flamingos and hedgehogs

archerxz  asked:

Do you know what a Pink the flamingo hedgehog the hedgehog is?

Dude i already drew that one, it was the last on the list

Also why the heck do u have to be following me, now i have to feel even more awkward about posting gay shit :l

Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland (2010) is a combination of two characters from the books. The Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass is a chess piece who competes with the White Queen. The Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a playing-card with anger management issues, decapitation mania, and fondness for flamingo-and-hedgehog croquet. Thus, while the White Queen’s army is chess-themed, the Red Queen’s army is playing-card themed.

Animals as Zodiac Signs

Aries: snakatula (snake and tarantula)
Taurus: girfelphant (giraffe and elephant)
Gemini: I’m sorry, the stars just say you’re a potato
Cancer: lamflingo (lamb and flamingo)
Leo: hedgunny (hedgehog and bunny)
Virgo: cheesecake
Libra: lemukey (lemur and monkey)
Scorpio: BEELK (bee and elk)
Sagittarius: jaguennie (jaguar and weenie)
Capricorn: buttrex ( butterfly and t-rex)
Aquarius: worffer (worm and heffer)
Pisces: dolguaca (dolphin and guacamole)