this is based off & inspired by @indigonite ‘s demigods one. Like same poses and everything. When I saw it I couldn’t help but see the flash family so I had to do it. I also added Wally & Linda’s twins peering in. And Barry made a Batsignal Flashsignal. Please check out the original, Indigonite’s art is amazinggggg. wally was the hardest and i still think he looks weird.

HIM?!?!?!! - Wally West

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Request: “Hi! Can you please write a imagine where the reader is batman’s teenage daughter and all the batfam loves her because she’s so pure and kind but one day they found her in bed with Wally West (or other boy you’d like to write :3) Love your writing❤”

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Word Count: 689

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To say you were an unknown person, was unreasonable. You were practically known by everyone; at least in Gotham. You were the daughter of Bruce Wayne, Y/n Wayne. Of course, you knew about him being Batman and everyone else in the Justice League, even the “sidekicks” although they hated being called that. But there was one particular boy that you really, REALLY liked; his name was Wally West. 

You had known him for a long long time, ever since Dick brought him to the Manor you and Wally just clicked. You and him have been keeping your relationship a secret, not even Dick knew; and he was Wally’s best friend! But the hard part was, hiding it from your Dad, I mean, he is THE Batman, the greatest detective alive. There have been some close calls; like one time where you were sitting in the couch with Wally, watching a movie and he was leaning in to kiss you but then your Dad walked in and you had to pretend that you had something in your eye. After that your Dad became more suspicious of your behavior with each other, so you became more careful of your relationship.

Until one day, you were up in your room watching some Netflix when you heard tapping on your window, you looked outside and saw Wally on your balcony. “Wally?” you called out opening the door, “What are you doing here? My dad is home,” you said after closing the door, he grabbed your forearms and pulled you in for a kiss. “I don’t care, y/n,” he said sitting on your bed, “I want to be with you, and not hide it, I want to go out on a date and hold you hand,” He grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him, you were now standing in between his legs. Biting your lips you replied “I want that too, Wally, but what about my dad? He’ll rip your head off,” Wally smirked and said “He’ll have to catch me first.” He pulled you onto him and flipped you over so now you were underneath him. “Wally!” You laughed as he tickled your sides lightly. You look back up to him when he stops and you gaze into his greenish eyes as he stares into yours. He leans in for a passionate kiss when the door slams open. You gasp in surprise and Wally falls off the bed. Your dad clears his throat before speaking, “Y/n, may I talk to you in my office.” You nod as you get up and start walking to his study.

As your dad walks in, he closes the door after him. You expected him to yell at you, which is what he did at first, saying, “HIM?!?!!?!! Really?? Out of all the people in the world you chose him??!” You kind of just shrug, you don’t know what to say. “I mean you could have told me instead of keeping it a secret, I wouldn’t have been mad….ok scratch that, I would have been, but I would have gotten over it, too.” He moves to go sit next to you on the couch as you move over to make space for him. “I just- I just want you to tell me everything, well maybe not everything, but I want you to know that i’m here for you, whenever you need me, even if i’m on patrol, call me and say “Hey dad I need to talk to you” and i’ll be right there,” you smile and go over to hug him, “Thanks papa, you’re the best.” You get up to leave until he stops you for a second “Oh and y/n, use this please,” you turn around to see him throw something flat at you, you catch it and turn it over seeing a condom in your hand, “DAD!” you shout in embarrassment as he just laughs and you leave the room showing Wally what you have in your hand as he bursts out laughing, you punch him in the shoulder hearing him shout, “OW!”, before going back to your room.

Jason Todd:

Current champion of the batfam marshmallow eating contest

Current champion of the Outlaws’ chimichanga eating contest

Current champion of the Arkham Asylum prison food eating contest

Current sidekick champ for eggnog chugging

Current Young Justice non metahuman/alien hot dog eating champion and he can give all of the members aside from the Flash fam a run for their money

Also holds batfam record for the most times vomited in the time he’s started doing his thing as a hero and vigilante

There may or may not be a correlation here

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I was wondering if you could do a Barry Allen one with batman sister maybe trying to raise twins with super speed or something like that??

Hi! Thank you for sending in your request! Hope you find this enjoyable! I wanted this to be a fluffy piece so I hope I have achieved that! I have two more Jason pieces to post but I’ll do that later! 

Life at the Wayne-Allen household has never been the same not since your twin terrors learned how to walk, run around, scream at the top of their lungs almost all the time and got more than just a fraction of Barry’s super speed, not necessarily in that order.

Said twin terrors are currently running around the backyard, occasionally using their super speed to one up the other (sometimes you regret letting Barry teach them how to control their powers), yelling at the top of their lungs. You hope your neighbors aren’t going to complain again – the last time they did, it took a lot of groveling and baking desserts from your end.

