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MTVS Epic Rewatch  #155

VM 3x04 Charlie Don’t Surf

1) Let’s be real, this episode is kind of a drag, and it’s only worth a watch for all the Logan angsty feels okay? Because of that, this should be ranty.


VERONICA: This is a bad idea.
KEITH: No, it’s not.
VERONICA: You only thinks it’s not ‘cause you came up with it.
KEITH: Ergo, how could it be bad? Math, sweetie. Me plus idea equals good.

Hm, what could this “idea” they’re talking about be…?

FYI, Logan is never a bad idea, okay?

3) Veronica is totally freaking out, and tbh, we can’t blame her considering one of the last times Keith and Logan were at the Mars’ home together this happened…

Keith certainly wasn’t - and to this day kind of isn’t - a member of the Logan Echolls Fan Club (I’ll get to the Keith/Logan stuff later) but Veronica had been dating Logan for a few months now, they were going steady, and didn’t Veronica want the two leading men in her life to get together and get along? Oh right. I totally forgot about Veronica’s need to compartmentalize. Never mind.

Anyway, it’s so cute to watch her freaking out and then to watch Logan tease her a bit… 

LOGAN: Can I mention that my eyes adored you? I got it. No calling you bobcat, no talk of milky thighs.

…but then he sincerely reassures her…

LOGAN: Veronica? I won’t say anything bad.

And not only does this calm her down, but it also makes her hold her hand out to him (a striking parallel to Logan holding his hand out to her when arriving at his house in A Trip to the Dentist…) in a “we’re doing this together, we’re a team” sort of way. I’m here for this shit, Rob Thomas. 100% in.

Also, this whole scene is a nice reversal of the “meet the parents” typical scene. It’s usually the person meeting their significant other’s parent the one on freak-out mode, not the other way around. But it makes sense that Logan is the collected one here (although I’m 100% he wasn’t all that collected on the inside…). Logan might be a jackass occasionally, and he certainly was a smartass to Keith on more than one occasion. But he’s not stupid. And more importantly, he loves Veronica and he knows how important her dad is to her, so he’s certainly not going to do anything to ruin the evening for either of them. At least, not on purpose…

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Thurrrrr (Gnoll) (OOC): “I want to flaming dog poo his house”

Me (DM): “You have no dog poo or bags”

Thurrrrr: “Hey guys, where’s the closest place to get… Oh, wait, I still have that one guy’s skin”
Thurrrrr (OOC): “Will that work”

Me: “Are you about to crap in your enemy’s skin?”

Thurrrrr (OOC): “I’m not going to not crap in my enemy’s skin”

He was later killed by the guy he pranked. His response? “Worth”

A warning to David Benioff and D. B. Weiss:

For several years now, I have had a standing offer to all of the Interwebs that if GRRM ever writes anything violent happening to Sansa, I will drive up to Santa Fe and leave a flaming bag of dog poo on his front porch.

I am willing to drive a lot farther than that, too.