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Apparently it’s inktober
Since 2012 I’ve been keeping track of every single fandom I’ve been in on this sheet of paper. 4 years later it’s about half full :)
38 fandoms and counting ❤

The Akatsuki and Flappy Bird

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

1. Pein and Konan

Pein: “Konan did you file those papers I asked you to sort through?”

Konan: “Mhm.”

Pein: “Okay good, next I need you to sort out ordering a new hat for Deidara-”

Konan: “Yeah okay gimme a minute I need to beat Tobi’s high score.”

Pein: “You’re playing that stupid game again aren’t you?”

2. Itachi and Kisame

Kisame: “Itachi, using genjutsu is hella cheating.”

Itachi: “No it’s not. There are no rules and therefore no way to possibly cheat in something like this.”

Kisame: “You’ve been at it for over an hour, no wonder you’re going blind.”

3. Hidan and Kakuzu

Kakuzu: “Hey Hidan, I bet you 1000 Ryo that you can’t get a score over 30.″

Hidan: “HA! You’re on old man!”

-2 hours later-


Kakuzu: “Yeah yeah keep going I’m sure you can do it.”

4. Deidara and Sasori

Sasori: “Deidara I’ve been trying to have a conversation with you for 30 minutes now and you haven’t been paying attention. WHAT is so much more interesting?!”

Deidara: “This stupid new game that Tobi made me download is pissing me off but the idiot said I wouldn’t be able to beat his high score so now I MUST play it until I can.”

Sasori: “And you wonder why people say you’re stupid.”

Deidara: “Eh? Sorry did you say something?”

5. Tobi and Zetsu

Zetsu: “Did…did you make every single member of the Akatsuki download that game?”

Tobi: “Yup!”

Zetsu: “The one that drives people insane?”

Tobi: “Yup!”

Zetsu: “The one that made Hidan go on a rampage and made Deidara blow up his phone by accident?”

Tobi: “I’d say it’s been a pretty successful day, don’t you?”

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request; Michael and you beat your high score in a video game?

i couldn’t really find a video game so i found the old flappy bird. 😂

Phone games

When you’re trying to get writing done and you need a break, the best thing to do during your break is play a mindless game on your phone. Here’s why.

-If you read a book or watch a movie instead, you will start to see your breaks as end goals instead of seeing the end of your story as an end goal. You will become so desperate to read that you will think only about the book you could be reading during the times you should be writing. At least that’s what happened with me. Since mindless phone aren’t very engaging and don’t offer grand stories, they avoid that problem.

-If you play on Tumblr instead, you will end up wanting to update your dashboard “just one more time” instead of going back to writing. Since most mindless phone games don’t constantly update and get boring after a few minutes, the smartphone is once again a better choice.

-If you do other work instead, you aren’t really giving your brain a break and you will burn out. Mindless phone games are relaxing.

My personal recommendations: Any Flappy Bird clone, Spikes, Geometry Dash, Unroll Me, and Bitcoin Billionaire.

I’m really happy that I got to help with today’s Google doodle.Thank you thank you to the wonderful and amazing Sophie Diao for inviting me to doodle, and helping me so much along the way.You can read more about the doodle here