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anonymous asked:

Can I get some really strange facts about an OC of your choice?

I only have one OC so here’s some facts about D'angelo.

1. D'angelo will go to stupid lengths to learn something. If that means that he has to live with wild dogs for a little while, he’ll do it. (Hint hint)

2. He’ll find creative ways to fight if he has to. One encounter with a feral ended with a plastic flamingo lodged in it’s skull. (I thought about an encounter where he wasn’t prepared and came up with this.👌)

3. He’s a sucker for jokes and pranks. Humor sorta goes over his head if it doesn’t involve killing the enemy or at least hurting them. His merc friend would always get him with little pranks here and there. He never wised up lol.

Well thanks for the ask anon. Hmu if you want more.