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just Barry & Caitlin being adorable puppies and exchanging shared awkward looks ~ and loving their matching colors ;)


To my left was Barry – looking hella sharp in a Hugo Boss tuxedo. Future-Me had a slick goatee and was sporting some serious bling – like a pair of solid gold Louis Vuitton cufflinks. Shiny. Joe was also there, holding a bible…that’s when I realized, this was a wedding! Not just any wedding, this was my wedding! (x)

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What minor injustice did you suffer as a child and yet are still (rightly) furious about?

when i was in Year 4, i had a red coat that had a flashing light attached to the zip. it was just a little plastic round thing that flashed when you turned it on, obviously for use when you’re in the dark. i fucking loved it. i thought it was the coolest, most technological thing ever. 

one day after school finished i went to put my coat on and discovered the flashing light was no longer on my coat. i remembered it being there when i took it off, and was really sad about it.

the next day, i noticed that this boy in my class, who i didn’t like, had my flashing light attached to his own coat. even back then when i was a more confident kid, i was still pretty afraid of confrontation, but i still challenged him about it, but he kept claiming that it was his, and i’d just had the same one. it was obviously mine, because the light didn’t even match his coat lmao.

i told my mum, but she couldn’t really do anything to help, and i think i even told my teacher, but she didn’t do anything either (she was a huge pushover and not very proactive about that sorta thing). so that kid fucking got away with it.

fucking dick.

Wisdom teeth Joker x Reader

A/N: This was inspired by a video I saw of this one guy who had his wisdom teeth removed and he claimed ISIS took his tongue. Sounds great, right? This is probably terrible and I thought it would turn out better but I tried. The reader is really innocent in this so I imagine her being the same reader from the Thorn in my side imagine.

J moaned and rubbed his jaw. His teeth were hurting him, and he hasn’t had them hurt in a while. It was his back teeth instead of his front. He rubbed his jaw as he waited for his client to come in.

“You alright?” A concerned looking Y/N asked from his lap. He glared at her.


“Teeth bothering you?” He tightened his grip on her waist.

“Hon if you don’t stop talking when my client comes in…” She pouted and shoved herself back into his chest. He groaned as he stretched his jaw, which was the last straw for Y/N.

“Open your mouth. Now.” Before he could snap at her she took his jaws in her hands and forced them apart.

“Your gums are swollen. You may need to have that checked out.” When J finally got her to stop harassing him he saw his confused looking client standing by the door. He growled at Y/N who started giggling. The meeting seemed to last forever and J didn’t pay attention to half the things that were said. It was Y/N who politely ended the meeting and took J home.

“Do you still have your wisdom teeth?”


“You might have to take them out, they could be the ones causing you pain.” J mulled over her words. He decided after two days he would have them removed, so he tried to do it himself. Y/N found him looking in the mirror with a pair of pliers stuck in his mouth.

“J! What the hell are you doing?!” She continued to yell at him while he just stared at her.

“You said I had to remove them.”

“Not you! A dentist, you moron.”  She stomped away, yelling for Frost to make an appointment.

He pouted all the way to the dentists. She rolled her eyes as he angrily slammed his head against the glass.

“I could have done it myself.”

“You’re going, J. So stop acting like a three year old.” He spent the rest of the ride growling at her.


Frost holds the dentist at gunpoint while Y/N comforted J. He already lost half of his teeth, he wasn’t thrilled about losing more.

“H-He needs to take off his jewelry.”  J glared and reached for his gun as Y/N started to take off his chains and rings.

“No. Touch me, and I’ll cut off your fingers.” Y/N wasn’t sure if he was talking to the dentist or her. She continued to remove them and jerked the chains from his head, effectively messing up his hair.

“Shut up. You need this.” She looked at the dentist.

“He’s ready.”  The dentist grabbed a needle and Frost raised his gun. Y/N rolled her eyes and J spoke before she could.

“Frosty, wait outside so the doctor can work.” Y/N resisted the urge to snort.

“He’s a dentist, J.”  J wearily eyed the doctor as he brought the needle over.

“What’s the drug, doc?”

“It’s just going to numb you, you won’t feel a thing.” J rolled his eyes.

“I know what numbness is.”

“Yeah, his heart’s numb all the time.” Y/N snickered as J glared. The doctor hesitantly injected the needle.

Y/N held J’s hand as the drugs took effect.

“I have to go sit over there, but I’ll be here when you wake up.” J started blinking and reached out to grab her hand.

“J, I’ll be here, don’t worry.” He giggled, and she couldn’t wait to tell him about his drug induced state later.


