Your Cheerleader.

I know it seems to you like everything is against you, but some of the most successful and famous people had to battle everything & everyone every step of the way to get where they are today. And it made them who they are. Please don’t lose hope & please don’t look down on yourself. YOU are a great man & those who don’t give you the chance to prove it are the truly unlucky ones, because they have no idea the opportunities they’ve missed out on. YOU make your own destiny & create your own luck. This is your fate & you are on a great life path, I just wish you could see further then the now. There is no one in the world more capable then you are. My whole life I’ve known my Dad to be the greatest man, until you came along. YOU are infinitely more great than he is & you are still so young. I have always believed in you & every day you continue to amaze me & prove to me that within you there is still lifetimes of greatness to come. I love you so much & for the times you forget who you are I will always be here to remind you ♥


After about 4 months of waiting, finally received the 527s. 18x9.75 with a +20 offset in flat black. Had these mounted in Nitto NeoGen 245/40r18 rubber, these tires are specifically made for negative camber and are WIDE 245s.

With a little roll and pull and some adjustment of the BC coilovers, they fit nice and snug on the 2004 WRX.