Overwatch Update 1.9 Patch Notes

Hero Updates


New Ability: Torblefeet

  • “Torblefeet” replaces Torbjorn’s “Build Turret” ability. Torblefeet increases Torbjorn’s speed by 500% for a period of 8 seconds, with a 10 second cooldown.
  • Torbjorn’s Rivet Gun has been removed.

Developer Commentary: With Torbjorn what we wanted to create was a sort of stealth flanker character that sprints between enemy’s legs and whacks their knees with his hammer. However, many players used him more defensively, setting up his turret in a defensible location and using his Rivet Gun to kill anybody that tries to come near it. With the removal of the Rivet Gun and the addition of Torblefeet, players are now encouraged to play Torbjorn as a more mobile harasser type character, snapping the enemy team’s puny shins and pathetic ribcages, all the while collecting their bones to craft his horrible trinkets of protection.

Just Healer Things ™

  • “I’m ready to activate the sound barrier!”  “Let’s group up here.”  Team scatters into the ether.  Bonus points if they step behind walls just as you hit Q.
  • Getting booped by the enemy Lucio.
  • That Genji or Tracer that literally skirt within one foot of your healing aoe at all times while critical, screaming for heals.
  • Spams for healing while you’re on a critical tank.  Standing five feet from a full healthpack.
  • “I need healing!” Proceeds to do their best impression of a fucking ping pong ball.
  • Trapped in a bad situation with rez while dps are constantly standing within sight, but juuuust out of Guardian Angel los.
  • The Widow/Hanzo/Pharah standing just behind the ledge that spams for healing.
  • Teammates with zero situational awareness that allow squishy flankers to constantly wreck you.
  • Four dead on point, dps standing two feet from extending overtime.  Rez just in time for DEFEAT.
  • When people charge off forgetting that if they wait a split second, they will have a fucking healer with them.
  • Hearing healing spam while you’re waiting to respawn.
  • That crafty motherfucker that saves their ult just for your rez.
  • Embrace tranquility, don’t fucking run from tranquility.
  • Putting an orb on a critical health teammate only to have them run out of los immediately.
  • I feeeeeel powerfu–aaaUUUGH.
  • “This healer sucks.”
  • The Pharah you were pocketing that boosts out of danger, leaving you to die.

Dragon age: Overwatch 

ahhh I got lazy with the designs but thinking of their skills was so much fun, I wanted Nalia to be a support that is able to counter flankers and peel them off the backlines, and also be able to burst heal when fully charged, her ultimate will keep you alive long enough for justice/revenge Mythal would be proud! haha 

I made Solas into a defense hero, an area denial one kind of like Mei, there were so many skills I could think of but making them sound balanced was the challenge haha wolf summoning? holo-copy of himself as decoy? spawning eluvian teleports? so many!! he would have great legendary skins too, Fen’harel one in mostly black and red with his bone skull helmet, Evanuris one in gold and white, Nalia would have a Dalish Keeper skin and an Antiva inspired one 😁

Brand new ptr buffs and nerfs

With Doomfist’s new skins comes a large nerf :( 

Doomfist’s rocket punch has 20% less distance, and his seismic slam will only target ground below him.
Also! Doomfist’s seismic slam now shows you how much damage will be dealt from what height. The numbers will remain no matter which crosshair you choose.
Doomfist cannot bounce off of items while rocket punching
If Doomfist rocket punches towards a charging Reinhardt, both are stunned (instead of only Reinhardt)

McCree has gotten another buff, this time to his flashbang!
Characters speeds are SIGNIFICANTLY slowed when flashbanged (so watch out flankers)

Reaper is now much quieter when he shadowsteps, and it is harder to see when his targeted location.

Reinhardt now swings his hammer 10% faster and should be more responsive.
When two charging Reinhardts collide, neither take damage, but they still stun each other. The same applies to a Reinhardt charge/Doomfist punch collision.

Zarya’s ultimate, Graviton Surge now disables all movement abilities of affected targets much like Junkrat’s trap which means: no charges, flying, blinking, or teleporting away now

These changes affect only the ptr for now, if you like or dislike any of these changes, be vocal about it. Overwatch does listen to its community

pharah and mercy are an extremely versatile and strong combo of the current meta and protects mercy quite well from enemy fire while still giving pharah the benefits of being pocketed. pharmercy is hard to deal with, even for a very well rounded and on-meta hero like soldier, despite him being hitscan.

genji and zenyatta make an awesome combination and are the backbone of any dive comp, which is considered to be one of the most powerful team comps in higher ranked tiers, its usage being so low only because of how difficult it is to execute. zenyatta can heal genji from afar while genji does his own thing, the discord orb also assisting genji to make up for his overall low dps.

mercy and genji though? AWFUL combination. if mercy pocketed a genji when going into battle she would be DEAD. genji is much, much more nimble than mercy, which obviously makes mercy a walking target if it were just the two of them fighting enemies. genji is also a flanker, which mercy isnt really meant to follow, as she needs to stay back with the safety of the rest of her team. furthermore, having someone be physically next to genji, pocketing him, is bad in general considering his ‘independent’ nature, as opposed to having zens harmony orb healing him from afar. genji just simply cant keep mercy safe the same way pharah can. sorry bubs.


HERE SHE IS!!! My overwatch OC Subira! 

  I took so long making her wow, I really worked hard on this design. Anyway blah blah here is the info I know you probably want

Subira is a supportive flanker character with very handy healing, buffing, and debuffing abilities.

200 health 25% sheild

L-click- Halo bullets, Rings that reload from the palm of her forearm prosthetics; these are thin, strong,  beams of light that are quickly formed and tossed like discus’.
These long range rings put out 50 damage per ring with absolutely no damage falloff. If a ring hits an enemy it flings back into her hands like a boomerang; if not, It desinigrates. She has 6 rings per round, 2.0 second reload time, and throws 1 shot per 2.5 seconds.

R-click- Waning Halo, A large translucent charged ring that decreases the damage output of anyone who passes through it. The enemy closest to the center of the fully charged ring receives the highest debuff. Damage decrease 50%-10%. Full charge takes 5 seconds, does no damage.

E- Sacred Rings, Halos that sit at the feet of allies it locks onto. This ability locks onto allies anywhere on the map after Subira respawns but can only stay for the full duration if still in her line of sight after 5 seconds after respawn. These rings follow up to 3 allies and stay on for 8 seconds, healing 3dps and damage boosting by 15% simultaneously. 3 second cooldown.

L-shiftAbsorption Shield, A shield that absorbs any projectiles ahead converting the energy into health. This shield heals anyone behind it with 6 damage per projectile. This ability lasts 5 seconds with a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Passive Ability- Patient Maneuverability, The ability to climb walls for a short distance, stick to walls, and wall jump. Wall sticking lasts 5 seconds.

I dont quite have an idea for an ulti but this is what i got so far, hope yall like it

anonymous asked:

I once had a Widow and Hanzo on my team who played a little game of "Who can headshot the Mercy-flanker first." It was beautiful. Anyone who dared come within 10 meters of me instantly dropped dead. So many dead flankers. The enemy Tracer even raged at them after dying at least 10 times. The enemy Genji ACTIVELY avoided me now. These Widow and Hanzo even jumped out of position just to defend me, and thanked me after every heal. I've never felt so blessed as a Mercy ;w;