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The Gang of Wolves, and I.

Thank you creator, God Goddess, I am, for guiding me to my twin flame. In conscious union with the infinite. Let Divine joy radiate and encompass this Planet and all beings with the love we share in our hearts. Love, friendship, gratitude, goodness, truth, kindness and PEACE TO ALL!!!


I have eaten
of the universe,
and every parallel
is as imagined
my womb,
the starry patterns,
these silvery veins
of the cosmos,
dark ethos
of smoldering giants,
dragons bursting into flames;

yet I birth
prosaic, predetermined, destined
to be made,
and consumed
by you.

© SoulReserve 2016

Just like the center of the Earth, there resides within you a burning, churning core. It ignites your flame of passion, of creativity, and strength. It is a highly powerful, magnetic force field of attraction that when tapped into, allows you to achieve the impossible. Go within and lite your life off that flame.

Something New

Author’s Note: I wrote this for the goddess @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s Negan Writing Challenge. I chose the breath play as my prompt, and loved it! Negan has been my biggest writing inspiration lately, so this was a ton of fun to write. 

Summary: You’re one of Negan’s wives, might even be his favorite in fact, what happens when he finds out a hidden kink of yours?

Pairing: Negan x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 2,124

Warnings: its pretty much all SMUT, breath play, aftercare, negan being negan(my personal favorite ;)), little fluff

BETA: the best @ardethbayiscraycray

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You had made your entrance into the Sanctuary about a year ago now, and everything had changed. Sure, the world was still shit, but you had a place now. At first, you were just one of the many, a peasant in Negan’s kingdom you could say. But now, by some twist of fate, it seemed you might be Negan’s favorite wife. Of course, this was much to the dislike of the other seemingly countless wives he kept alongside you. It was almost as if he needed you more often than the others, and kept you with him much longer than any of the other women, and you definitely weren’t complaining. 

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Unlove Your Ex Spell

This spell helps you to fall out of love with your once and for all. All you will feel for them is the love that friends have for each other. 

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belief
  • A sheet of white paper(plain/ruled)
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Candle
  • Match

Using the pen or pencil, write your ex’s on the paper and draw the love symbol beneath it. Then write your name under the symbol.
Whilst harbouring the love, light the candle with the match.
Place the paper just above the flame so that light falls of the love symbol.


Burn it.


Today February 26th the beloved New Moon Eclipse connects and moves us through the energy of Pisces.

This feminine energy of Pisces connects through our base chakra integrating firm foundation to our manifestations and desired intentions. This is a combination of healing and releasing all limits that disrupt our connection to our highest source of potential.

The effects from the Eclipse moves us internally, externally moving through the magnetic field of Earth combining new frequency with the Crystalline energy (The energy that surrounds Earth with access to many dimensions downloading new energy to innovate and activate into our fields new light codes and divine wisdoms)

To open our hearts to receiving this new light we have to be willing to surrender from our spiritual, mental and physical bodies all that no longer can sustain us toward a higher cause. There are senses in the air rising to our awareness unravelling truths, divine alerts, answers and awakenings of internal wisdom and external understanding of how all events unfold for a higher sacred purpose.

This is a more amplified push of really owning our strength to close doors of past heaviness, unhealthy ties, toxicity and any experience that keeps us lingering in stagnancy. The past is not real anymore and has no power over our present moment. Only should the past be the discovery in gaining the key to a transformation of a new vision and purpose of a higher consciousness forward.

The push of this Eclipse will enhance unresolved emotion to the surface to create a harmonic balance of inner and outer peace. We should not judge our emotions but embrace the art of feeling. Judgement leads to a continuous disconnection not only with another but within ourselves. The feminine teaches us our true nature is love, feeling and compassion. The more we focus on self love, self compassion and self forgiveness and love all that arises we then can deliver those wisdoms to all external sources.

As Pieces is the sign of surrender its a good time to face what we have been trying to ignore/avoid. This can be simple as deeply breathing into our emotional discomfort, pain/ physical and deepy connecting into our internal senses by breathing, crying or validating in what ever way it chooses to arise.

During the New Moon we also need to be mindful of our own emotions and where we send and share out energy. Sensitivity is heightened and lower energies make themselves known so we need to have awarness of how our behaviour effects our surroundings. Emphatic nature is also heightened. As much as we love our close ones its important to cleanse our fields of any surrogation of another’s highs and lows that we personalise as our own.

We have been called to make peace with any internal imbalance of superiority. Blame and judgement is created by fear assuming what is going on is the truth when many times is not actually the case. We need to take ourselves of the pedestal we put and allow ourselves to be on. No one is making us do/feel anything but ourselves.

The gradual shift is certain if we connect our base, feel into our heart/sacral, claim our solar energy and open to our higher selves/purpose through our third eye and crown. The more stronger our connection becomes with source we will no longer attract harmful events to mirror illusionary disconnection.

The inner balance of the feminine through Pisces enables us to enter a deeper connection of internal feeling, senses, peace and to open intimate experience,enhance self discipline with our minds and open our hearts to empathy. The more we push against fear we draw it back into our fields. The more we focus on peace within all events we then move from stagnate to ease, breaking out of restance and breathing into freedom allowing us to reach new levels of joy and flow.

Lets connect into this new energy with a self driven heartbeat, allow the magic to come forward letting go
of our victim stories. We will rise to our desires once we take responsibility for our own energy, thoughts, emotions, choices, actions, beliefs, projections and energy we deliver to our realities.

