flash beagle

a moment in wtfplus fashion history

today is my older brother’s 33rd birthday ! he is the best person in the world. because of him, i know every animal, i vaguely understand how cars work, i have a serious wealth of knowledge about george washington, AND i’m really good at tattling on brothers. like, exceptionally good.

i thought i’d share with you a moment in wtfplus fashion history, which is a photo of my brother and i flashbeagling some shirts.

what’s flashbeagling, you ask? well, in 1984, there was a tv special called, “it’s flashbeagle, charlie brown” that was a take-off of the movie ‘flashdance’.  since i was 2 when this came out, and like.. 3-6 for subsequent viewings, i had no clue that 'flashdance’ even existed and assumed 'flashbeagle’ was the original. in fact, when i saw 'flashdance,’ i was like 'wow, this movie is a total ripoff of flashbeagle !’. anyway, after seeing 'flashbeagle,’ my brother and i proceeded to flashbeagle all of our dad’s work t-shirts, which i’m sure was awesome for him.

to this day, i still flashbeagle every shirt i own- i can’t stand crewnecks so i always at least cut the neck out of every shirt.

in honor of my brother’s birthday, if you would like to watch flashbeagle on youtube, you may do so here. there’s some REALLY satisfying scenes of snoopy blowdrying himself (spoiler alert).

p.s. you may also note some heavy 'saturday night fever’ influences here.


When he jumps up high, he flies like a wild EAGLEEEE!