“Ich habe mir immer vorgestellt, dass das Leben eine Höhle voller Kerzen ist. Bei unserer Geburt brennt die Hälfte der Kerzen. Jede gute Tat entzündet eine weitere und spendet etwas mehr Licht. Aber zwischendurch erlöschen auch Flammen durch Egoismus und Gemeinheiten. Verstehst du? Einige Kerzen zünden wir an,andere pusten wir aus. Am Ende können wir nur hoffen, dass wir in dieser Welt mehr Licht als Dunkel geschaffen haben. Ich halte inne, stelle mir meine eigene Höhle voller Kerzen vor.
Gibt es bei mir mehr Licht als Dunkelheit?”

French Autumn Vocabulary 🍁

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& some Halloween vocab too, of course! 👻🎃

Automne (m) - Autumn
Septembre - September
Octobre - October
Novembre - November
L’équinoxe (m) d’automne - The Autumn equinox 

Feuille(s) (f) - Leaf, leaves 
Citrouille(s) (f) - Pumpkin(s)
Pomme(s) (f) - Apple(s) 
Gland(s) (m) - Acorn(s)
Châtaigne(s) (f) - Chestnut(s)
Canneberge(s) (f) - Cranberry, cranberries 
Moisson (f) - Harvest
Épouvantail (m) - Scarecrow
Cidre (m) - Cider 
Gants (m) - Gloves 
Écharpe (f) - Scarf
Manteau (m) - Coat 
Imperméable (m) - Raincoat 
Parapluie (m) - Umbrella 
Bottes (f) - Boots 
Pull (m) - Pullover, jumper, sweater
Chocolat chaud (m) - Hot chocolate 
Feu (m) - Fire
Cheminée (f) - Fireplace 
Bougie(s) (f) - Candle(s)
Flamme(s) (f) - Flame(s)
Obscurité (f) - Darkness 
Grisaille (f) - Gloom, greyness 
Couverture(s) (f) - Blanket(s) 
Couette (f) - Duvet, quilt 

Vent (m) - Wind
Pluie (f) - Rain 
Bruine (f) - Drizzle
Nuage (m) - Cloud
Tempête (f) - Storm
Brouillard (m) - Fog

Halloween (f) - Halloween
Bonbons (m) - Sweets
Chauve-souris (f) - Bat
Chat (m) noir - Black cat 
Fantôme (m) - Ghost 
Film (m) d’horreur - Horror film 
Costume (m) - Costume 
Décorations (f) - Decorations
Squelette (m) - Skeleton
Monstre (m) - Monster
Vampire (m) - Vampire
Zombie (m) - Zombie
Cimetière (m) - Graveyard 
Pierre (f) tombale - Gravestone 
Maison (f) hantée - Haunted house 

Rouge - Red
Jaune - Yellow
Orange - Orange
Or - Gold
Doré - Golden
Gris - Grey 

Froid - Cold
Frais - Fresh
Douillet - Cosy, snug
Croustillant - Crisp, crunchy 
Effrayant - Scary, frightening
Sombre - Dark
Orageux - Stormy
Pluvieux - Rainy
Nuageux - Cloudy 
Brumeux - Foggy
Fantomatique - Ghostly 

Brûler - To burn
Allumer - To light up
Réchauffer - To warm up
Effrayer - To scare
Avoir peur - To be scared 
Crier, hurler - To scream 
Trembler - To shiver (with fear) 
Frissonner - To shiver (with cold)
Croustiller - To crunch 
Tomber - To fall
Siffler - To whistle 
Se balancer - To sway (trees, branches) 

Autumn Vocab in German

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der Herbst - autumn
herbstlich - autumnal

September - september
Oktober - october
November - november
Dezember - december

die (Herbst-)Tagundnachtgleiche - (autumn) equinox
Erntedank(fest) - harvest festival
- Halloween
Allerheiligen - All Hallows
Allerseelen - All Souls

der Baum - tree
das Blatt - leaf
das Herbstblatt - autumn leaf
die Ernte - harvest
der Kürbis - pumpkin
der Apfel - apple

das Feuer - fire
die Kerze - candle
der Kamin - fireplace
das Lagerfeuer - bonfire
die Kohle - coal
das Feuer/Brennholz - firewood
der Zunder - tinder
die Flamme - flame
der Rauch - smoke

das Heißgetränk - hot drink
der Kakao
- cocoa
die heiße Schokolade - hot chocolate
der Tee - tea
der Apfelwein (österr. Most) - cider
der Glühwein - mulled wine
die Esskastanie, die Marone - sweet chestnut, marron
die Haselnuss - hazelnut

der Regenmantel - raincoat
der Regenschirm - umbrella
der Pullover (coll. Pulli) - sweater
die Wollsocken - woolen socks
die Stiefel - boots

der Wind - wind
der Regen - rain
der Nebel - fog, mist
das Gewitter - thunderstorm
regnerisch - rainy
stürmisch - stormy
windig - windy
bewölkt - cloudy

kalt - cold
- warm
- warming
- comfy, cosy
- pleasant, soothing

rot - red
- orange
- yellow
- golden
- coppery
bunt, farbenfroh
- colourful
- grey

Laisse le feu de ton amour brûler ma douleur
et purifier mon âme afin que je puisse voler sans ailes.

Let the fire of your love burn my sorrow
and purify my soul so I can fly without wings.
Flamme à Lunettes (Flames and Glasses)
Samantha Barks
Flamme à Lunettes (Flames and Glasses)

A new song featuring Samantha called “Flamme à Lunettes (Flames and Glasses)” from Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart. Lyrics below:

Miss Acacia:
My vision’s not quite right
But glasses make me look a sight
Enough to give the world a fright
Like a sprite wearing specs

Oh fiery little sprite
Conflagration in the night
Don’t play games with your sight
If it leaves you in the dark

Miss Acacia:
I prefer, life all the blur
I forget to wear my glasses
When I sing I share caresses
It feels good to close my eyes

Oh my pretty arsenist
Let me clasp you close to me
Or rip your clothes with my teeth
And tear them into confetti
To scatter as we kiss….

Miss Acacia:

….On you and me

Miss Acacia:
All I see are stars
Suddenly some days
My eyes leave me astray
Faraway down the street
Until I can’t bare to steal
A glance at the sun
Or even look the sky straight in the eye
All I see are stars

I won’t let you stray
I’ll be your only guide
Let me be your pair of eyes
You will be my special flame

Miss Acacia:
There’s one thing I must confess
Of five senses my hearing’s best
I’ll never recognize you by relying on my eyes

Smoldering embers, alone in the dark
We’ll raise cascades of sparks
As the clock of my heart
Strikes midnight we’ll catch on fire
And blaze so bright you’ll see the light

Miss Acacia and Jack:
All I see are stars
Suddenly some days
My eyes leave me astray
Faraway down the street
Until I can’t bare to steal
A glance at the sun
Or even look the sky straight in the eye
All I see are stars