Focus on harmonic love and just let all the other shit go.

Only love is real.
I love you.

Copyright © 2017 Tara Florence Churchill * All Rights Reserved

08/02/2016 13:16:38
a glyph to keep the raging, eternal fire within me from hollowing me out from the inside. and also, somehow, to keep it from being extinguished. i need a balance, or somewhere to channel it; i need to grow as it burns, to keep it within me but make sure it doesn’t consume me entirely.

A poem to Brigid

I do not come on bended knee
Seeking forgiveness
Not sympathy
I come to this place
This holy sanctuary of trees
To be at peace
To commune with thee
O Brigid, fire of the hearth
Shaper of earth
Keeper of the heart
I bring myself here
To speak with you
To ask friendship
Guidance and love
Of you
To honor you with rhyme
With crafted metal in my hands
And the love I have inside
That you may walk with me
That I may feel your pride
Bring to me, o goddess of flame
The inspiration to follow you
And honor your name
On this scroll I write for thee
Words of love
Beneath sacred trees
O Brigid, sister and mother
To me
Come into my home
And by your fires
May it forever warmed be
Through winter’s snow
And north wind’s bite
Your hearth-fire
Is a guiding light
I feel it
I feel you
Here with me
And filled with your love
I am at peace

For the first time
She opened her heart
To the path of the flame
Through her conscious realm
Expanding her heart cracking love open
Gateways unlock as she enters
Forgotton to conscious
Heart to sacral healing
Deep connection is found
Beneath the roots of illusion
Sun to moon, the veils open to change
Her path is heavenly caressed
In the arms of cosmic touch, balance, passion
She forgivess her shadow
& balances with compassion to all
Intimate practice of invoking & emodying
The mastery of stillness, patience, awareness
The fruition of deep waves of love
Embracing the miracle of the here and now
Becoming two teachers
As one teacher of service
Of the Goddess
Living as the sacred eternal heart
The invocation of the rose,
White rose of innocence, mysticism
Red rose of blood passion
Pink rose of abundance &gratitude
An initiation of holy love
A mighty cosmic power
The waking miracle
The light of eternal love

A multidimensional flame
Held in cosmic stars of divine order
Through her deep self intimacy
She exposes through the emodiment
Of tantric invocation
Unfolding her natural perfection
A worthy emboidment of immortal truth
She has no place to hide
But become face to face
With God, the Goddess
The reflection of a deep mirrored self
The embodiment of wisdom
& the abundance of infinity
False curses are broken
The mystic spells of cosmic
Transcendence, pleasure
She will fall into her dream palace
Kissing her body
And kissing her soul
She is embraced in eternal love

Image: The Goddess Embrace Of Twin Souls

Copyright © 2017 Tara Florence Churchill * All Rights Reserved.


Brigid (or Bride, Brigit, Brigantia) is an Irish goddess of fire, maternity, spring, smithery, healing and poetry. She was so loved by the ancient Pagans of Ireland that even the Christianisation could not wipe her out, and so the Church made her a saint. To this day, St Brigid’s feast is held during the period of Imbolc.

Brigid is often revered as a Great Mother goddess, although she was originally depicted as a triple goddess of three sisters, a poet, a healer and a smith. Her animal symbols are milk-bearing creatures such as cows and ewes. She is the daughter of Morrighan and the Dagda, and of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Her attempt to bring peace between her people and the Formorians through marriage to one, Bres, failed, and their son was killed.

In Kildare, the remains of St Brigid’s well tell a tale of the priestesses (and later, nuns) who used to fiercely guard the flame of their goddess, which was kept burning day and night, until the Church eradicated the practice.

Brigid is a goddess of both war and peace, motherly love and despair, and the fires of inspiration, of warmth, and of the forge.

‘Thig an nathair as an toll
Là donn Brìde,
Ged robh trì troighean dhen t-sneachd
Air leac an làir.’

The Goddess of Flames

My last fic for Rarepair Week, for the prompt ‘Colours/Powers’, both prompts because they’re really close together in K.

Pairing: Minoru/Anna

Word Count: 3,545

Warnings: Slight violence

Summary: Minoru gets the scare of his life when a bunch of thugs with superpowers attack him, but thankfully he is saved by a mysterious girl that he sets out to find again.


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“Even the origins of Kali worship are a subject of much confusion. There is little understanding of her Vedic roots as the deep blue flame of the Fire Goddess or as the ‘dark blue light of the Sun’ that is reflected in the dark pupil of the eye and its ability to see. The greater connections of the Dark Goddess to the forces of Nature, particularly the electrical energies of life and perception, are seldom noted. Kali’s cosmic role as the Goddess of infinite space and eternal time is ignored for her more creaturely dimensions. Her pre-eminent place as the yoga shakti or inner power of yoga to return us back to our Divine source is not addressed in any meaningful way.

Scholars, lacking inner experience, approach Kali with their own psychological, sociological, and cultural preconceptions that fail to recognize her spiritual energy, beauty, and majesty. They stop short at the fierce image of her outer forms and do not see the transcendent light reflected through them. They dwell on her dark power and project onto that the negative aspects of their own assessment of human nature. They see superstition or suppressed emotion in what is in fact the supreme power of the Goddess to take us beyond all ignorance and sorrow. They usually do the same thing with the other forms of the Dark Goddess in the world, looking at them not as an expression of spiritual mystery but, rather, as primitive impulses.”

—Shambhavi L. Chopra