J’s vision was blurry but he could make out a feminine face above him.

“How do you feel?”

“He still has the cotton in his mouth. I-I need him to open his mouth.” The dentist now came into view.

“J, honey, open your mouth.”   

She gently eases his mouth open so the dentist can extract the cotton. J sits up when he notices the blood. Y/N places her hands on his shoulders and gently eases him back down.

“My teeth! You took my teeth!”

“No, J, we had to remember? Now open up we have to put something back in.” J pouts and leans back.

“Back off, Batman.” He dodges her moves made to keep him still.

“Batman took my teeth once, you took my teeth twice.” Despite his earlier accusations he reached out and tentatively touched a lock of her hair.

“J I’m not Batman, I’m Y/N, your girlfriend.” She gently pulled her hair from his grip.

“Am I dead?” Y/N chuckled.

“No, sweetie. You’re not dead.”

“Then why is there an angel sitting next to me?” She rolled her eyes at his terrible pickup line and discreetly started recording on her phone.

“That’s sweet, J.”

“You dating anyone?”

“Yeah you, dopey.”

“My lips are gone” He bit his lip, eventually drawing blood.

“J don’t do that, they’re there. See?” She kisses him, making him giggle.

“Can I be your boyfriend?”


“Really? HOW DID I DO IT?” He yelled, suddenly sitting up. Y/N tried to contain her laughter.

“You’re so beautiful!” He grabbed her face between his hands.

“Where’s Frost? Is Frost beautiful? Can I go home?” He started slurring his questions together.

“Yeah we can go home. Thank you, dentist!” She waved at the shaken up man.

Her and Frost lifted J up so they could carry him out. J occasionally tried to touch Frost’s beard and kiss Y/N.

“Hey! Hands off her, pal. She’s mine.”

“J, he isn’t touching me. Now please shut up.” The car ride was excruciating. J tried to climb out of the car window, sang along to every song on the radio and whined when Y/N turned it off. It wasn’t fun trying to pull a grown man-who was halfway out of the window-back in the car. He kept stepping on her feet and demanded she scratch his head.

“Can we roll down the window?” Y/N gritted her teeth as J stepped on her foot again.

“J you will lose all of your teeth if you don’t shut up.” He pouted and leaned his whole body against her.

“I want to roll down the window.”

“J. Shut. Up.” She noticed Frost smiling in the driver’s seat. He swerved the car and made J fall over on her.

“Frost I will slaughter your family.” He only chuckled at her threat.

“Weee! Do it again, Frosty!” J was practically sitting in Y/N’s lap. She sighed and wished she had a gun handy.


Y/N helped J walk through the door.

“Alright, J, you need to go to sleep.” He refuses, of course.

“I’m not tired.”

“The doctor said you need to sleep this off. Lay down before I knock you out.”

“I want to paint.”

“No.” He stops and glares at her.

“I’m not moving until I paint.” She gives in, hopefully it will keep him occupied. She gets Frost to go to a store and get a watercolor set. J occupies his time with talking and singing and Y/N is ready to kiss Frost when he comes back.

Even though she’s highly annoyed at him she can’t help but smile when he paints. He looks so focused, with his tongue sticking out and when he occasionally turns the paper different directions. He glances up at her and covers the paper.

“No peeking!” She makes a show of covering her eyes.

“Sorry. Who’s it for?”

“Batman.” Her blood runs cold. Please don’t ask me-

“I want to give it to him.” He hands her the painting. It looks like it was done by a five year old, but she could tell it was some type of bird.

“It’s nice, J. What is it?” He gives her a wide grin.

“A robin.” She doesn’t get it.

“Ok. I’ll make sure he gets it.”

“I want to give it to him.” She winces. There’s no way he would accept the fact that he could go to Arkham.

“Ok. I’ll bring him to you, wait here with Frost, ok?” She gives him a reassuring smile before running out of the room. It takes her a few minutes, but she manages to find a henchmen with the same body structure as Batman.

“Hey! Excuse me, would you do me a favor?”


Y/N leads ‘Batman’ to where she left J. His face lights up like a kid’s on Christmas when he sees him. Her heart breaks a bit when he gives him a hug and asks him not to punch him in the face.


Y/N clutches the painting as the cold air whips through her hair. She sent a bat signal and she was a little nervous. She’s never met him in person. After about five minutes she turns around and screams as she sees the large figure behind her.

“Oh! My god, a little warning next time. Gift from Mr. J.” She can’t help but smirk as he tenses. He doesn’t say anything as he looks at the painting, but she can tell he’s not happy.

“Do you work for him?” He gives her a skeptical look.

