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XY&Z episode 41 drawings (isn’t a troll link this time)

Like some of my followers/friends know… time ago the episode 39 version of these was reposted WITHOUT CREDIT/PERMISSION in a Pokeani Facebook Fanpage (aaaand here starts my headache) i had to read comments like “we don’t care” “the guy who posted in this page is the artist” “why you don’t put a watermark” (lmao i don’t do that except if is a collab ok because the tool clone in photoshop is really easy to use for delete watermarks ya know) and more rude stuff when i tried to tell them to deleted it.

So i decided to do this last one (was 3 days work for page anyway) and not for 42-43 (except a Satoshi/Greninja scene lol)

Silveray’s teen bosses AU is sooooooo neat
Perhaps there could be a college bosses AU where the six villain leaders (for me it’s ORAS Maxie and Archie by the way) are in the same school somewhere in the Pokemon world and all know each other
(Sorry Guzma and Lusamine; Lusamine is probably older than the Six and Guzma…probably never went out of Alola so)


Cyrus is 17 when he attends college but apparently no one realized
*Never forget how old Cyrus is*

Maxie and Cyrus share a dorm and becomes buds (Cyrus is probably not THAT standoffish at this age). They create this anti-snooping system in their dorm that only the other four guys know so Maxie and Cyrus’s dorm is basically the main secret base for the six
Archie keeps coming over to cuddle and do “things" with Maxie and Cyrus is like “is this what happens to be in a relationship” (very curious Cyrus)

Lysandre sees Maxie as a little sister and sees himself as Maxie’s brother although Maxie says otherwise *he tsunderes* (original? idea credit @silveray​)
Also Maxie always turns all his papers and assignments in BEFORE the due date (just to prove a point; he is the Great Maxie after all)

Sycamore is training to become a professor and is currently an assistant teacher; Lysandre is in his class and they start to talk to each other and have secret crushes on each other and become acquaintances.
Lysandre is a virgin and Sycamore is not

Giovanni is a member the student council and is like the senpai of the Six, he’s busy all the time but still manages to join the other five when something goes on.
He happens to also be very late with trendy information and is bad at understanding social media things like using the wrong abbreviations and memes, writes posts and messages (if he even does so) like he’s talking to very important business people or something and not his peers

Ghetsis knows almost everything about the school and has formed a lot of relationships with all kinds of people. He has great looks but fails to find a date during dances because he’s so full of himself
He has a hidden ability (done for comedy purposes) that makes whatever he says the absolute truth, and whatever he predicts will happen does happen

*that’s all I have for now, just typing my thoughts out

Wanted to practice expressions, so drew some pokemon baddies! I wanted to draw each villain with a bit of more rare emotion their character may experience, so that’s why they seem a bit out of character. (Especially Cyrus, haha)

Speaking of Cyrus..


I don’t think doodling varied emotions is something he would want to participate in.

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ok since ppl expressed interest in these i decided to put them up for sale!!! pls excuse this sloppy sales post, i dont think its worth setting up an online shop for 6 stickers haha

these are laser-printed, hand-cut paper stickers, approximately 8 cm tall (theres a loonie in the photo above for reference). i sell them in groups of 3 or 6, which are 4 USD and 5.5 USD respectively. this is a flat rate and covers shipping yall

if youre interested in taking these shitty lovely brothers home, shoot me an email at flarefyre [at] gmail.com telling me which 3 or 6 you want!!!

i accept payment by paypal only!!!! i really hope you dont find these prices too steep, since after what paypal takes and printing+shipping costs, im making less than 50 cents per matsu lol