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I can’t believe they literally want to coincide the date Iris is supposed to die with the upcoming break.

From what I hear, after this week, The Flash is on break until April 25th, which would land the 23rd episode (AKA the season finale) on May 23rd, 2017, the date in the future that Barry saw Iris die.


Fam, it’s gonna be one hell of a season finale.

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Pickles in the jar by courtney barnett - coldflash?

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Leonard Snart gets under his skin. 

Barry’s sure he’d meant to; that’s his M.O., after all. 

If Snart’s obsessed with The Flash, Barry Allen is obsessed with Leonard Snart. 

It’s the whole at odds thing. They’re so different: Barry is all speed and lightning, Snart is cold and slow-talking and his voice just makes Barry want to curl up and take a nap and–he’s getting off topic here. 

The point is, they have nothing in common. Plus, there’s that whole age gap thing. Barry doesn’t know how old Snart is, but the gray hair, even if it’s premature, is a sure sign that he’s a good chunk older than Barry’s 26 years. 

Again, Barry, off-topic, he tells himself. You’re not allowed to have a crush on your arch-nemesis, he reminds himself, not even if he’s smooth-talking mastermind Leonard Snart. Not even that. 

So, really, there’s nothing in common. Except for the adrenaline rush of stopping a heist, in Barry’s case, or pulling off a heist, in Snart’s. Except for that. 

Except that Barry can’t get Leonard Snart, or his stupid voice, out of his head. So, you know, there’s that. Opposites attract, Barry tells himself, before he remembers that he shouldn’t be attracted to Snart, that they’re nemeses, that Snart is a thief and a super-villain and a jerk

Except that Barry looks into Snart’s eyes and doesn’t see evil, he sees quiet contemplation. He sees intelligence, not viciousness. He sees a spark, and it gives him hope, that maybe, just maybe, Leonard Snart doesn’t have to always be a criminal. 

Maybe, just maybe, he and Leonard Snart can be something else, something other than enemies. 

“So I should be a hero like you, Barry?”

And the answer is always yes. Be a hero, come into the light, fight by my side, Barry wants to say. “It’s just a matter of time,” he says instead, and hopes that it’s true.

And when it comes true, well, it’s not at all what he’d wanted. 

Thank you! I’m not sure if I like how this one turned out, the song didn’t really do it for me, even if the lyrics fit, so idk! I hope you like it! 

Send me a song and a pairing and I’ll write a ficlet (coldatom, timehex, and samaya are my preferred ships btw)


Reluctantly crouched at the starting line,
Engines pumping and thumping in time.
The green light flashes, the flags go up.
Churning and burning, they yearn for the cup.
They deftly maneuver and muscle for rank,
Fuel burning fast on an empty tank.
Reckless and wild, they pour through the turns.
Their prowess is potent and secretly stearn.
As they speed through the finish, the flags go down.
The fans get up and they get out of town.
The arena is empty except for one man,
Still driving and striving as fast as he can.
The sun has gone down and the moon has come up,
And long ago somebody left with the cup.
But he’s driving and striving and hugging the turns.
And thinking of someone for whom he still burns.


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Got free VIP Suite tickets to the BTS concert in Newark last night //
My sister already went to the first concert the other night and she had a good spot but even so she still wanted to go a second time and was begging me to go with her even tho i told her i was busy and lazy ((she didn’t want to be left alone with my workmates who were also going to be in the suite))

I was all “i don’t even know any of their songs and i have artworks to finish” but anyway ya I still got dragged

I liked some of their songs tho (and the choreography HHH) haha the concert was enjoyable even tho I had no idea what was happening 99% of the time (it was my first ever akjshskjdf) – also, that Rainbow Ocean (?) was so littttt

altean lance !! now served with illuminating stars

here’s a similar allura one

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Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater