flannel hat

gay/trans/lgbt+ ppl are pressured to ‘’not be stereotypes/cliche” or ‘’be too obvious” while cishet ppl literally all look the same yeah ok lol bye

you’re a butch lesbian?? you wanna wear flannel and backward hats and be masculine?? go for it!!

you’re a femme gay dude whos super soft and wants to wear makeup?? go ahead!!

you’re a trans boy and u wanna be super duper masculine?? do it!!!!!

you’re a nb trans girl and u wanna be ultra feminine? yessssss girl!!!!

you dont gotta ‘’subvert stereotypes’’ or any of that shit.

“A Secret That’s Worth It” Carl x Reader, Negan x Reader

Word Count: 9,670

Negan x Daughter Reader, Carl x Reader

Summary: You’re Negan’s teenage daughter and from the minute you saw Carl, he sparked your interest, leading to a relationship between you two.

Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, mentions of death, kinda smutty 

A/N: Does not follow the show exactly, I had to change up some things for the sake of the story, but I tried to make it as close as possible.

Originally posted by lets-letmeimagine-posts

Originally posted by lets-letmeimagine-posts

He was the first person you noticed when you stepped out of that RV.

He was wearing a flannel and a cowboy hat, and even with one of his eyes covered up and it being dark out, you could see how bright blue they were. You didn’t know his name, but you certainly were attracted to him.

Your father, Negan, had told you to stay inside the RV while he went out there and talked to them. He had told you that he was going to kill one of them and that he didn’t want you to see that, so you needed to stay away.

“Y/N, I do not want to see you out there. Your ass better stay in here, alright?” Negan had warned you. You didn’t listen. You had heard him talking to their group, and you got curious. All you wanted to do was see what they looked like, nothing more. You opened the door slightly and peeked your head out, making the attractive boy turn his head and look at you. They all did, but he was the only one you noticed.

“Dear daughter, did I not tell you to stay inside?” Negan bellowed. You knew he was trying to scare the group- that was his way of being a big, bad leader. He intimidates everyone. And by the look of everyone’s face, they were definitely afraid.

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give me veteran farmhusbands

give me gabriel reyes and jack morrison taking a timely retirement and using their generous military pensions and government subsidized land grants to buy farmland in the mid-southwest

maybe ozark-country

give me jack weeding long rows of salad in a dirty flannel and a straw hat, give me gabe gathering eggs from the hens at dawn, soothing them in soft spanish, give me jack in the henhouse getting pecked to shit and whining to gabe about it while gabe laughs, says it’s because you don’t use their names, idiot

give me jack and gabe set up at the farmer’s market, their stall colorful with corn and chard and speckled eggs and boxes of tiny newpotatoes, okra, onions, fat elephant garlic that jack displays with pride because they’re even bigger than last year’s

give me overwatch visiting in the summer, lucio starting a game of pick up soccer behind the barn with genji and zarya and tracer, mei and mercy in the shade, winston and hanzo drinking herbal tea while gabe explains how he dried the lemonbalm and mint, jack pouring jesse a glass of sweet tea while they watch the game, jesse joining in after some heckling from hana and reinhardt who aren’t even playing and getting real sweaty and overheated so he has to go sit in a rocking chair on the porch, hanzo calling him a stupid man while he blots jesse’s neck

give me jack and gabriel cooking insane amounts of food to feed their strange family, literal mountains of roasted vegetables and pork they picked up at the market last week, towers of handmade tortillas, wait you made a pie but I made a pie okay everyone we have two different pies

give me old men kissing in the corn

(bonus bastion lives with them too, is great friends with delilah the barn-tabby and is usually covered in roosting chickens, beeping gleefully)