“Barry, I need help!” You call out for your husband from the front porch – he had been looking through some papers from work – as you stare at the blurs in the garden. If you don’t put a stop to the boys right now, they were going to destroy the garden you have worked hard on! “Barry!” If you have to try and stop your boys on your own, you might as well just start throwing your own tantrum right there and then.

Your husband flashes in front of you. “You called, babe?” Barry gives you a bright smile. Normally, on any other occasion, you would have loved and enjoyed seeing that bright smile of his but not today. Today, it just reminded you too much of your twin terrors – the way they smile is an exact copy of Barry’s! You wave your hands towards the direction of your sons.

Barry turns to follow your hands but falters slightly before he squints his eyes. He glances at you, a sheepish smile on his face. “Sorry, babe. I’m going to get them.” He leans forward to press a kiss on your cheek and when he pulls away, you see that cheeky smile on your face and your eyes widen.

“Don’t say – “

“Be back in a flash.” Barry winks at the same time you let out a groan, watching your husband disappear to run after your kids. Now that Daddy is involved in their chasing games, the screaming grew louder and conversation ensues but they are talking too fast for you to catch any of their conversations so instead you simply walk back to the house, heading for the bathroom. The reason why you even had that problem in the first place was because your boys had not wanted to take their baths and made you chase after them. The cheats!

When the tub is halfway filled with water and bubbles, a breeze passes by you and your boys are deposited gently in the bathtub. One has a pout on his face and the other is grinning widely.

“Hi mummy!” Your first born, Donnie, greets you, waving his hand at you. “Daddy caught us!” He giggles as he begins to splash the water around. His twin, Leo, pouts at having their fun cut short before he begins to splash his brother.

“Stop it! Mummy, tell Donnie to stop.” He whines and you simply laugh before catching Donnie’s hands in yours, causing the latter to cackle at being caught again. He is such an energetic boy.

“Okay, how about we get the both of you cleaned up, alright? How does that sound?” You ask them, love and adoration lacing your voice as you stare at them. The twins are almost like Barry except their hair colour – they have your hair colour instead.

Barry leans against the wall, watching you interact with the boys. It’s always endearing to see you talking and playing around with your sons – Barry never thought he could even possibly fall more in love with you but every single day, he finds more reason to fall in love with you all over again.

Like right now: seeing the tired yet happy expression on your face, teasing and joking around with your little sunshine warms his heart entirely and he lets out a pleased sigh before he decides to make his presence known, knowing the moment he had deposited his twins in the bathtub, all of your attention had gone to them.

“Having fun?” Barry kneels in front of the bathtub causing Don and Leo to clap their hands happily at their dad. Barry laughs when some of the water hits him. You smile at him lovingly, leaning back to give some space for Barry to play with the boys.

“Come on – first one to get dressed gets to pick the story book for tonight!” Barry hasn’t even finish talking yet when your boys tripped over each other in their haste to get to their rooms. Thankfully, Barry and you are still in front of the bathtub so you wrap their towels around their bodies. Story nights are taken very seriously in this household!

You laugh when your twins wiggle out of your hold, screaming at the top of their lungs (again!) about which books they get to choose. “WE READ ABOUT DINOSAURS YESTERDAY.” “I WANT ALIENS.” Yeah, these boys might even be the death of you.

“Come on, Mrs. Allen, we need to go and make sure the boys do not end up creating more havoc in their bedroom.” Barry pulls you up and you lean in to his embrace instantly, finally able to relax for just a few minutes. Having twins might be an amazing yet tiring experience but having twins with super speed exhausts you at times. So having this moment of peace with Barry is wonderful.

Barry presses his lips atop your head, hugging you to him. He sways the both of you side to side gently. He knows how hard it has been on you but nevertheless, he is proud at how even though the terror twins as you so lovingly call the causes trouble for you.

“I don’t think I say this enough but thank you.” Barry tells you, squeezing you to his chest causing you to laugh as you wrap your own arms around his torso. “You are the best, Y/N!” 

However, your sweet, quiet moment is disturbed when you hear a loud crash and your boys shouting “HE DID IT. NO YOU DID IT.“ 

Barry laughs, pressing a kiss to your forehead. "Let’s go.” You shake your head and pull yourself from his embrace. 

“Flash Dad and Flash Mum to the rescue!”

You guys ever think that the reason why Wally is progressing so much faster than Barry is the difference in their mentors? 

Barry had the weight of a lying, two-faced sociopath bent on making him faster to make him fall down harder.  

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Wally has the full support of his family and a speedster mentor who admires and loves him - someone who only wants see just how great of a hero Wally can be.

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Excuse me while I cry for a thousand years…