Fated to you

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Imagine:  Imagine Elliot Stabler finding his soulmate after his divorce is finalized when your name appears one morning wrapped around his wrist in your handwriting, only to find you under his nose as the newest member of SVU. (Soulmate AU)

Warnings:  Alternate Universe, Angst and Fluff

Pairings:  Elliot Stabler x Reader

Word count:  1,863 words

Reader gender:  Female

Author:  Ilariya_Lavoro

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Episode 4: a shocked surprise Kirbanny: Flarin! KirbyTron: FLARIN!?! Keebarry: where on Earth could he be? Suzie: I don't know. I hope he's okay KirbyTron: Think. Who would know about Flarin's whereabouts? Kirbanny: Kasi of course.

Kasi had finished sitting the pups and was now sitting on a branch, humming a tone. She had to admit, a lot had happened after Flarin’s appearance. 

“Wonder where is he right now.”

my agoraphobia is flarin up i do not wanna go outside anymore i wanna be a Full On Hermit

i mean if it wasn’t for the fact that my sibling and i have been harrassed in nearly every neighborhood we’ve lived in and have been given ‘gifts’ that were backhanded hints about how weird and creepy we are or how poor we are and how much they pitied us, like, if it weren’t for that i wouldnt’ be so creeped out

but like

i’m freaked out? i hate it

random thought but i’m just siting here wonderin’ why ash don’t get no open jacket in his character designs no more like

look i love his lil’ short sleeved vest jacket looks n’ hoodies and shit his mom sews for him they’re all so cute and his current outfit is like a+ but i kinda miss the old os outfit because it was constantly left open an was always flarin in the win and shit whenever stuff went down instead of just ruffling around like a close-knit sweater that kinda stuff was niiice especially when extra care was put into the animation or his movements k

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like son look at that beautiful flaring shit

i guess it’s because they keep having his shit mirror the canon vidya game’s protag clothing in style whenever they can buuuuuut i still miss the open jackets

ash ketchum with open jacket for seventh gen anime plzkthx