flanders gallery

Hans Eworth - Allegorical portrait of Sir John Luttrell


oil on panel

Courtauld Institute of Art, London

Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger - Queen Elizabeth I (‘The Ditchley portrait’)

circa 1592

oil on canvas

National Portrait Gallery, London


Every first Friday of the month downtown Raleigh hosts its monthly art walk. Galleries and museums are open late, with many serving refreshments and providing music. There is so much to do and see I’ve had to break it into sections, exploring a new area every month. This month was the warehouse district, and it might be my favorite yet. There are great galleries and art collectives in the area, and I saw a lot of really interesting pieces. My favorite stop of the night was a show at the Flanders Gallery. They had fantastic big, installation pieces that left me wondering how the artists made their visions a reality.

To begin the entire facade of the gallery was covered in yarn. The artist knitted the whole thing in a multi-colored camouflage pattern. As you entered the gallery space you walked under a wavy tunnel made of 10s of thousands of coffee stirrers woven together. There was also a giant pink mural of a potentially dead animal, (I missed the artist description on that one) a tractor encased in a knit pattern, and some beautiful three dimensional portraits of Ravens, which were so intricate a photo would not have done them justice.

I love that the art scene in Raleigh is so vibrant and full of artists I can draw inspiration from. I don’t think I’ll be knitting in the front of my house just yet, but it helps me to question what is possible, both in photography and in life.