flamingo chair

Installation view of works by Memphis-group at the sales exhibition Bowie/Collector at Sotheby’s London, November 2016. Featuring works: First-chairs (1983), Polar-side tables (1984) and Flamingo-side table (1984) by Michele de Lucchi, Cucumber vases by Martine Bedin (1985).

Animal Crossing : Happy Home Designer - Furniture Guide Masterlist - Unlocking Furniture

Hey Guys! This is a guide for what villager unlocks what items! It’s almost 2/3rds of the way to being completed - stay tuned :)

I’ll mainly be focused on the normal 333 villagers, but also amiibo card unlocks and DLC characters/items as well!

any questions/comments/concerns, send me an ask! ^-^

i’ll be placing everything under the cut, so that it is always up to date & you don’t have a 10 page essay to scroll through, Enjoy!

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“–so, that’s why I’m sitting in a flamingo pink beach chair, in the middle of the hall, being mocked by the Christmas music on the other side of the door. Thankfully my neighbor took pity and gave me– whatever this is.” Tyler explained, examining the nearly empty bottle. “My point in all this is, do you know how to pick a lock?”

Omfg I met James Spader!

Here’s what happened: I came to the set around 7am. I was walking around just looking at things when I finally managed to ask a crew guy when they’re shooting.

“In about an hour,” he said.

“Is James Spader gonna be here also?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Wow.” I felt so stupid as soon as it left my mouth.

“You’re adorable,” the nice guy said.

I thanked him for his help and went looking around again. 9am. I could hardly wait.

As it turned out having no internet while in the USA was terrible. I stood in front of Starbucks at around 11.30am and still nothing had happened. I went onto Facebook to chat with my girls when I read that they were filming in Washington Sq Park. I took off immediately, as it’s not that far from where I was standing.

Of course. Just my luck. They were wrapping things up when I got there. No James. I was sad, thinking that I had just lost my one and only chance at meeting James Spader.

Walking behind some crew members I heard them saying, “Set 2 is just that way. They’re shooting now.”

I followed the signs and managed to find set number 2. It was a hot set. I had to know for sure, so I asked the crew.

“Are you shooting right now?”


“Is James Spader here as well?”

“Yes, he’s up in the building.”


I stood in front of the set and watched people walk into the building and out again. At one time I thought I had seen James’ head, but it could’ve been wishful thinking.

The door opened and suddenly HE walked out, cigarette almost immediately between his lips.

I died right then because he was handsome. Even from the other side of the street. He was quite fast on his way from the set as well and with my bum foot I almost had a hard time keeping up! I took photos as he walked in front of me, unsure of how I should address him. Sir seemed so formal. Jimmy wouldn’t do it, I don’t know the man.

Oh god, what do I do? I asked myself.

“James?” I called out, my voice soft. Where did that come from?

I thought he didn’t hear me, but then he stopped and I almost crashed into him. He turned slowly, his eyes settling on me. He was wearing his amber sunglasses, the whole dark blue Reddington outfit complete with a fedora. I died a little.

“Hi, I’m Sina,” I managed, even though my throat was parched and my lips probably cracked. I smiled anyway.

And he returned it. “Hello, Sina.”

Did he? Oh, yes, he did. He said my name! And I am sure that it will never sound as sexy again. I died again right then.

He seemed in a hurry, as did his assistant, but I had to ask.

“Would you mind if he took a photo?”

“No, I would not mind,” he said. And my god how can someone look at you like that? I felt as if he was looking right into my soul.

I asked his assistant if she would take the photo and handed her my cell. I completely forgot that my cell case is pink with a flamingo sitting on a chair, legs crossed, a cigar in his mouth and a tumbler of scotch in his hand - yes it’s an Alan Shore as a flamingo cell case. If he saw, he didn’t comment. Hopefully he didn’t. But it’s still better than my countless James’ butt or James’ face cases. Lucky me.

She snapped the picture and I thanked him.

“Thank you so, so much.”

“You’re very welcome,” he said in that deep voice.

I wanted to say so much more, but suddenly I didn’t know how to speak anymore. He was standing so close and my heart was beating violently in my chest.

His assistant took off then and James made a movement with his hand, raising his brows as if to say I gotta go where she goes.

“Have a good day.”

“You have a good one, too.”

I watched him quickly making his way towards his trailer then, looking as fine from behind as I thought.

