“You didn’t need to kill those people… So why?!” He exclaimed, his energy starting to rattle around him in his anger. Even if they had been no one he knew, people deserved to live their lives instead of just being slaughtered like that!

Grimmjow just looked at the other, a scoff leaving him as he rolled his eyes. He didn’t care. It’s who he was, it’s who he wanted to be. "Oops. Guess I jus' fuckin' felt like it." His grin wide as he shrugged.

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☁ // From: flamingspirits <3

send me a “☁” and i will put my itunes on shuffle, pick my favorite line from the first song that comes up and use it for a starter.

                                         Lollipop - Mika

                            Never stood on my own two feet
                            Now I’m blue as I can be
                            Oh, love only got me down.

Saix was new to this whole ‘nobody’ business, and that wasn’t even to mention being a member of Organization XIII. He still had Lea, but… The two, though they had once been joined at the hip, now had an ocean growing between them.

Lea was all that Isa -though he supposed his name was Saix now- had ever had. He’d never been on his own like this before. And now, he was stuck at the castle doing paperwork for mouthing off to Xemnas. Some punishment…

Amber eyes studied the white sheet in front of them with hollow disinterest. Already he could tell that following through with his half of his and Axel’s plans was going to make him miserable; he’d been looking over papers like this for hours now, and if he was to become second-in-command, this would be completely normal.

Sounds of someone else approaching his quarters drew his attention up. Why was someone back already…?

“Who’s there?” Saix calls.

Flaming Spirits 100 Years

Fifteen there’s still time for you. Time to buy and time to loose, fifteen. There’s never a wish, better then this. When you only got a hundred years to live.

Looking down at the male, cerulean eyes flicked over his figure, he was so young, Grimmjow couldn’t see much really happening by way of the other being so close to death. Bright red hair no longer as bright as he assumed it once had been. This male; whatever brought him to destructions door, the imbodiment would never understand. “Well well red, What brings ya here?” The blue haired male asked, crouching down by the other and grabbing his hair, forcing his head back to look at him. It’d been a while since he’d seen a male so far yet so close to death.

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"You're a monster!" // From: flamingspirits

Put “You’re a monster!” for my character’s reaction.

"So fuckin' glad someone finally fuckin' gets it."