flash burn


ENGULFED BY FLAMES” - a brick house completely completely consumed by fire, even the tree and nearby power lines are ablaze. No flash needed for this nighttime snapshot thanks to the intense light of the burning building.

what a lovely way to burn

a flash exchange fic for Chiomi!

Summary: Marinette is running a high fever and babbles everything about being Ladybug to her parents and Alya, much to their amusement and to the utter chagrin of her boyfriend, Adrien. (post reveal adrienette)


Adrien gulps nervously and pulls at his shirt collar as Alya interrogates him about why Marinette was outside in the middle of a rainstorm at midnight, which has resulted in a cold so bad that she can’t go to school tomorrow.

He’s told Marinette multiple times that they should cut their evening patrols short if there’s bad weather, but Marinette is Marinette, and she insists on fulfilling the duties of Ladybug, rain or shine.

Because she never listens to reason.

And so now, here she is, shivering under her sheets, doped up on cough syrup, and running a high fever as she clutches her best friend’s hand.

“Alya,” she whispers.

Alya’s fierce gaze softens as she turns to look at Marinette. “Yes, love?”

“I…have a secret.”

“Is that right?”

Adrien’s eyes dart back and forth between the two girls. Is Marinette really going to reveal their secret?

“I’m…dating Adrien.”

Alya’s eyes widen in pretend shock, though her expression is still mirthful.

“Marinette! How could you not tell me?”

I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyy,” Marinette keens, her lips turning downward. “I wanted to tell you earlier, but I got sick.”

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The scientific breakthrough allowed people to permanently transfer their consciousness into the world of a single book. Many on their deathbed requested to be placed in the second half of Revelations, and there were more than a few healthy people who ended up in Return of the King, The Deathly Hallows, and even their own fanfictions. Graveyards were replaced with libraries, books became sacred relics, sprouting new pages as people read the continuing adventures of their loved ones. Not everything was perfect though, a man in Arkansas was given a life sentence after placing his unfaithful wife inside The Road.
—  beginning to a short story i’d love for you to write
Slow Burn- (Mick Rory/Reader)

As promised a Mick fic! Just a one shot, testing my boundaries. There’s so much we don’t know about him, I really hope we learn more! (there is a potential for a continuation, but not at this time! Too much going on!)

Imagine Mick coming to find you after not seeing you for a year. Something you both promised to do on the anniversary of your meeting one another.

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Mick sat in the where house listening to Snart drone on and on about this Flash guy. Who cared? As long as he got his cut, some guy in a red suit wasn’t his problem until he got in his way.

He stood up finally walking toward the exit. Snart looked at him surprised, “Mick where are you going?”

“I’ve got something to do.” Mick told him, “Forgot what day it was.”

“We have a job!” Snart looked at him crossly.

“I’ll be back for it.” He looked back at him, “I’ve got to take care of something.”

“Fine, but if I’m not here you best bust ass to make it to our target.” Snart’s eyes narrowed on him.

“I don’t think it’s going to take me two days to visit someone.” Mick smirked, “Well…maybe if things go smoothly.”

“Mick…”  Snart’s voice was heavy with irritation.

“I’ll be back…god…fricken cold son of bitch…” He mumbled as he walked out quickly letting his eyes adjust.

He couldn’t believe he almost forgot. He would’ve been so hot if he had missed the opportunity to see you again. It had become his yearly ritual since his ‘revelation’.

Twenty minute later he was leaning outside of the St. Andrews Emergency bay watching you talking to other EMTs. He smiled inwardly watching you toss your head back laughing as something one of them said. 

You laughed once for him and he loved it. 

He didn’t know what went wrong. Yes he did…Snart. He didn’t think he had the flames under control. He did, Snart didn’t understand. He could never understand the heat, cold bastard.

Mick could hear someone talking over him. Medical terms, bumpy movements…ambulance.

“Let them know he had third degree on over half of his body and take Fifth, we need a short cut! We need to get him there faster!”

“Ma’am he’s a criminal. There’s no rush.”

There was a pause. Enough to get Mick’s blood boiling before he heard someone speak, “Officer Warren, with all due respect…this man is my patient and I intend to do everything in my power to help him.”

“I’m just saying…” WHUMP! Officer Warren was going to take a long nap.

Mick’s hand wrapped around a small neck pushing them against the bus’ wall. The ambulance slammed to a halt. The momentary shift didn’t phase him as he held this woman against the wall.

You stared down to him as the two in the front started to freak out. You raised your hand stopping them. You swallowed feeling his tight grip around your throat. You knew the amount of pressure it took the break a neck. You could already tell that there would be heavy bruising.

