Anthurium (Tailflower, Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower)


Commonly called flamingo flowers or tailflowers, include more than 600 flower species native to tropical U.S. regions. They belong to the Araceae family, which also includes callas, philodendrons and caladiums. Their genus name, Anthurium, comes from the Greek words anthos meaning “flower,” and oura, meaning “tail.”

Availability and Vase Life

Year round. 14-28 days.

Care and Handling

Do not refrgerate or store below 45 F as low temperatures will cause blackening of the bracts. Mist daily. Re-cut ½ inch off stems every 5 days and soak bracts for 2 hours to keep fresh.

Design Uses

Anthuriums add an exotic look to arrangements and can be used with all types of flowers as well as with other tropicals.

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