flamingojeff asked:


1. Happy- stay young go dancing by death cab for cutie

2. Sad- shine on you crazy diamond by pink floyd

3. Badass- arabella by arctic monkeys

4. Angry- widow’s walk by the republic of wolves

5. In Love- Run by Vampire Weekend

6. Heartbroken- wish you were here by pink floyd

7. Jump in Excitement- vlad the impaler by kasabian

8. Think About Life- …like clockwork by queens of the stone age

9. Cry- the graveyard near the house by the airborne toxic event

This was hard. Most of my music is depressing hahaha

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50 39 12

um i dont remember the numbers but my favorite movie is probably like little vampire or something omg haha, because i used to be obsessed with it when i was little. do i have a crush, um, i dont know, im not sure, i cant really make up my mind, but even if i did they’d think im vile anyway hahah, favorite song, well anything by mumford and sons tbh, after the storm or below my feet are probably my all time, but at the moment i love meet me tomorrow by mumford and sons.. oh, and you have to answer the questions you asked me too ;-) xx

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Wendy I gotta ask. Would you leave your flamingo husband for Cumberbatch??

Um, no, of course not.

And no, that wasn’t a typed hesitation before I answered.  I just like typing ‘um’. 

As in, “I love you my flamingo husband! Um.”

Um? Um. <3

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Rikki just tell everyone to fuck right off and live your life how you want :-) love from your favourite flamingo x

I know. I just get really aggravated when people judge people like that. Judge ME like that. 

Am I not allowed to have slumps in life? Where I pass the time creatively? Fuck. 

Thank you tho Jeff, you’re the best flamingo a girl could ever call her friend xx

flamingojeff answered your post: out of curiosity…. what is so soc…

Its not unacceptable at all to ask for help for necessary things like food or rent but it is different to ask for money to see a show I think

and that’s totally fair, that’s just your personal preference, but… does it actual offend or bother you if someone else does this? and if so, why? if you have no desire to donate, how does it affect your life apart from just being different than your personal feelings about it?