flan girl


Ana: “Nothing happened”? Please, you’ve been saying the same thing for three years, you honestly think I’m still buying it?

Jefferson: Ana, Mina just showed up last night–

Ana: Yeah, just like all those chorus girls from Flan’s show just showed up

Jefferson: Ana–

Ana: Or how about that art collector from the museum? Or that street musician from the Spice District? Oh, and we can’t forget the caterer from your last fucking art show–

Jefferson: –Nat catered that show–

Ana: I’ve put up with your bullshit for three years, but I’m done. Honestly, what was even the point of asking me to be your girlfriend if you were just going to run around behind my back the whole time?

im so fucking glad this website has helped me stop comparing black girls to white girls, like white girls are some damn unit of measurement that every other race should use to determine their beauty

im so glad this website has helped me realize that black girls are so damn powerful and so damn beautiful and so damn funny, and intelligent, and don’t have to be the stereotypical “black girl”, but are still so gorgeous and arent creatures to laugh at if they eat fried chicken and love shakin their big black booties 

god, black girls are so fucking gorgeous, so underestimated, and im so glad this website has helped me love myself more, and my sisters who fought and are still fighting for recognition 

you go, queens. and thank you, black tumblr