elderly tourists. Changing into the furry brown monstrosity before she left her apartment had seemed like a great idea at the time, given that she was running late to her gig and wouldn’t have time to suit up at the party. But now, as her neck begins to cramp from the weight of the bear’s massive head and she’s about to pass out from heat exhaustion, she realizes that maybe, just maybe, it hadn’t been her wisest decision after all.

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The Only New Year’s Countdown That Matters: Top WestAllen Kisses

Happy New Year Flash and WestAllen fandom! I needed a little pick-me-up, so here’s my ranking of each moment Barry and Iris have locked lips. Hopefully there’s even better kisses to come in the new year. Enjoy!

16. Welcome to Earth-2: This takes the lowest spot because it was brief, Earth-2 Iris didn’t know she wasn’t kissing her husband, and Barry is still too shocked to properly reciprocate. Funny but far from the best.

15. The New Rogues: Come on guys. What is this? KISS HARDER.

14. The Present: I love this little one because Iris is pushing her hair back so she can properly kiss Barry but he doesn’t even wait for her to finish. He leans in because he’s too eager and it’s utterly adorable.

13. Welcome to Earth-2: Pretty basic as far as kisses go, but we know this was the moment Barry realized he still loved Iris and was always going to, so it’s important for that reason.

12. Magenta: This is as pretty from an aesthetic perspective as it is romantic. The rose covering their lips is a nifty direction choice. It’s a little too formal for me though compared to their other kisses.

11. Welcome to Earth-2: NO ONE saw this one coming. It was such a surprise to have Iris push Barry up against a wall to kiss him senseless. As it’s their first kiss of Season Two and their first since their erased waterfront kiss, it deserves this spot on the list. It was also the perfect glimpse into Earth-2 WestAllen’s dynamic. Now we know how badass Detective West is thirsty for her adorkable CSI husband.

10. Monster: This reeks of marriage, despite how they only recently started to date. It’s casual and symbolic of how comfortable they’ve always been with each other and how comfortable they are with this newfound progression of their relationship. He’s kissing her with greasy food in her mouth! It doesn’t get more affectionate than that.

9. Paradox: I’ve made it known before that I was disappointed with this as Iris’s first kiss with Barry. It is beautiful visually, the music was lovely, but the context surrounding it with Iris and Barry choosing to move forward with their relationship without discussing the previous timeline taints the whole thing for me. I also think it was a lost opportunity to parallel their first porch kiss but not have Barry intentionally recreate it for Iris.

8. Magenta: Barry “Nope Not Enough” Allen. He doesn’t want to leave her! His smirk, her smitten expression, his hand on her neck. It’s perfectly amorous and picturesque.

7. The New Rogues: Can someone say husband and wife? I think Barry has wanted to walk into the West house and kiss Iris like that for years.

6. The Present: Appropriately slow and sensual given that it’s right after Barry gives Iris her gift of their new home and preludes her sexy coat drop which foreshadows a romantic, intimate Christmas Even together.

5. Flashpoint: Heart-wrenching and tragic. He’s kissing the skin right above her lip, which is not only sensual and loving, but also fitting because this isn’t his Iris. It’s a bittersweet goodbye kiss. She was the one who wanted to kiss him, and he didn’t want to take from her before he left, so his reciprocation was just to kiss her back gently so not to tempt her further.

4. The Present: I can’t decide what I love most about this: their noses nuzzling or the fact that Iris interrupted his romantic speech to her to kiss him impatiently or that this preceded an exchange of “I love you’s.”

3. The Race of His Life: It doesn’t get more tender, loving, and sweeter than this. I still wish this was their permanent first kiss. It was a generous acknowledgment and appreciation of her love for him and her willingness to wait for him. It was a promise that he still reciprocates that love. It was a pledge that he was going to come back for her once he attained his peace. And it didn’t need to be heated: its simplicity enforced how genuine the love between them was, and they confirmed that love to each other verbally too.

2. The New Rogues: Do I really need to specify why this is the runner up? Finally Grant and Candice were allowed to showcase the sexual chemistry between them as Barry and Iris’s more lustful side. And they nailed it. This was sizzling from start-to-finish, only to be unfortunately interrupted and transformed from sexy to comedy lol.

1. Out of Time: Even after this kiss was spoiled, even after all the kisses we’ve been blessed with so far, this is still the ultimate first kiss and the best one I’ve seen between Barry and Iris. I can sense all the passion, longing, and urgency between them just by looking at their faces and how desperately they move against each other because the threat of death is near. It’s blatant indulgence and passion because it’s just a release of everything they’ve been keeping in. The music and camerawork only emphasize how significant and epic this moment is for Barry and Iris. They have yet to top this.

A Fucking Cliché

Written for Day 7 of @nurseydexweek: Future NurseyDex. Technically a sequel to Stupid Christmas Christmas Gift Giving Traditions but can be read on it’s own, just know that Christmas is a “a myth invented by evil capitalists in order to make people enter unwillingly into a social contract in which they’ll always be miserable because it’s a cycle that never ends” but Nursey’s okay with being the lifetime social contract of gift giving with Dex. Completely unbeta’d and I know nothing about English as a discipline. 

Also on ao3

Dex has had the box since before Christmas.

