i illustrated a memory travis mcelroy recounted in My Brother, My Brother, and Me episode 109: flapjack nickelsack because i kept remembering it and laughing. right click + new tab to see the full version.

First things first- I’m not a native English speaker, I suck hard at grammar and some additional things and -you know.. I’m a bit shaky articulating myself - read with this warning in mind and have fun!

Some time ago I happened to catch an episode of Flapjack on TV. Each time I see it I get more impressed by this show– each time it seems wilder and more vibrant than the last time – just the finest breed of unpredictable. And maaaan I love the location of this show. This filthy, moldy, contagious harbor, isolated in the eye of the dead sea but containing so much bursting life in its small belly. God I love the possibilities of this place – its so fun how it expands and shrinks according to the story, almost as if its it own independent character, it’s silent but it moves and talks and reacts and breathes. This makes it feel so much bigger and exiting – I could gawk  at this gorgeous art design forever, and I probably will, but I got caught of guard and distracted by the the end credits for a moment-

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peach-mama-deactivated20151112  asked:

is punsy mchale (from the flapjack episode w/ the pun off) based on you in someway? p.s. i love 2 pun

Well yes, back in those Flapjack days I was known for having the ability to write puns & popsicle stick style jokes. But now I usually freeze up or just completely melt down when trying to write that sorta Good Humor.  I’m licked, and honestly ice-sometimes really miss those Pun Times on Flapack. I’d schooner drown then forget those friendSHIPS we shared. It’s getting harbor and harbor to stay afloat in this sink or swim business of animation. It can be a real Stormalong and lonesome road.