flare light


Lightning in the distance and the Perseid meteor shower over Utah - most of these lights flare up then flicker out rather than extending across the sky, so I think very few of them are planes. 

  • some reviewers: ugh i hate purple prose
  • me, sinking into the viscous pool of purple prose like a spoon dipped into honey, like a tear falling into a puddle, swimming through it like some nightmare fish of the deep who knows nothing except that it is darkness and mystery and strangeness and that it belongs here in the depths of the blue and violet sea, safe from the endless lapping waves above and the sunlight that sparks and flares on their tips, lighting the azure ocean into an endless expanse of jewels: can't relate

THANK YOU for the 5000 followers! (actually 5510 followers) I made this for you but it was more like an argument to animate stuff! Hope you like it! I was inspired by a lot of person like 中村 豊 (Yutaka Nakamura),今石 洋之 (Hiroyuki Imaishi),中村 豊 (masanobu hiraoka) and others! Thank you to my classmates for helping me mentally!


D'argo by Songdog Studios