He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nursey, almost as soon as they got their shit together in their last year at Samwell and did something about the sexual tension that, according to Chowder, was threatening to choke the team. Moving in together after graduation into the little apartment in Boston had only cemented that. Nothing made Dex happier than coming home from work to find Nursey there on their couch smelling of coffee and full of stories about customers and coworkers or with a progress report on his dissertation (those were his favourite days; Nursey looked his best when his eyes were bright and his cheeks flushed as he told Dex about his most recent breakthrough.) A ring in a box on their fourth Christmas as a couple seemed like a natural progression of their relationship, even if College sweethearts was an overdone, clichéd trope.

Then Nursey comes home from work one day on a tangent about Christmas, capitalism, and the social construct of gift giving as part of lifetime contract that has Dex panicking until Nursey clarifies; “I’m okay with being in a social contract with you until I die,” and Dex is able to breath easy again, knowing that they’re on the same page.

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Mean Queens Ch.14 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

a/n: nymph: christ on a bicycle it has been literally about two months, and for that i am half sorry and half not, life has been crazy and shits been hitting the proverbial fan. But we’re back! And with half a pinch of luck the next one won’t take so long. This one goes out to the AQ Brits who keep us sane, and HoLA3 whom I love with all my heart

a/n: wankCAMP: all i wanna say tbh is sorry for the wait life is busy and i am not good mentally but i love everyone who reads mq and hope they enjoy

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Where to start reading the Rogues?

Their first appearance was in Flash vol.1 #155

  • Flash vol.1 #174, 231, 242-244, 254, 256, 300, 325, 338-342, 347-350
  • Flash Spectacular 1978
  • Underworld Unleashed
  • Flash vol.2 #19, 121, 125-129, 195, 207, 210, 212-225, 227, ½, Annual #5
  • Secret Origins vol.2 #41
  • Flash vol.3 #1-7
  • 80-Page Giant vol.1 #4
  • New Year’s Evil: The Rogues
  • The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #9–13
  • All-Flash #1
  • Countdown #51-49, 47-46
  • Salvation Run
  • Blackest Night: Flash #1-3
  • Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge
  • Flash nu52 vol.4 #9-17, Flash Annual #1, #0
  • Flash nu52 vol.4 #23.2: Reverse-Flash
  • Flash nu52 vol.4 #23.3: The Rogues
  • Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion
Family Night

“I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?”

Family Night

“Becca, I’m the king of Mario Kart-” Bucky answered pride seeping with every word he let slip from between his chapped lips.

“Daddy is a king!” Rebecca announced excitedly watching as her dad let the remote down over the coffee table and let his hands cross behind his head.

“Yeah he is!” Bucky mumbled happily, only to receive a remote thrown at him. He wasn’t expecting it, seeing as he had his eyes closed and was basking in the feeling of winning yet another Mario kart game. “What was that for?” Bucky mumbled, rubbing his stomach. His wife sitting beside him, but their daughter in between the two adults.

“Well, I just so happen to be the queen of Mario Kart, so, let’s see who’s the best.”

And like that, the man found himself smiling from ear to ear. His daughter jumped over the couch happy her mother had joined their father and daughter game night. Her mom would have always left the two to bond, but apparently her skills were being questions at Mario Kart since James thought he was the “king” of the game.

Non the less, Rebecca found her self latching herself to her dads neck, as she grabbed him down to her side. She was a giggling mess, while her dad kissed her cheek waiting for his wife to choose a character.

“Princess peach?” Bucky asked, questioning his wife, “She’s like the worst character.” Bucky mumbled to himself. As he picked Mario just to irk his wife. He shot her a smug look. While she blushed and slapped his metal shoulder, Picking Mario just to prove that he always saved Princess peach was very “smooth’ in his book.

"Rebecca, who’s side are you on?” Bucky asked, while the screen flashed with a countdown.

“Mommy!” Becca jumped over to her moms neck, smooching her cheek. Both girls laughed at Bucky’s expression. His daughter was almost always on his side. Considering he was always the fun parent, who always said yes to anything.

“We need to make a boy,” Bucky mumbled under his breath as he got ready to jumpstart his Kart.

It was all fun and games until Bucky dropped a bomb over his wife’s pink Kart, causing her to be last from the lack of regeneration span. Buchanan grinned, Mario making it to the finish line first in record time.

“Told you I was king.” Bucky bragged. Cracking his fingers, watching as his wife shoved the remote controller his way.

“Well, King Bucky, let’s see how the couch treats you tonight.”  His wife angrily pushed, grabbing her daughter over her waist. Pushing the coco hair behind her daughters ear. The girl was well past her bed time, Becca’s head rested over her moment shoulder as the two adults bickered back and forth. 

“What!” Bucky asked disbelief written over his features. He stood up too, wanting to understand his wife’s logic in this. The screen left unnoticed as the list of winners was plastered over the flat screen.

“Your sleeping on the couch tonight.” She answered simply. Turning around to walk back to her room.

“I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?”  Bucky asked disbelief laced with every word that was chocked out from his throat.



“Keep your voice down, your daughter is asleep.”

“Doll,” Bucky whined, seeing as she wasn’t answering him and walking to his daughters room. Trailing behind his wife.


“Sweetheart,” Bucky cried, “Doll face,”

“I said Shush!”