flaming hoop

tuesday the 21st of june, 2016, 1:23am

dear diary,

it’s still misogynistic to ban female muses because your “character is gay,” and it’s still misogynistic to force the muns of female muses to specifically go into your inbox and tell you that they don’t want to ship with you. it’s still misogynistic to assume that every female muse is going to be after your ain’t shit male muse just because they’re female. it’s still misogynistic to single female muses out as thirsty when you’re dead-ass the one sitting here banning an entire gender because you only want to ship

it’s ok to only want to ship, btw. it’s ok to run your rp blog as solely ship-based.

it’s not ok to ban female muses. it’s not ok to cover it up with a “IF you jump through 3 flaming hoops into my ask box, i’ll grant you the privilege of having a thread with me lmao!”

I step out of my shoes
leave them in the hallway
there’s a stack of letters
bills, a car magazine
one hundred dollars
pretty floral stationary
a dismal colored photograph
a sadist’s love
roaring for angel wings
like a big hand pushing me
all the time, across dizzy meadows
through hoops of flame
wildly scrawling, “I love you.”

there hits a point in dog in the manger where Kevin, Neil and Andrew take a road trip

it’s good fun for all involved, no one is hurt and everyone is happy and they visit silly small town sites like World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn and World’s Biggest Boulder Pulled Out of a Field and eat a lot of greasy carnival food, they even see a circus lion jump through a flaming hoop, golly gosh what a wonderful world


Gorillas, we are thrilled to finally bring to you our Hive Hoops! These beautiful weights are flame formed into glass hoops, later sculpted and engraved by the glass artisans at our Cold Shop. These are available in two sizes, both with a wearable sizes of 6ga+ (4mm+), 4ga (5mm+) and 2ga (6mm+) . The Large version is 3" long and weighs 1oz (28g), while the Small version is 2 ¼" long and weighs 5/8 oz (17g). Only available in Crystal and Black!

All of these black college athletes who propose to their white or non-black girlfriends on national television. I just wish black girls could get that type of love and admiration. But black girls have to jump four flaming hoops just to get even a smidgen of love like that.

Rat jumps through flaming hoop: Cirque du Sewer (by midnightfox653)

I can see it now, commercials during the World Cup with Peyton Manning in full attire, running up a ramp, jumping through a flaming hoop, throwing a handegg ball 40 yards, half naked white cheerleaders are dancing with their lil pompoms. The camera pans to Peyton. Bald eagles sore across the screen, an American flag is displayed in the background. “REAL FOOTBALL” he shouts before biting enthusiastically into a Ballpark Franks hotdog (but not too enthusiastically because thats gay)