flamuri kuq e zi

Arbeni i thot babit: “O babi a e di
Pse flamurin e kemi dy ngjyra kuq e zi?”
“Flamuri me dy ngjyra nga të parët na ka mbet;
E kuqija gjaku i tyre, shqiponja ata vet.
Me këtë flamur luftuan dhe fituam
Kundër turqve me heroin Skënderbe.”

From ‘Abetare të gjuhës shqipe’, the first reading book in Albanian schools.

Arben said to his father: “Dad, do you know
Why we have the flag with two colors red and black?”
“The flag with two colors is a remain of our ancestors;
The red their blood, the eagle they themselves.
With this flag we fought and won
Against the Turks with Skënderbe the hero.”

P.S.: The name ‘Arben’ means 'Albanian’ in middle ages Albanian language.