Still he just stared at you. Those green pools deciding his next move. Your tried desperately to find the ground  to alleviate some of the pressure from your neck, “Please…”

His eyes flickered at the sound of your voice. He watched your gloved hand gently touch his arm, “I just…want…to help…”

It took a few more seconds for him decide, but he set you down, “We’re leaving…”

“You need a hospital…” You told him rubbing your neck.

“I said we’re leaving.” He started throwing things in a bag. 

“Y/N…” He glanced back seeing you look at the two in the front. They flinched when he caught them looking at you.

You looked back to him then over to them, “It’s okay…I’ll be alright. This man needs help and he’s not going to go…I’m sure we’ll figure it out.”

He watched you pull open a drawer full on bandages and another with IV bags. You placed them in the bag and looked at him, “I will go with you, but you have to let them leave.”

“I just need you.” He grabbed your arm roughly kicking open the doors and dragged you out.

He sighed heavily as he leaned against the building more. He regretted all of that. He’d gotten what he wanted, but he’d hurt you a lot along the way.

You’d helped him find out what that accident really meant. The fire revealed everything to him. It made him see things in a new perspective. The burns would stand as a reminder of that.

Your eyes finally fell over at him. He tensed a little as you stared. You excused yourself as you walked toward him. He turned walking out of view. He wanted to see you, not make you lose your job for seeing him.

“Mick…” He smiled with his back turned to you, but wiped it away when he looked at you, “I thought that was you.”

You were smiling at him. He put his hands in his pockets, “Yeah…well…you asked me to come.”

“I’d thought you’d forget.”  You told him your eyes twinkling irresistibly.

“I can go.” He pointed behind him take a step away.

“No.” You grabbed his hand, “We made a promise…”

“You made a promise. I was just present.” He told you looking at your small hands holding his large one.

You rolled your eyes, “I get off in a few hours…”

“I should…get off the street…” He muttered a little.

“Go to my place.” You told him smirking, “I know you can get in, so I won’t bother giving you my key.”

He couldn’t help it any longer, his smile popped through as he laughed, “You’re not wrong.”

You smiled at him finally getting what you really wanted from him, “I’ll grab us some dinner on the way home.”

“I’ll be there.” He nodded feeling your hand slip from his. At the last second he tightened his grip getting you to look at him.

He pulled you back to him taking your face and leaned down kissing you. He smiled when he felt your hands meet his sides. He missed that.

When you parted from him you smiled, “I’ll see you at home.”

He smiled watching you walk away. He tilted his head smirking, “Stop watching my ass, Mick.”

His ears started to burn. How did you always know? “But it’s a nice ass!”

Imagine: You’re a bartender working your same bland job when suddenly a brown-haired cutie approaches you. Chatting briefly, he manages to slip you a piece of paper with his phone number written on it - in Roman Numerals. You call him as soon as your shift is over and he is shocked.

Good with Numbers// Fluff
Requested by mentallydatingspencerreid

You sigh as you pour yet another concoction of various alcoholic beverages into a glass and hand it over to a sleazy, drunken dirtbag who replies with a slurred, “Thanks beautiful.” 

You ignore his comment, flashing him a brief smile before peering up at the clock. Just another twenty minutes until the shift is over, and you couldn’t be happier. It’s not that you didn’t enjoy being hit on constantly by every member of the male population, you just know well enough by now than to associate your job with your personal relationships. The flashing lights burn your eyes and you find yourself peering over at the dance floor - a mess of sweaty, seemingly conjoined bodies - and just counting the seconds until you get to go home to your nice warm bed. 

Out of the corner of your eye you can see two men approaching you. The way they carry themselves is almost foreign in a place like this. They have a certain authority to their step that makes you a little nervous, and suddenly your stomach is in knots. 

“What can I get for you two gentlemen?” you ask, placing a hand on the bar and meeting eyes with the lankier brunette. 

“Just a moment of your time, sweetheart.” the darker man answers. You immediately tilt your head in confusion. 

“Do you recognize this man?” the handsome brunette asks, handing you a piece of paper. Your eyes float from one man to the next, still wondering why they are looking for this man. 

“Why are you looking for him?” 

“Oh I’m sorry, “ the other man starts, reading into his pocket to pull out a badge, “My name is S.S.A Derek Morgan, this is Dr. Spencer Reid.” 

“Doctor, huh?” you raise your eyebrows at him.

“You can call me Spencer.” he smiles back at you, his eyes briefly flickering down to your lips as he does. 

