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For the flash-fic prompts, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan having an adventure?

This one is a little rough, but I hope you still enjoy it, Nonny!

             “Does this sort of thing happen a lot?!” Ahsoka demanded, ducking down behind an overturned table, and another volley of blaster bolts shot past her head.

             “More than I like to admit!” Obi-Wan called back, and he jumped over his own table-shield, and planted his boot squarely in an approaching guard’s face. The woman fell back with a shout, and Obi-Wan spun to redirect a blast bolt that would have otherwise hit him square in the back.

             “I thought you said this was a peaceful, diplomatic mission!” Ahsoka shouted, darting out from behind her table, lightsabers already a set of coloured blurs in the air as she made her way towards where the panicked slaves had hidden themselves behind a row of large colums near the double doors, when the initial fight had started. “That why we didn’t bring back up!”

             “It was supposed to be!” Obi-Wan replied, grunting as a blow from another guard narrowly missed his face. “Anakin and I― Oof!― Though it would be good for you to see what―” He cursed and sent another two guards flying across the room. “Normal Jedi life was like!”

             “Well, that worked well!” Ahsoka snapped, ducking behind the largest of the collums. A child, no older than five, stared up at her with wide, silver striped eyes.

             “Don’t worry,” Ahsoka said gently, “We’re here to help you.”

             Thankfully, this group of slaves was an anomaly, a ‘gift’ of sorts, in an attempt to bribe the planet’s ruler into joining the Seperatist cause. As such, no one had thought to fit them with control chips, just chains, and those were easy to deal with.

             Once all five of the young people had been freed, Ahsoka scooped the Noorian girl into her arms. “I’ve got them, Master Obi-Wan!”

             “One minute!” There was a shout, and then the room fell quiet. Obi-Wan heaved a sigh, and disengaged his saber. Ahsoka looked around. The room was a mess, but all the guards were either dead or unconscious.

             “Are you alright, Ahsoka?” Obi-Wan asked, walking up to her and giving her, and then the others, a concerned once over. Ahsoka nodded.

             “I’m alright. And none of the kids seem too hurt. Just scared and underfed.”

             Obi-Wan nodded. “Good. Let’s get out of here. I would like to be long gone by the time reinforcements arrive.”

             Ahsoka nodded her agreement, and turned to the rag-tag group. “Come on, let’s get you all cleaned up, and then figure out how to get you home.”

             As they all walked, Ahsoka glanced at Obi-Wan. “Master Kenobi?”

             “Yes Ahsoka?”

             “You said things like that happened a lot to you?”

             Obi-Wan gave her a wry smile. “I’m afraid this trip was a better example of a typical Jedi mission than I had hoped to show you.”


“The Flash” star Candice Patton just made this ethereal shade of blue THE color for spring

The gorgeous and talented Candice Patton is turning up the heat on The Flash, and on red carpets, too. The 28-year-old starlet donned a flowy jumpsuit in the most gorgeous shade of blue that we think we’ve ever seen. And, now we want one too.

But, this isn’t the first time that Candice was one of the best dressed at an event. The actress is no stranger to slaying on the red carpet, and she has an amazing sense of style. She definitely knows what works best for her!

We’re completely obsessed with this shade of blue.

She managed to find a pair of pumps in the stunning blue, as well.

Just look at how the pantsuit falls on her.

We love this silhouette.

The off-the-shoulder style looks so good on her.

From head to toe, everything is perfect. Seriously, this wonder woman completely rocked it.

Our favorite part, however, is the confidence that Candice delivers. She looks so comfortable and confident in her chic outfit. And that is always super important, especially if you plan on wearing something for an entire night.

And as for the clothing, we’re totally going to be rocking this color and style all spring.