flamingo lawn ornament

"Dean Winchester Completes Me" - The Jilted King of Hell (A look at the Deanmon/ Crowley "b(ro)mance" in 10 part 1

As I’ve written elsewhere, the opening credits of 10x01 setout the subtext for the season – Dean is a “heart-breaker”, his three male loves – Sam, Crowley and Cas, arranged around him. See:


Season 9 saw Dean’s slow manipulation by Crowley towards the taking of the Mark of Cain. And if you’re in any doubt that this was couched in the language of seduction? See:


Season 10 finds Crowley, having achieved the demonization of Dean, looking forward to a long reign of adventurous wicked bliss together.

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NEWSHOUR: Creator of plastic pink flamingo dies one day before Pink Flamingo Day

Donald Featherstone, the creator of the plastic pink flamingo, died Monday at age 79 after a battle with Lewy body dementia.

“He was the nicest guy in the world,” Featherstone’s wife, Nancy Featherstone, told the AP. “He didn’t have a selfish bone in his body. He was funny and had a wonderful sense of humor and he made me so happy for 40 years.”

sunkenyachtclub  asked:

i have seen more wild peacocks than i have seen wild flamingos. i've seen 3 wild peacocks.

I’ve seen a ton of wild peacocks and zero wild flamingos so I hereby petition for the peacock to replace all flamingo lawn ornaments

‘Tis the season for Follow Forevers, and while I wanted to hold out a bit before doing one, my follower increase rate has become, well, dead, providing me with all the reason to create one now.

Please note that I love every single one of you who managed to locate that small plus button in the top right corner of my blog, and happened to (or accidentally) click it. You all receive a portion of Death’s fries, much to his discontent. Maybe I’ll give you snuggles. Just maybe.

I see no reason to waste space with elaborate heartfelt messages about how I never expected so many followers and that I am overwhelmed with the success of this blog, because everyone else is doing it which would leave you with the same message over and over again.

So without further ado, here it is.

If you’re bolded, I stalk you from afar. I’m probably that flamingo lawn ornament at the front of your blog.

If you’re italicized, we have rp-ed once or multiple times, or I know you on a more personal level, and I appreciate every thread.


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anonymous asked:

Flamingos aren't native to Florida The pink flamingo lawn ornament came from a new englander on vacation. Have none of you guys had this passage on the FCAT?!

Yo I have and that’s why I’m team peacock

PS do you guys remember the passage about Sandhill cranes ooooomg