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Ok with all this stuff about how there should be a completely genderbent Sherlock adaptation, not just making Watson a woman, I’m like why stop at Sherlock and john, why not flip all the characters??

Hudson would be the sweetest father/grandad figure ever. Always offering people tea and little hard candies that he always has on him. He wouldn’t take anyone’s shit either and could box pretty well despite being seventy something, but also give the best damn hugs. When he tidies 221b he’s always be grumbling about the two “hooligans” he keeps as tenants, but He’d be so proud of His crime solving daughters running around through all hours of the night. He’d start every reprimand or piece of advice with “now, son” no matter who he was talking to.

Mycroft being the definition of a stone cold bitch, being offended to her core when anyone tries to flirt with her, calmly giving kill orders henchmen while adjusting make up. impeccable 1,000$ suits and heels. She still loves sweets but only super fancy pastries and flan and stuff. Is besties with the queen.

Lestrade being team mom for Holmes and Watson. Making sure they never get officially arrested, keeping Sherlock from getting punched, she’s just in a constant state of confused cluelessness and concern when it comes to the two of them. Her love life is a mess, she’s constantly questioning her career choices. She’s just a hot, caring mess but will always go out of her way to help Watson and Holmes.

Sherlock is either a hot mess or just plain hot. She wears perfectly tailored pants and blazers with $200 blouses, and $700 oxfords out and about but kinda just doesn’t wear clothes around the flat?? Like the most she wears is her robe. “What’s the point of clothes if I’m not going to go anywhere?” She’s as skinny as a rake and is like six feet tall but can break a mans jaw with one punch. She’s just… so gay, like never been into men, never will be, why do people always assume that, God where my ladies at. She thoroughly enjoys deducing people to tears. Wears tiny earrings shaped like bees.

John(Joan???) being the most badass and abordable woman on the planet. She’s about 5'2" but can take down men a foot taller than her in about three seconds. Is an expert in Krav Maga, has at least three pistols on her at all times. Image how sassy and little shit john takes, and multiply that by a thousand. But she also loves quiet evenings reading Charles Dickens and sobs every time she watches the Titanic. In a constant state I’d either amazement or exasperation with Sherlock (mostly exasperation) She only ever wears like five layers, because she’s always cold. She’s done up countless stitches for both herself and Sherlock.

Sherlock and Joan are like the greatest power couple ever??? Like they yell at each other a lot because their ridiculous idiots but hug and make up, taking down drug crews while calling each other “my dear”, dragging any sexist asshole they encounter. I just love all my daughters so so much.

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So there has been a problem that has been happening the past few days, with linking other people games to sites to earn money (something similar to that). But now this is happening to me, with two sites.  

I was looking up stuff (like my game on google), but I found this. I was going to pass it off, as I was just some Facebook page showing my game but until I saw the links. I check the links out, but what I found out got me pretty angry and made me a little used to help someone earn money. 

The sites that were link were sites people can earn money for by every person that views the site. I was shock this actually happen to me, I thought this was something that mostly happens to huge important people. But to someone who just starting to make games. Just wow, really.

 It’s funny because the site on the right says “earn money the smart way.” Yeah by using other peoples work to befit yourself. 

A lot of people found my game from these links(about 76 people with both sites added), it’s pretty scary since the person who is doing this is making money off of every person who go on the link. 

Please don’t link my work to sites that you can earn money from, I will not except this behavior. I’m just a bit worry for others that are starting, this would drive a person just to stop making games.

So please don’t make this community about making money off of others. Please remember that we are making these games from our own time for everyone. All of us Devs have lives a normal life just like you, and we’re take free time out of our lives to making something for you guys. Please don’t take advantage of the other Devs or even me. This one thing is making me a little worry on my next project or future works I’m going to work on. I hope this project get’s solve very soon.

 If anyone see’s any links that are not directly to my Itch.io page and are trying to earn money like the once I listed, please tell me immediately!! 

Also please tell the other game dev if you see anything suspicious with their games!! Likes this!!

Thank you for reading this!! 

Also I do know the person who is doing this, so please don’t harass and/or send anon hates. Please message me privately if you see anything.  Thank you again for reading.


just some guys i named my pokemon after. everyone else was named after the tenipuri fellas ohoh

at first, i only meant to draw hanamaki and treecko, but then i wanted to draw out the other third years, too………..


And you shall know…

We have arrived.