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Broad City‘s Abbi and Ilana: “The Best F-cking Interview” / February 2015 / FLARE

Deputy editor Maureen Halushak says yaaasss queen to a most sumptuous dinner with Broad City stars Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson. Tuck into the story of these perfectly paired creators, just in time for season three, read it here

(Photo: Danielle Levitt. Styling: Kemal & Karla, The Wall Grouop.)

I got an ask about what would I make if I made my own show so I decided to sketch out the basic Idea I had

Meet Flare and Tyke, they’re kinda like adoptive sisters of sorts. In their world, the ‘Super’ gene typically causes the person to be evil and as such, society hates these violent ‘supers’. Flare and Tyke, however, remained themselves after their gene unlocked, but their families kicked them to the curb because of the stigma against any and all supers. But they end up finding eachother and become vigilantes against all the bad supers because they got the power to fight them

Flare has a very cool demeanor (think of numbah 5 from the KND) which is a direct contrast to her fire controlling power. Tyke is a sneaky little gremlin, she will act like the sweetest thing since sugar but the next second is her own special brand of sarcasm and deceit. Her hair is an indicator of how she acts, the spikier it gets, the more and more mean she gets. 

Her lines may include “Hey doody-head! Come over her so I can smack you with these child sized weapons of mass destruction!!’ It’s up to Flare to make sure she stays in line

Is Our New Grimes Cover Story Her “Last Interview Ever?” / Winter 2016 / FLARE

Pop music’s prickly punk princess and producer extraordinaire Claire Boucher gives Kaitlin Fontana what she says is one of her last interviews ever—and makes it count, read it here

Leather vest, silk crepe jumpsuit and double necklace, all Louis Vuitton.

(Photo: Nino Muñoz; Styling: Truc Nguyen)