“I’m his girlfriend.” Now he looks surprised.

“You shouldn’t-”

“Well I have to get home now, he just got his wisdom teeth removed. You should be nicer to him, he really cares about you.” Y/N, completely oblivious to the Batman and Joker’s relationship, leaves a confused looking Batman with a watercolor picture of a dead robin. After she leaves Bruce notices a flash drive attached to the painting.

Later that night when he plugs it into the computer, he can’t help but smile as he sees the Joker in a drug induced state.

“Please don’t punch me in the face.”

Bruce makes a mental note to punch him harder next time.

Missing someone is strange.

It’s hard to place, because your heart is stringing you along, running with your hand, making you believe that there’s another existing body on this planet that is void from your life, but then your brain is actively engaging in a game of tug-o-war only giving you flashes of memories attached to a face. It’s confusing, right? To take words of wisdom from an overly exaggerated quote from some dead guy about following your heart even when your brain holds up the brakes… One organ is pumping their blood through your veins reminding you of their absence, eating away at you like an ever-growing cavity, while the other up in your cranium seems to not remember this terrestrial walking about an earth that isn’t your earth but another earth… An earth devoid of you… But seems to remember the streaming of tears on their cheek and how the wreck painted on their features was a striking contrast to the sun rising, bursting through the sky with beautiful hues- and that one icecream cone dripping through their fist, the smell of spring soaking into the air, their cackle a booming audio bit that plays continuously in your mind…

It’s strange that your heart aches for a warmth of familiar fingerprints when your brain is just a highlight reel of recollections and anecdotes coincidentally tied to the same facial features. Do you ever really miss a person or is it a figment of memories lapsed over memories that you find yourself remembering? It’s as if once someone is gone what’s left isn’t their burning existence but a flickering light that forms a shadow that sort’ve resembles them…

Making you wonder
Is there a body to miss or is it just a long list of thoughts?
When does a person become a memory and are those memories really all a person is?

Is that the definition of missing someone?


—  Haven’t written here in a while. My organs are at war.
Van Helsing part 1

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20 years later Paris France

Walking around the quiet streets, he came upon yet another wanted poster of his face. Well what they could see of his face anyhow. He always wore his mask when he was on his missions, especially when he was alone. Much like tonight.

God could they ever get his nose right, he thought upon further inspection. Ripping it off the wall he grimaced once a loud scream was heard in the darkness following a more than sinister laugh. Remembering that he was on the hunt he hurried towards it. The ugly poster now forgotten in his wake.

kneeling down he inspected the body of the poor woman that has become yet another victim of the very thing he was hunting. Signing the cross he closed her eyes and said a prayer. Near her body he found another one of the creatures ‘snacks’, a chewed up cigar still fresh meaning that he couldn’t be far.

Turning around there he found him climbing the church. Oh the irony in this once again. Entering the bell tower slowly his senses was on high alert. This was not the first time he encountered this beast, but he’d be damned for it not to be the last. Nearing closer to the bell he caught a whiff of the foulest stench that he knew belonged to none other than Abomination. 

Never was he more thankful for the mask he wore till now. Closer to the middle of the room he stopped knowing the beast was right in front of him.

“ARRGH” the beast shouted

“Evening” he replied tipping his hat in greeting

“You’re a big one, you’ll be hard to digest” blowing the smoke in his face while he smiled. He knew who stood before him, many feared the man. Thought him a legend an old wives tale. But Abomination knew better than to fear a mere mortal, a man who only hunted for money. Oh what a fool he was, for he knew not the man was more than what he seemed. For the hunter can never be hunted by his prey. And Abomination had the roles quite reversed, for he was indeed the prey.

Pulling the mask away from him, the hunter looked deep into the eyes of the horrid beast. His deep blue eyes were damn near piercing, as though he could see into the very soul of any man or creature.

“I’d hate to be such a nuisance” his deep voice sang out throughout the room.

Laughing at the tone, the creature jumped down from his perch and stood at his full height. Attempting to intimidate the man in front of him, although it did not work. It never did, no matter how many times they’ve done this song and dance, the man just could not fear this beast.

“I missed you in London” he said to the beast

“No you bloody did not” it laughed climbing back up the beam. Lifting its arm it pointed to the wound stating “ You got me good”

“ Abomination” the hunter started

“It’s anti Hyde now, or Mr Hyde which ever is more appropriate” the beast laughed while crawling like an ape on the beam

“I refuse to muddy the good name of Mr Hyde any more than you already have” he growled back at it

“You’re wanted by the Knights of the Holy order, for the murder of 12 men, 6 women, 4″

“4 children, 3 dogs, and a rather nasty massacre ALL POULTRY.” it finished smiling “So you’re the Winter Soldier better known as the Great Van Helsing” he quipped

“And you’re a deranged psycho path” the hunter stated

It jumped down puffing again on the now putrid cigar, blowing smoke into the solemn face of the hunter. “We all have our little problems” It stated while bending to level with the man.

