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this is inspired by Jim’s in the closet with Joe video and I am not sorry at all. To understand all the clothes I mention go check out the video!

Word Count:  2250

Rating: R (Smut)

I hope you guys enjoy!

It was nice to have a boyfriend who had a fashion sense, because it meant your closet doubled in size. You rummaged through the closet you both shared, trying to pick your outfit for the day.

“Can’t find anything to wear?” Joe grinned, sliding past you to grab a hat from the top shelf. He was already dressed and ready for the day. “I vote you just stay in that.” He looked you up and down, eyes narrowed. You blushed a bit, but you loved it. After buying two bra and panty set options for valentine’s day, you weren’t about to let one of them go to waste, and it was so comfy you really would be content to wear it all day.

“Maybe I will,” you grinned. He groaned in exasperation, grabbing your hip and pulling you closer to him. He pressed a hard kiss to your lips, one you knew too well. One that meant something a bit more than usual.

“Don’t do this to me baby, you know I’ve got meetings all day,” his head dropped to your shoulder, his hands tracing your skin.

“The sooner you leave the sooner you’ll get back,” you whispered, walking him backwards out of the closet, pressing kisses to his lips along the way. 

“Or I could just cancel for the day. There are some things I would much rather do right now,” he murmured, holding you closely.

“Nope. Go on,” you teased him, pressing one last kiss to his now swollen lips before pushing him back. He stumbled slightly, rolling his eyes before they settled to look at you again.

“When I get home then? Please?” He pouted at you. You didn’t want him to leave, hell, you wanted nothing more than to throw him onto the bed right that moment and get on with it. But you also knew how fun the day would be if you drug it out. One of his favorite things was when you had missed him all day; it made you both desperate to get your hands on each other.

“Depends on if you can make it through all your meetings. If you make it through the day, then yes.” A smile played on your lips, and his eyes narrowed again, suspicious.

“What’re you up to?”

“Nothing. Now go on, you’re going to be late.” You danced over and pressed another kiss to his lips before he turned to leave. He looked back at you once more before he left, but you only put on your best innocent smile and gave him a wave.

You waited just long enough to be sure that his meeting had started, occupying yourself with making breakfast and coffee. You headed back into the closet, plan in mind. His meeting were usually loose, so you knew he’d be looking at his phone occasionally.

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SHINee at the carnival?

wow i haven’t been to a carnival in YEARS, here you go anon!  💕


  • *is covered in powdered sugar* 
  • shinee: “wtf is all that” 
  • “………………” *swipes at mouth* “…cocaine” 


  • holding two puffs of pink cotton candy in his hands staring longingly at them 
  • he misses his pink hair!!!!!!!!!!
  • riding the viking is a must 
  • riding spinning teacups with taemin the manic speed demon was a MISTAKE (especially after the funnel cake and hot dogs he scarfed down) 
  • finds his way to the nearest garbage can asap 


  • “candy apples are unnecessarily difficult to eat” 
  • his face is smeared with red candy streaks 
  • takes one look at the ferris wheel and is like HELL no that thing is a breeze away from falling apart 
  • members manhandle him on while he tries to struggle in a dignified way but each of them are holding down a limb each and jesus HE’LL JUST WALK 
  • someone gave him this flamingo balloon hat  


  • losing all his money on those rigged basketball games
  • every time a member coaxes him away the caller says “nice try dude maybe next time” and he slams down another 5,000₩ and the cycle begins again (jonghyun: “c’mon minho a goldfish isn’t worth it” / IT’S NOT ABOUT THE GOLDFISH IT’S ABOUT MY PRIDE AS A MAN”) 
  • key buys him a goldfish after 
  • he named it shiny 


  • “where’s the dunk tank? don’t these things usually have a dunk tank?” 
  • laughing way too gleefully while playing the watergun games 
  • makes sound effects with his mouth 
  • top shelf prize top shelf prize 
  • picks a huge stuffed banana
  • gives it to minho
  • “there, there hyung” 
Voice of the Inner Child
  • Aries: "Boo! I'm right here! I don't care if you're at work. It's play time!"
  • Taurus: "Can we go where it's quiet?"
  • Gemini: "but why?! yeah... but why?.. i know.. but why?"
  • Cancer: "Don't forget I'm here, I don't want to be forgotten. I feel unsafe"
  • Leo: "I want you to wear a flamingo top hat and an oversized purple suit and PARADE ME!!"
  • Virgo: "Where are you...?"
  • Libra: "Look for someone who loves you as unconditionally, accepting and devotedly as a child. Don't settle for someone who would mistreat me"
  • Scorpio: "We are playing hide and seek! I always had to hide when we were little.."
  • Sagittarius: "Just don't grow up and be boring AF. Don't embarrass us"
  • Capricorn: "I know you can hear me.. but you were never taught how to listen"
  • Aquarius: "You know where to find me.. sip some tea .. and have a think... we always play in Wonderland"
  • Pisces: "One day we will be with Mother Goddess again"
The signs as sea creatures

Aries: Sea Pig

Taurus: Spotted Eagle Ray

Gemini: Sea Butterfly

Cancer: Kiwa Crab

Leo: Basket Star

Virgo: Axolotl

Libra: Leafy Sea Dragon

Scorpio: Crown of Thorns Seastar

Sagittarius: Flower Hat Jellyfish

Capricorn: Flamingo Tongue Snail

Aquarius: Dumbo Octopus

Pisces: Portuguese Man Of War