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what makes you love dragons

Not gonna lie, i am lowkey insulted by this because… what’s not to love! dragons are perfect! they can fly, breath fire, and they’re also relatable because they hoard things and sleep a lot.

I think my love of dragons started from either the puff the magic dragon toy i had aged… four? or just being welsh. also i had this one flap up dragon book that is incredible! (yes i said ‘is’ not ‘was’. i still have it and it still is great). Plus i read a lot of fantast in general as a kid.

also then i realised i was ace, and dragons are kind of the asexual mascot so.

Books to Read to Your Children When You’re Pregnant

Welcome With Love by Jenni Overend

I highly suggest getting this book if you’re planning on a home birth. It follows a family who is having a home birth with a midwife. The family already has three children and it shows the children interacting with the midwife and watching the birth. It’s a great way to prepare children who are going to be at a birth or to help them understand home birth better, it does show the mother nude and a side view of the baby coming out. It was positioned in a way that my six year old giggled and said it looked like the mom was pooping the baby out. There isn’t any blood, but I always say to read the book first and decide if it’s something your child with connect with.

What’s in There? By Robbie H. Harris

This is a really great book if you’re looking for something educational that explains fetal development. It’s a story about a family and is from the perspective of children but it starts by explaining that babies start out as a few cells and goes on through the months and different seasons showing how the fetus develops. It ends with the family welcoming the baby. It balances out the technical terminology with comments from the children the book is about and the child-like perspective. It’s great for children questioning where exactly babies come from.

Big Sister Now by Annette Sheldon

Many kids have the anxiety that they’ll be left behind when a new baby comes. Jealousy is very common, and this book addresses that. It’s about a little girl who is feeling left out when her little brother is born. It’s from her perspective, and is really touching. It shows the family struggling and then trying different things to make her feel included. It has some really great advice, and very realistic. I love the artist’s way that they show how exhausted the mom is and how chaotic having a new baby can be. In the end the little girl learns how to be more patient and start to adjust to being a big sister.

Hello There by Jo Witek

My six year old loved this book because it was a lift the flap book. If your children are anything like mine pop-ups and flap books are favorites. It is very cute and from the perspective of the older sister. It starts with a picture of a flat belly on one page and the child on the other. When you lift the flap on the belly you see a tiny illustration of the baby. With each page turn the belly and baby get bigger and in the end the belly takes up two pages. It’s not really educational, but it’s super cute.

Best Ever Big Brother by Karen Katz

If you’re looking for a more simple book more for younger children this is a great one. It’s also a lift-the-flap book and has adorable illustrations. It goes through and names things the big brother can do that the baby can’t, celebrating the accomplishments the older child can do while also addressing the differences between babies and older children. Some of the examples include being able to eat with a fork, go potty, read a book, and many more.

*originally posted on my doula business blog