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after your last post it gave me very intense flasg backs to a football game with the band and some kids kept playing 'all star'

I’m getting Shrek asks I can’t believe this. Long Exposure is supportive towards the Shrek franchise

Kevin Smith LiveChat

Kevin Smith says he loves Andrew Kreisberg, who is a great writer.

Grant carries the show on his shoulders. Candice and Tom are on fire tonight. Keiynan’s got some stuff to do. Who else? Los & Jesse are wonderful. They all show off their acting chops, but Danielle gets to soar.

Greg Grunberg is playing a police detective. Armen is amazing with special effects. Kevin didn’t see the effects in the version he cut, but the final episode is full of them and Armen “saved our asses.” 

Savitar is “season one level” good, and will be shown to do a lot of cool stuff. 

Iris has a lot of agency, and Candice is a stand-out actress. She is Barry’s spine and soul. They have a scene in the speed lab with low lighting. Very pretty and sweetest performance. It’s so touching. Grant and Candice are wonderful with one another.  “Somebody has to be the hero for Barry.”

Iris fans will be happy when it comes to involvement with Savitar. Not necessarily tonight, but Kevin has seen what’s to come and it’s great.

If he wrote the episode, it would be 20 page scenes of Barry and Iris talking about Stranger Things.

About the show bringing in Bart Allen: “Trust me, they’ll get there.”

“I’m not saying you’re gonna see Kid Flasg [tonight], but you’re gonna see something.”

Flashpoint is one of his top five episodes, and it sets up the entire season. Wait until you see what Barry really did to the timeline.