zodiac signs as shinee things

aries: key speaking in e n g l i s h

taurus: minho’s laugh

gemini: jonghyun saying baby girl to onew


leo: taemin and jjong during internet war

virgo: onew x aegyo

libra: the members falling on stage lol

scorpio: onew’s voice cracks (im sorry)

sagittarius: key dancing to girl group songs!!

capricorn: the weekly idol 3 year comebaCK

aquarius: flaming charisma choi minho

pisces: minho dabbing lmao

minho rant (??)

okay, so it’s quite obvious where shinee’s flaming charisma minho stands in the group. no, he’s not the “under appreciated one who deserves more love and attention.” that’s not what i’m saying. the rest of the members have a much more diverse and wider vocal range than minho does. they’re able to change their pitch and still sing very fluidly. minho however, does not have that pitch range. based on what i know, being a choir student for three years, minho is a baritone. the rest are tenors, especially jonghyun and kibum (in my opinion). 

but why isn’t minho given a chance? he has so much potential to widen his vocal range and do so much better but sm never gives him the opportunity. i have a guy friend, ‘d’, who is currently a baritone in our school choir. however, when we were in middle school, he sang as a soprano, which is a part in the choir that generally sings in a very high key. 

if minho received proper voice training and lessons, i’m sure he would be able to sing so much better. he already has an amazing voice, but i think because of his restricted ability to sing high notes, he is unable to have more solo’s in songs. it really disappoints me. sm doesn’t even give him a chance. he has the capability of being more flamin’ than he is right now, but he may never get to experience that. 

this is only my personal opinion! i’m not trying to bash the other members or sm (even tho i dislike sm cough). i’m just ranting because i watched too many line distributions where everyone had like, thirty seconds and he had about nine. i wish for minho to be given more of a chance. he deserves it. he can do so much more in the future if he’s just given the opportunity. 

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