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This right here is the livery worn by Su-35S aircraft that have been delivered to the VVS (Russian Air Force) since December 2012.

The more colourful/splitter ones are typically Sukhoi aircraft, whereas a number of Flankers in actual service are receiving this almost black top and light blue underside.
Even the new Su-34’s being delivered have this livery, although they have bellies that are a far more vivid blue.

Notes from a Mercy player.

With 50 hours on Mercy, I have some things to say.

If you decide to spam the medic button, I will still heal you because it’s my job to help as much as I can and I will not let my healing score be punished or our team lose just because someone is annoying.

If you don’t notice a flanker and I die, it’s ok. I’ll respawn just like we all do and I’ll be back as soon as I can. I will not make you feel guilty.

I don’t expect someone to run back near spawn every time I die just so I can fly to them and return to the objective a little quicker. That’s kinda ridiculous.

If you’re being attacked and I’m being attacked, I don’t expect you to drop what you’re doing to save me and likely die in the process. Better me than both of us.

I will never yell at you to protect me because I am not the objective. I may be more vulnerable than most but we all have a job to do, and if you (or the rest of the team) is constantly focused on my well-being instead of the point/payload/enemy in front of you then we’ll never get anything done.

If you do protect me or save me I’d like you to know that I’m thankful. Anyone stepping in to help anyone is very kind and beneficial to the entire team assuming you’re in a safe position to do so.

Basically I’m saying that while “Protect your healer” is a great idea, I’ve seen far too many Mercy players being unbelievably rude about it and I wanted to show that not all of us are like that.

Originally posted by andrastian

P.S. it’s nice to be up-voted at the end but I don’t expect it just because I’m the healer. I fully appreciate my teammates with a buttload of elims or high damage blocked and whatever else. You’re all great.

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Hoover Man Shares A Moment With Mike Brown After Defeating Fiji!

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The advanced supermaneuverable variants of the Sukhoi Su-27 family, distingusiable by the use of canards, top to bottom:

Su-30MKA - Algerian Air Force

Su-30MKI - Indian Air Force

Su-30MKM - Royal Malaysian Air Force

Su-30SM - Russian Air Force

Su-33 - Naval fighter of the Russian navy

Su-35 - Prototype, production variants removed the canards

Su-37 - (prototype only)

Shenyang J-15 - A chinese naval variant which used one of the original Su-33 prototypes as it’s baseline design.

All but the naval variants use thrust-vectoring engines, where the main differences between them lay in the avionics, radar, engines and use of composite materials, but more or less they all come from the Su-33 and 35.


Flanker Evolution

1 & 2.) T-10 Developmental Aircraft - Flanker A

3.) SU-27 Flanker B

4.) SU-27PU / SU-30 Flanker C

5.) SU-27K / SU-33 Flanker D

6.) SU-27IB / SU-34 Fullback “Platypus”

7.) SU-27M / SU-35 Flanker E

8.) J-11 Sino Flanker / Flanker B+

9.) J-15 Flying Shark

10.) J-16 Strike Flanker

via Chinese Military Review and Wikipedia


Lineout Wedgie!

Cian Healy Gives Us A View Of What A Cheeky Bugger Jordi Murphy Is, As The Prop Lifts Murph In The Lineout!

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