My hands started shaking. James fucking Spader. My dream came true. He was so nice, not that I doubted it for one second.

For all those that wonder (and yes I was one of those as well): he smells clean and fresh and even though he was smoking, he didn’t really smell like cold smoke or anything.

I was more than happy and continued to stroll around the sets. There were four different ones, so there was actually a lot to see. Of course standing around a hot set is even better, even though it was inside a building and I couldn’t see much. Whenever they took a small break, James would immediately have a cigarette between his lips and his cell at his ear. No, I didn’t ask him who he was calling.

As I was walking up one street, after telling the crew that they had fucked up their “German (Berlin)” police car and ambulance, I intended crossing the street next to where they were shooting. I didn’t know they had just gone on break so here I am walking up that street when Spader comes around the corner, that man is fast!, and we almost collided. There was a “woooo” from me and a “careful” from him and I almost died with embarrassment.

The crew knew me by then, I had been there from 7am onwards, and so they were actually not bothered by me walking this way and that, but man I felt like a freaking stalker whenever I managed to see Spades. I wasn’t even trying… Not all the time okay? I was just walking around, trying to find out what was going on and James was strolling up and down the sidewalk with his his phone or walking towards his trailer. I tried to not look at him when that happened.

It was getting later. I was exhausted, the bathroom at Starbucks was disgusting, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. I would sometimes just sit in that little “park” called Sheridan Square to rest my legs, while anxiously looking around for new things to discover.

As it was getting later, it was getting colder. I was only wearing a blouse underneath my jacket… For obvious reasons, but of course I had forgotten to unzip my jacket when I met him. I was fretting over how stupid I had been with him afterwards anyway. I had felt so intimidated by him. Not that I was scared, but the way he looks at you as if there’s nothing more important than whatever it is you need to say, threw me off. At 24 I can tell you, I don’t know how to speak to men I adore. So I was walking around the block again, checking on the pharmacy set when I noticed a familiar face. I stepped closer and it was indeed Solomon (I’m sorry I have no idea what your real name is). What threw me off then was that there was Ryan Eggold standing right next to him. As I found out later, the two of them are in cahoots, breaking into that pharmacy together.

Since I don’t have internet in the US, I wanted to quickly make my way to Starbucks to tell my girls and share some photos. I hadn’t even fully rounded the corner, I must admit I was very well hidden, when Spader and I almost collided again. What are the fucking chances?!

He went all “I’m sorry” and then something must’ve clicked and he went “oh, you are still here?” And I almost died because he recognized me… Yes, I’m pathetic.

“I’ve been here since 7am actually,” I said and he chuckled. So I say, “yeah that’s my type of vacation.”

The smile he gave me made up for the pain in my legs. “Where are you from then?” He asked and I told him that I’m from Berlin, Germany.

“That’s quite a long trip.”

“But so worth it,” I said and I couldn’t stop smiling, because hell, I’m actually having a conversation here. One without stuttering or spitting or making an idiot out of myself.

He told me that they’re shooting on a set “located” in Berlin.

“I noticed,” I said. “I saw the cop cars and ambulance… Even though they look kinda wrong.”

He told me that he didn’t know anything about that so I told him that he should come to Berlin and see for himself. “We would love to have you there,” I said. The cold must’ve loosened my tongue. That or it had numbed my brain.

I loved that he didn’t even take a drag from his cigarette while we were talking. Like it didn’t matter one bit. He’s a true gentleman.

Inside I was like, you and me? We can be friends, Spades. Let me be your friend! Anything beyond being friends works too. My mind is in the gutter when it comes to him, okay?

Sadly it was then that Mrs. “Omg-we’re-burning-5k-dollars-per-minute-on-the-location-alone-we-need-to-hurry” interrupted us. He needed to get back to work and I didn’t get the chance to tell him about going to Boston in a few days…

He told me to enjoy the rest of my vacation and I almost said, “you, too” like a freaking idiot, but I caught myself and said, “thank you. Have a good night”, instead.

I’m still somewhat embarrassed I almost ran him over twice or well, maybe he almost ran me over that one time, but the fact that we bumped into each other is too funny.

Thank you, James. This moment made my life complete. I’ve travelled thousands of miles and even though you hate having your picture taken, you did it anyway. I wish I could’ve told you about how much I love your work and what a great actor you are, but I’m just a shy girl that somehow managed to talk you up. I will never know just how I worked up the courage. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you, James.