flaming goddess

Morrigan: Her power is truth, but she’s been living a lie

Amren: The True Immortal, the Destroyer incarnate, a plague given form—yet she left her Father’s realm, fell from grace, because she was born with a curious heart and wondered what it would be like to love and hate and build.

Cassian: The Prince of Bastards, God of Warriors, bravest of all Illyrians—yet he is a coward at love. 

Nesta: An unmoving, unflinching pillar of steel and flame, Goddess of Death, but she feels more deeply than anyone.

Azriel: Singer of shadows, master of secrets, but his deepest secrets are written on his face.

Elain: The kind hearted seer if all, yet no one sees her.

Rhysand: The vicious, deadly High Lord of Night, feared throughout the land—yet he would gladly sacrifice himself for those he loves.

Feyre: The Cursebreaker with a human heart, the starving Bride of Spring—the wolf they did not see coming.

Stryga: The Weaver, an old God of Death, she consumed life because she could not live.

The Bone Carver: The forgotten twin of the Weaver, an old God of Life, he obsessed over death because he, himself, could not die.

The Suriel: Ancient, all knowing, and hideous like a nightmare—but inside lay the heart of a dreamer.

Bryaxis: The face of deepest fears, drinker of dread, the presence in the darkness … but all it wanted was light.

Just like the center of the Earth, there resides within you a burning, churning core. It ignites your flame of passion, of creativity, and strength. It is a highly powerful, magnetic force field of attraction that when tapped into, allows you to achieve the impossible. Go within and lite your life off that flame.

Unlove Your Ex Spell

This spell helps you to fall out of love with your once and for all. All you will feel for them is the love that friends have for each other. 

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • A sheet of white paper(plain/ruled)
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Candle
  • Match

Using the pen or pencil, write your ex’s on the paper and draw the love symbol beneath it. Then write your name under the symbol.
Whilst harbouring the love, light the candle with the match.
Place the paper just above the flame so that light falls of the love symbol.


Burn it.

Debate over the next ToG title

I am thinking something with “World of”. However, i think since the gods are probably gonna play such a huge role, it’ll have something to do with immortality or gods

Personally, I like “Goddess of” something. Like “Goddess of Flame” or “Gods or worlds” or Gods/Goddesses of____. 

I also like, heavens of ____. 

Just anything with an immortal or god like theme.

What do you all think?


The Gang of Wolves, and I.

Thank you creator, God Goddess, I am, for guiding me to my twin flame. In conscious union with the infinite. Let Divine joy radiate and encompass this Planet and all beings with the love we share in our hearts. Love, friendship, gratitude, goodness, truth, kindness and PEACE TO ALL!!!


I have eaten
of the universe,
and every parallel
is as imagined
my womb,
the starry patterns,
these silvery veins
of the cosmos,
dark ethos
of smoldering giants,
dragons bursting into flames;

yet I birth
prosaic, predetermined, destined
to be made,
and consumed
by you.

© SoulReserve 2016

08/02/2016 13:16:38
a glyph to keep the raging, eternal fire within me from hollowing me out from the inside. and also, somehow, to keep it from being extinguished. i need a balance, or somewhere to channel it; i need to grow as it burns, to keep it within me but make sure it doesn’t consume me entirely.

A poem to Brigid

I do not come on bended knee
Seeking forgiveness
Not sympathy
I come to this place
This holy sanctuary of trees
To be at peace
To commune with thee
O Brigid, fire of the hearth
Shaper of earth
Keeper of the heart
I bring myself here
To speak with you
To ask friendship
Guidance and love
Of you
To honor you with rhyme
With crafted metal in my hands
And the love I have inside
That you may walk with me
That I may feel your pride
Bring to me, o goddess of flame
The inspiration to follow you
And honor your name
On this scroll I write for thee
Words of love
Beneath sacred trees
O Brigid, sister and mother
To me
Come into my home
And by your fires
May it forever warmed be
Through winter’s snow
And north wind’s bite
Your hearth-fire
Is a guiding light
I feel it
I feel you
Here with me
And filled with your love
I am at peace

To dedicate an Item to one of the Goddesses of Hyrule

Okay, so these are all relatively short and simple little dedications, and you can use them for pretty much any item that you intend to use for witchcraft. I did one for each individual goddess, and then one for the Golden Goddesses together.

Originally, I had intended to wait to post these until I’d finished writing the dedication to use to dedicate yourself to them, but I feel like those would be better as their own posts. So, enjoy!

To dedicate an object to Din: “Ancient Goddess of Flame and Power, in honor of your forming the earth and all physical planes, I submit this [object] to you in dedication and pledge its service to you and your virtues from this day forward.”

To dedicate an object to Nayru: “Goddess of Water and Wisdom, in honor of your creation of order from chaos, I pledge this [object] to you and its service to the pursuit of your virtues and laws”

To dedicate an object to Farore: “Farore, Goddess of Life and Courage, in honor of your spirit, poured upon the land, I dedicate this [object] and its service to you and your virtues.”

To dedicate an object to Hylia: “In honor of the White Goddess, guardian of the Triforce, I submit this [object] to the Goddess Hylia, and pledge its service to her and her virtues.”

To dedicate an object to the Golden Goddesses together: “In honor of the Golden Goddesses, creators of the Triforce, the old ones, I dedicate this [object] to their service, and the balance of their virtues.”