Progress of the wings. We finished one after taking about 3 and a half hours. We’ll do the next one on the 12th. My friend who is pretty much doing this for me has a battery almost exactly like the one I purchased, so we’ve currently got it wired in while mine is busy lollygagging in California because this company sucks at shipping things.

All the lights are Kingbright lights, save for the purple, which is Digi-Key. There is a fan inside the power box, purchased from BuyExtra (they ship fast and free!) The company with shitty shipping that is holding my ridiculously expensive Lithium-ion battery hostage is All-Battery. Various connectors and wires were purchased from Coolight, which is also very affordable and super fast shipping.


*is the drepy flandre in this video* THEY TRAPPED BE IN THE SPINNEY DOOR THING! ;A;