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Rat jumps through flaming hoop: Cirque du Sewer (by midnightfox653)

100% tru facts about joker

-loves bunnies
-wears socks w sandals
-had a pair of cockatoos named glasgow and chelsea but he doesnt know how to fucking take care of animals so theyre ozzie’s now
-if he hears “dont stop me now” by queen he absolutely has to drop whatever hes doing and like not only sing along but put on a fucking performance
-pronounces gif as “jyfe”
-is more gay for gotham than he is for batman like only just barely but its true
-tried to play minecraft with the riddler once and he wasnt savvy enough to lava anything so he just made a bunch of insulting signs and tried to build with sand and kept getting confused and asking ed why it kept falling why is the block falling ed is your game broken or what im trying to make a house
-got a boner because someone stabbed him once
-has flexibility contests with harley and loses almost every time
-has a youtube channel with like 5 videos on it and one of them is a makeup tutorial where hes like drawing a smiley face on his cheek but hes commentating with the deadest fucking tone of voice “ysee the neon orange here right along the crest of my cheekbone, its really, yknow, its really bringing out the natural shape here-” 
-one of the other ones is like 10 seconds long and it looks like it was recorded on a flip phone but its him zooming in on batman in the distance and then when he turns his head and makes eye contact joker screams and the video cuts off
-has tried to steal ozzies birds
-tried to make orca jump through a flaming hoop and nearly got his leg bitten off. he no longer supports sea world
-plays chess in asl in arkham with edward
-tries to outdo scarecrow on halloween every single year
-killed a man for his hawaiian t shirt
-keeps trying to set lex luthor and egghead up on a date

just to name a few

deanwinchcester  asked:

I've seen so many people say that it was AU Cas who stabbed Lucifer and then got stabbed and died but if Sam and Dean were never born then the war between heaven and hell would've likely started earlier and Jimmy would've been a lot younger or may not have been Cas' vessel at all. I mean he wouldn't have looked like our Cas, with that tie or that coat. And didn't Bobby say that angels wore... I don't remember. Was it ears around their necks? What do you think about AU Cas (if he's still alive)?

yeah, AU angels wear baby ear necklaces.

And demons in that AU are NOT like “our” demons. They’re physical bodies with weird skin and horns. So why would angels in that AU be grace possessing people? Why wouldn’t their true forms be equally physical to the demons? At least, that’s my logic.

I think the AU wasn’t just a divergence from our world at that moment Azazel killed John. I have a feeling that Azazel didn’t even OFFER her a deal, because in that world the angels and demons didn’t bother with the “middleman” of working their plans through humanity. They just fought each other directly. I think it’s a fundamentally different sort of world, with very different “magic.”

They’d just reminded us about the French Mistake universe where magic didn’t exist AT ALL. Where there WERE NO ANGELS OR DEMONS AT ALL.

Plus it didn’t look like they had shopping malls in that AU. It was a very Mad Max sort of world, you know? Even if Cas DID look like Jimmy in that AU, I can’t imagine any scenario in which he’d be wearing OUR Cas’s modern business clothes. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

I get that folks are clinging to this idea because they don’t want OUR Cas to be dead… but he is. We know he isn’t going to STAY dead though. Just like in 7.01 when he was reanimated almost immediately (but “contaminated” by the Leviathan), I think he’s going to be reanimated almost immediately in 13.01, but “contaminated” by Jack’s orange grace.

I’ve also read several theories that go to ridiculously convoluted lengths to postulate MULTIPLE AU’s that are very similar to ours, just to explain Cas’s “odd” behavior from scene to scene in 12.23. I get a headache just trying to follow along on them, because there’s one key piece of info they’re all overlooking in an effort to explain what seems VERY consistent to me…

It simply requires us to accept that Cas hasn’t been entirely under his own control since Jack touched him in 12.19.

If you begin from that assumption, EVERYTHING else Cas does in 12.23 makes perfect sense.

And we don’t have to jump through flaming hoops backward to try and find any more reason for it.

Exactly the way Tasha Banes seemed SO much like herself until she was compelled into serving the witch’s needs or wants in 12.20, Cas has seemed very much like himself EXCEPT WHEN JACK OVERRODE HIM OUT OF “NECESSITY.”

Like trying to keep Sam and Dean away from the rift, or trying to explain the rift to them, or reassuring Kelly about everything having to do with the vision of “paradise” Jack would bring to the world. That… was not Cas. I mean, it WAS Cas, but it was Jack influencing him with that weird golden grace.

(and yes this extends to Cas healing Dean both in 12.19 AND in 12.23 when we got to SEE him actively using Jack’s golden grace instead of his usual blue-white grace)

At least, that seems like the most reasonable explanation for everything to me.

anonymous asked:

Lys do you have any theories how on earth Jason managed to convince Art and Biz going through this flaming circus hoop with him is a good idea? Also do you think Dick will give him fashion advice after he stops giving Dick heart attacks bc that outfit is in no way representing the amount of extra jason can achieve given he's in a circus.

I think it went like this–

Jason: I want to drive a motorbike through a flaming hoop while shooting my gun at targets.

Artemis: You’re an idiot but I support you.

Bizarro: Bizarro am excited!

And then–

Jason: Hey Dick, want to join in on our no doubt illegal but supremely fun shenanigans in the circus?

Dick: I can’t believe you didn’t ask sooner!

