Headcanon: Bruce likes to use slang words because he knows it makes Dick uncomfortable - he even does it when they team up after Dick becomes Nightwing
  • Batman: *swings onto the rooftop* What's hip and happening homie?
  • Nightwing: Please stop
  • Batman: Why you all up in my grill?
  • ---------------
  • Bruce: You snuck out when I specifically told you not to - that's not very kush
  • Dick: Why are you doing this?
  • ---------------
  • Bruce: The pizza rolls didn't get burnt! *dabs*
  • Dick: *starts crying*
  • ---------------
  • Wally: Is that your dad?
  • Bruce *in the distance*: What up boi
  • Dick: No no, fuck no
  • ---------------
  • Nightwing: You're saying they usually meet at this warehouse?
  • Batman: Fo' sho'
  • Nightwing: I will punch you
  • ---------------
  • Nightwing: Riddler is escaping into my city - I'll take him down and bring him back
  • Batman: I guess I can pop lock and drop this case
  • Nightwing: This is why I left you for Blüdhaven

These days I read in a profile casual tv shows’ fan and what the hell does that mean

Do you not get completely obsessed with every show you watch and stay up till 3am reading fics and theorizying and suffering with every gif that appears in your dashboard even though you already saw that same scene 10 times what

How does that even work

What are you

*Suffocates under the pressing weight of all the books, TV series and responsibilities I am yet to complete*

  • Bruce: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Dick: What about the missions?
  • Bruce: Fine. Other than missions. And no TV.
  • Dick : My TV's broken.
  • Bruce : Then no computer.
  • Dick: I need the computer for school.
  • Bats: Then no... uh...
  • [Glances at Kid flash]
  • Bruce: No Wally
  • Dick: What?! No Wally?!
  • Bruce: NO Wally!!!!