Looking at it with utter disgust while it put out the nasty thing on it’s filthy tongue and decided to now eat the cigar, the man braced himself for what he knew was now to begin.

“You know my superiors would like for me to take you alive so that they may extricate your better half”

Jumping behind him the creature to his hat placing it upon it’s own overground skull “I bet they bloody would”

Still not amused but now ticked off, the hunter turned to face the creature with his hands now placed behind his back on his weapons of choice for the occasion

“Personally I’d rather just kill you and call it a day, but let’s make it your decision shall we”

Pretending to be in deep thought the creature looked a bit to the side before he answered

“Hmm do let’s” it replied before it struck hitting the hunter into a nearby beam before running off

With his guns now drawn, he manged to take some shots at it before he crashed into the beam that broke his fall. Standing up guns still drawn, he continued to shoot at where ever he saw it run. With his clip now empty, Helsing walked closer to the bell listening intently to where Abomination could have fled.

Turning quickly he saw it approaching him quickly using the beams for leverage. He managed to swap the guns for his saws, thankful that his assigned partner managed to place them in his weapons belt.

“Ready or not here I come” the beast taunted before he jumped down and charged at him

Managing to counter the attack, he swiped at it’s belly causing it to run into the bell making it ring out.

“THE BELL” it screamed out

Taking it as his chance, Van Helsing ran forward to strike, but it managed to move faster and grab the bell using it as a weapon. Ducking down into the bell in the nick of time, he managed to use it as a diversion which confused the animal like creature and simultaneously caused the loss of his arm thankful to Helsing’s saw.

Crying out Abomination dropped the bell, looking down at the now blood soaked floor and back to the place where his arm was once attached. A flash of metal caught his sight once more as he looked toward the hunter in shock.

“ Well I bet that’s upsetting” Helsing smirked 

Charging again the beast threw him up towards the roof following after successfully. Looking out into the darkened city of Paris it smiled, thinking that this would be the end for the very thing that mocked him. Oh how it couldn’t be more wrong. Tossing the hunter over the edge it started to sing a merry tune, until it felt something pierce its belly.

Glancing down it saw a hook that went thru it and attached to the other side of him. 

“No no no no” it shouted

Now safely on the ground, Helsing pulled the rope, bringing down the vile creature. How could it have underestimated him. This was now mere man, it thought.

Helsing managed to shoot another grappling hook onto the roof, successfully pulling himself back up upon the church. While passing each other in mid air, there was a soft silence between the two.

Abomination looked on in horror at Helsing, or more at his mouth and arm. For where flesh should be shone a dark metal arm. Looking back into his face, what little color now drained from it’s face.

 “It can’t be” it shouted

It knew who this was, knew all too well. It was a damned fool to believe that he was nothing more than just a man. No, Van Helsng was more. Far more than even just a hunter for the Order. If only he knew that as well.

Helsing watched with a stony expression on his face as the beast turned to man once more before it met it’s timely fate. It’s body splattered to the ground like an overripe tomato, blood spilling everywhere.  

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Saying a prayer once more, he heard the approaching steps of the  Gendarmerie nationale. “Oh now you come, how gracious of you” he said rolling his eyes.

Coming close to the ‘body’ of the deceased man, they looked up towards the church seeing the dark figure of the hunter.

“VAN HELSING, YOU MURDERER” the captain shouted 

Sighing softly, he turned away once more. Damn was he tired of hearing that.

Now was that a ride or what? I’ve always hated Hyde like he was just filthy.
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St. Vitus Dance
St. Vitus Dance

Back in the good old days when dancing meant exploding
The idea was simple for a decent overloading
And for a multiple flash with no cords attached
He came up with a more remote flash trigger
It’s connected to an accessory in his hip
Which automatically fires in perfect synchro
But perhaps his most exciting development is his angle
They call it the dance
It’s the St. Vitus dance


-Looking for feedback-

I am experimenting with attaching flash drives to various crystals. This is not the finished product, but a sneak peek into what this will turn out like (I used a blue calcite stone for the first go round).

For all the witches and crystal lovers, would this be something you would be interested in buying from an Etsy shop? The crystals would be custom in type and the price would vary on how expensive the stone is, but yah or nah?

I’ll post more when it’s completed.