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hoenniswheretheheartis answered: Don’t be suprised if you’re using the letter u more often. :P

I won’t.  : P

flamjam answered: you should know that I WANT TO MEET YOU *grabby hands* AH

ME, TOO.  *squirms*  I am determined to get a day off from schooling during the trip to meet people/ see sights/ AWESOME THINGS.  <3

flamjam asked:

5 & 8!

haha you have no idea what you got yourself into

5: Who/what inspires you?

I have a never ending list of artist sundaes just smooshed together that I drool over and worship. My inspiration tag  on my generic fandom/rebloggy blog is wicked awesome stuff found on tumblr. For specific people, I enjoy watching PurpleKecleon, Rian Sygh, Kendra P, Leppu, Alice X. Z.  and bajillions more I want to acknowledge but I should probably stop myself before this turns into a wall of text about cool strangers I admire lol

I’ll quickly also mention I’m in love with Ava’s Demon

8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Hell yeah. I can’t stand drawing in silence, if I’m absolutely sick of my music sometimes I’ll find a free nature documentary online and play it in the background. Cause learning facts about animals is the best thing.

I like to change up what I listen to, but more often than not it’s just whatever’s in my recently added playlist in itunes. Which at this moment in time looks like this