flamingo drawing

This is more of a fun prank than ‘illegal’, but I like to think the boys would still try to destroy the local competition around Gravity Falls.

a lil something for the @stanchez-summer-sizzle


Cat folks are a sporty little tribe. One of their favorite sports in Flangaroo racing. Even though some cat people are against it and protest every now and then, flangaroo racing continues to be the most popular sport on the continent. #nationalgeographic

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It’s 1 am over here and look who I’m drawing

Anyways, I freaking love dream daddy (I’ve watched every gameplay that exists on this planet because I ain’t got no computer) and I just HAD to draw Jack in his smexy crop top.

I really love his overall attitude around this game, especially coming from a straight man playing this game. It’s amazing honestly!

Also; I’m trying to get back into drawing. I’ve had the largest artist and writers block for the past couple of months and I hope to break that soon :D