“Well, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this man around here before.” you sigh, feeling the young agent’s eyes on you, “But then again a lot of men come in here. They get drunk, throw a degrading and/or objective comment my way, and leave. I try to repress the memory of their faces.” 

“Call us if you hear or see anything.” Spencer nods, sliding his card onto the bar. 

“Will do.” you smile back, noticing how wide and brown his eyes are for the first time. 

‘Thank you for your time.” Derek smiles politely at you. 

“Have a wonderful night.” 

With a final comment, the agents disappear into the colossal sea of grinding bodies and bright lights. Curiosity gets the better of you as you pick up the agent’s card on the bar, squinting your eyes when you see another small piece of paper attached to the card. 

Ten digits are sprawled across the white sheet of paper in messy handwriting. Immediately you recognize the strange symbols. They were Roman Numerals. A phone number, perhaps? But that wouldn’t make any sense considering the agent gave you his card,

Tilting your head to the side, you flip over the card, searching for a phone number. As expected, you find one. However, the tiny print beside the ten digits on the card are addressed to the police department tip line. 

The next fifteen or so minutes feel like an eternity as you continue to serve countless strangers. With five minutes until your shift ends, you grip the sheet of paper in your hands, examining each digit once again. Finally, you grab a pencil you keep inside of your purse and write down each Roman Numeral as a number. As your shift ends, you grab your cell phone, punching in the ten digits and praying to God that the sheet of paper belonged to the handsome agent and not some vulgar excuse for a human being. 

After three rings, a voice answers the phone, “Hello?” You smile to yourself, relived to hear his voice. 

“Hello again, doctor.” you state, “Boy am I glad that this number didn’t lead to some pizza place I’ve never heard of.” 

“You figured it out.” he responds, you can hear the grin in his voice. 

“What can I say, I’m pretty good with numbers of all kinds.” you pause, “Do you give your number to all the girls you meet?” 

“Only the pretty ones with a hint of sass.” he laughs, “Would you be interested in grabbing a coffee sometime?” 

“I would love to” you start, “Spencer.”

As you hang up the phone, Spencer peers down at his own with a wide smile. 

“Was that her?” Morgan asks, shock crossing his face. 

“I told you she was smart enough to figure it out.” 

First Lines Meme

Rules: list the first lines of your last 20 stories, see if there are any patterns, then tag your favorite authors.

I went with first paragraphs of twelve recent fics; I don’t see a pattern but speak up if you do.
Tag yourself if you want to play!

1. Go to Purgatory they said. Sounds fun, he’d quipped. Retrieve Boyd Crowder, again, they’d said. Sure thing, Raylan had agreed.

2. “So, artista,” Riario said, wandering the small room, his hands clasped neatly behind his back. “Do you have any other ideas about how to escape this predicament?”

3. Flint had been gone for about two minutes, needing to sign for a delivery of more compost, and pausing on his way back to remind a shirtless Billy to at least apply sunscreen. Yet by the time Flint got back Vane was sitting in a deckchair with a bloody nose, Eleanor was standing nearby with her arms crossed tightly and an unreadable expression on her face, Max was dabbing at Vane’s face with a handkerchief, and Silver was watching the entire debacle.

4. Leo picked up the bundle of firewood. It was a chilly night and a thick fog was rolling in. As he turned to go back inside he caught sight of a horse heading towards him. It was almost curfew and Leo watched with a mixture of interest and concern.

5. “I am the True Seeker,” Cara intoned. She’d unlaced her corset and Richard kept getting distracted whenever he glanced at her chest. “Everyone should do what I say because I have a sword.”

6. If the department knew, they’d be reassigned, and Eddie is the best cop partner as well as the best lover Joe has ever had, so they keep their relationship quiet.

7. Eretria kissed him, hard, and Wil stumbled back until he was flattened against the tree trunk, Eretria pressing her advantage, her hands in his hair, one leg moving between his to rest against his groin in a way that both terrified and excited him.

8. They saved the galaxy and all they got was their ship repaired and clean rap sheets.

9. “That’s too many lights.”

10. “So pretty,” Fiona purred, winding a strand of Eliot’s hair around her finger to Hardison’s unconcealed amazement and mounting horror. “Maybe you could grow yours out, Michael.”

11. “Join us, and the whole of the Vatican’s secret archives can be at your disposal.” (dialogue lifted from DvD to show where canon is before the au turn)

12. The Android was just a robot but an essential part of the crew.

and one work in progress:
1) Riario watched the pretty redhead feed coins into the vending machine and press a number of buttons. When the machine grumbled and rattled but did not dispense her choice she swore.