Kindness Campaign: @maristoryart

For our second Official Kindness Campaign, we have chosen @maristoryart!

@maristoryart has been going through a lot these last few weeks. And because of the distress of art theft, has regretfully departed from the ML fandom. 

We all go through some tough times, and we always feel so much better when someone does something for us, no matter how small the gesture! 

So, why don’t we all take some time out of our days to send some love and best wishes to @maristoryart! Anything would help! 

Our sun is dynamic and ever-changing. On Friday, July 14, a solar flare and a coronal mass ejection erupted from the same, large active region. The coils arcing over this active region are particles spiraling along magnetic field lines.

Solar flares are explosions on the sun that send energy, light and high-speed particles into space. Such flares are often associated with solar magnetic storms known as coronal mass ejections. While these are the most common solar events, the sun can also emit streams of very fast protons – known as solar energetic particle (SEP) events – and disturbances in the solar wind known as corotating interaction regions (CIRs).

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April 17 2017 - Hundreds of antifascists disrupt a meeting by the fascist National Front in Paris, France. Cops got caught in their own tear gas and some members of GUD, Groupe Union Défense, a fascist student group tried to look for a fight and had to climb a fence and retreat behind the cops. [video]