And that’s the whole issue right there.

anonymous asked:

imagine that somehow, and none of the batkids know how, bruce has baby pictures of all of them. Albums full. His wallet and desk are full of them, and some are even framed around the house. None of them remember giving any to him, they just sort of started appearing

i feel like bruce is one of those people that likes these physical objects to remind him of the people he loves, that he can stare at and think about them and smile - but, at the same time, batman can’t catch feels, man. he’s just not allowed. so i feel like he’s someone who jumps through a couple flaming hoops to get that one essay dick was so proud of, jason’s deformed art project, etc, and he squirrels them away for safe keeping. he has one everywhere, even a picture of jason in his utility belt, YES THAT’S FUCKING CANON, I’LL LET IT GO WHEN I’M DEAD,

this has less basis in canon, because as amazing as the Jason Angst Tunnel is, bruce usually uses it to be sad in, because bruce’s primary talent after dramatics and foolishness is making everything depressing - but i like to think he eventually uses his stack of report cards and pictures and detention notes for good. like, turning to them when he’s Not Dealin, in order to be able to Deal, you know? you figured it out a couple decades late but you finally did it, buddy, good on you

anonymous asked:

Am I stretching it too much to draw parallels with John losing Mary, Sam losing Jess, and Dean losing Cas? Like, they showed John and Sam suffering the same devastating loss, but until now we hadn't see that for Dean and I'm wondering if we're not meant to kinda lump them all together? Like they've all 3 lost someone now? And all losses due to something darkness/he'll related. All that in addition to the other Sam/jess parallels from the finale they've been talked about.

Nope, not stretching at all. (confession time: I don’t know how long this message has been sitting here, because gishwhes week, but I hope you’ve had a chance to look through some of the comparative gif posts showing the visual similarity between the Sam/Jess scene in 1.01 and the Dean/Cas scene in 12.23).

Just, think about almost every significant interaction Dean and Cas have shared in s12, and you’ll find it directly parallels to another canon romantic couple. John and Mary (via the whole Led Zeppelin thing being THE REASON THEY HAD THAT ROMANTIC SPARK vs Dean giving Cas the Zepp mix tape… IT’S A GIFT). Benjamin and his vessel. They’re CONTRASTED to Ishim and Lily who WEREN’T a romantic couple but a creepy obsession thing.

I mean, honestly there are literally thousands of posts on my blog pointing all this stuff out. You are definitely not stretching to draw these parallels. It’s a bigger stretch at this point to try and deny that these parallels exist. THAT’S what requires bending over backward and jumping through flaming hoops.

An acrobat and fire dancer, she descends from the upper reaches of the tent, wreathed in a a fantastic halo of fire. Despite the fact that the air in the tent is perfectly calm, the flames flicker and dance, whipping about and spiraling out around her, like they are living creatures, bent to her will.

What acrobatic stunts will this Fire Tamer execute? Why don’t you just sit back and relax…

Ive been telling everyone for the past year that i’ll have Dave jumping through flaming hoops someday, so this is a good start!

What a fantastic little horse i’ve got! He’s only 5, and he really did just trust me completely today (And I him because without him we wouldn’t have actually made it over the fire haha)

Also my super encouraging father doing the commentary. He’s completely raging that he sold Dave to me!! ((:

So apparently Facebook won’t let me sign up using “Ava Sweet” despite it being my real name without jumping through two dozen flaming hoops just to get a chance at using it but it takes goddamn “Ava Wintermuute” as a valid name. what the fuck

there hits a point in dog in the manger where Kevin, Neil and Andrew take a road trip

it’s good fun for all involved, no one is hurt and everyone is happy and they visit silly small town sites like World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn and World’s Biggest Boulder Pulled Out of a Field and eat a lot of greasy carnival food, they even see a circus lion jump through a flaming hoop, golly gosh what a wonderful world

Hjalti was one month away. Shae had been setting up lights all around the 
house to make it feel more like home, but it wasn’t the same. She wanted
to go back to Thol. She wanted to see the lights bobbing up and down the
river, and the fireflies buzzing around the lanterns, and the fireworks and 
the dancers in the marketplace with their flaming hoops. She wanted the
little caramel candies and the spicy sweets from Manassah that burned 
your mouth, and the sweet breads with the raisins and the flatbreads 
stuffed with saffron until they were a brighter yellow than some of her 
dresses. She wanted sugar dragons. And sugar dragons made her think
of Ultan.

Ultan loved Hjalti.

So did Niamh.

God, she was homesick

She wanted, more than anything, to go home for the holiday. 

By all rights, she should. Religiously, politically, culturally. She couldn’t put
off asking Shane any longer. 

So, she stood in the doorway to his office, leaning against the frame, twisting
the fabric of her silks in her hands. 


the sneer of Offalkin the marotte is recognisable from miles away, as it huddles in the tear-stained or furred grip of its bewildered wielder. targeting clowns likely to enter the Tearboyhood or the Circus Animal lifestyle, Offalkin whispers into their ears at night, offering them power and the ability to live out their ideally themed lives without being contractually obliged to cry themselves to sleep, or jump through (flaming) hoops for the satisfaction of the Handlers who govern Circus Animal-based transitions, respectively. as they stand on the cusp of their ideal lifestyle changes, Offalkin finally presents itself. the host may well try to live out their dream, crying at a moon with their hand over their heart, or howling at a moon (with their hand over their heart), and so forth, but the price of Offalkin’s power is the gradual loss of their sense of ideal identity, leaving them unable to remember why they wanted or needed Offalkin to live like this in the first place. at this point, Offalkin usually cuts its losses and runs, seeking the next sap to whisper at.

CLASS: Marotte

DIET: Kinetic


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I agree that villains can be relateable, and in some cases /should/ be relateable, but a lot that’s left out of the conversation is which villains and antagonists people are willing to sympathize with, and how they’re interpreted. I don’t want to have this convo tho bc it’s boring. blah blah people jump through flaming hoops to care about conventinally attractive dude characters (usually white) and also folks love excusing & justifying everything shitty those characters have done what else is new.