iconic phil lester quotes

- “i’ve been embarrassing myself since about birth”
- “it’s a good thing to be strange, normalness leads to sadness”
- “don’t trust chinchillas with technology”
- “i feel like a flamingo”
- “i wish i was cool enough to say ‘sup’ but i-i’m not”
- “life’s too short to wear matching socks”
- “if i had a house, i’d make all the windows out of glass”
- “google is obviously right all of the time and is our overlord”

tsarinajissa replied to your post “amhrancas replied to your photoset “OMFG, there is a ginormous…”

I am seriously tempted by the flamingo even though I’d never use it

I knooooooow. In my case, it’s because in my family, there’s a decades-long prank war between my mom and her siblings that started with them putting a cursed traveling plastic flamingo in each other’s lawns (they don’t even live in the same state, some of them, so it was a THING), and then it escalated one year to dozens of flamingoes, and then … metastasized into one particular uncle getting classier and classier flamingoes for presents (I *think* because he kept the original flamingo so it became an obscure retaliation?)-like a flamingo watercolor painting-a *large* one. A lovely painted wooden sculpture for the entryway. Concrete lawn sculpture. A stained-glass panel-as his group present from the other 4 siblings for Christmas. This pool floatie would definitely bring down the tone, but also bring the Great Flamingo War back to its roots. 

My family is weird. We show affection in weird ways and and we are hell on wheels at flea markets and starving artists’ markets.