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Nessian Part Sixteen by L.J. LaFleur


Aedin’s freckled fist clamped harder, my legs flailed as I scratched at his death grip. Black spots invaded my vision, whispers singing in my ears.

Ignite, ignite, ignite…

Spit splattered on my face as he snarled, “your insults are no match for me, King Slayer.”

A beast playing with its prey; this couldn’t be my fate.

The iridescent blue glow of my restraints shined so bright I had to close my eyes. I tried to separate my wrists, but the icy burn only grew. I couldn’t break free. The fire building in my core dissipated. I had nothing, no strength—no magic. Completely empty.

His throaty laugh rang around us, echoing off the stone walls. “You won’t be able to talk, let alone move once I’m done with you.”

Cassian. Think. What did he teach me? What did he…I slammed my knee into Aedin’s gut–missing my mark. He loosened his grip just enough for me to scream. So, I did. With every fiber of my being–I screamed, in hope someone would hear me. Would find me.

That he would find me, that he would take me home.

Aedin’s calloused hand tightened around my windpipe again, choking the air out of me.

I clawed at his face, missing, as he dodged my nails. The torch light dwindled as I felt my life fade, as my vision blurred in and out.

“Is that anyway to treat our guest?”

My eyes shot open, was it him? Did he hear me somehow?

“Eris…” Aedin bared his teeth, scanning his brother stepping out of the shadows.

“Release her,” he replied nonchalantly while crossing his muscular arms.

Aedin turned away from Eris and focused on me. His lips curling upwards as he released me. “The next time, you won’t be so lucky,” he threatened, backing away.

I sucked in a deep breath, searing my throat with the frigid air. A second breath led to a fit of coughing. As if I were drowning, but no water fled my lungs.  

Eris inhaled sharply through his nose, “she’s claimed, Aedin.”

“I didn’t see your brand,” he snapped, pulling his long fiery locks into a low bun.

“Why don’t you check again?”

Aedin glared at his brother then looked me over, his eyes focusing on my bare shoulder. A flaming sun, branded into my delicate skin. I hadn’t felt it, I hadn’t noticed it until now.

“You know what happens to those who touch what is mine.” Eris shrugged, pushing the cell door open as a sign for Aedin to leave. “Or should I remind you…?”

Aedin growled in response, stalking off before Eris could finish.

I touched my aching throat, wincing in response. I was still trying to suck down the air I was deprived of. My eyes watered with amber, with the reminder that I was still alive.  

“Are you alright?” He asked with a stone-cold demeanor. Amber irises flickered to my neck, assessing the damage that would be seen for days, if not years.

I couldn’t speak, my throat burned so badly. The faebane chains felt even colder, invisible frost spreading across my fingertips, racing up my trembling arms. If I fought…if…if I tried to use my powers, the colder the restraints became. The colder, I became.  

“I’ll be back,” Eris moved away from the wall, winnowing away for a brief minute. He appeared with a small stack of clothes and my Illyrian boots.

Moving, speaking—any action, felt like it would be my last. Knots in my stomach grew as amber tears trickled down my cheeks. I had never cried so much in my life, not until this fucking cauldron doomed me. I was fine. I was cold, I was prepared. But now, I was only broken. A shell meant to be fucked, a heart meant to be corrupted.

Eris set the items between me and him, the center of the cage. He didn’t edge closer, but I saw him—I saw him shaking—fire dancing between his fingers.

I grabbed my stomach, blood rushing out of my head as I replayed Aedin’s words. As him and Tomas collided into one demon I couldn’t outrun. I raced to the nearest corner, spewing vomit until I fell to my knees. My restrained hands pushed into the stone wall, scraping my knuckles until they bled.

The fire in the torch dimmed, giving me privacy as I expelled my guts. My esophagus shredded with the burning acid. I braced myself, letting the cold stone seep into my sweaty forehead. Closing my teary eyes, I thought of what good was left.

What good I could fight for. I peeked over my shoulder, over the brand that marked me as his. A circle with several tendrils of fire; a flaming sun made out of damaged tissue.  

Eris slid down the wall, seated next to the door. His eyes and ears focused on every movement inside and out of the cell.  

I wiped bile from my lips, sinking to my knees, “I belong to no one.”

“I know,” he replied quietly, his attention focused elsewhere.

“Then why…?” It hurt too much to speak, like claws ripping through my vocal chords.

Eris leaned his head back, looking at the dripping ceiling, “it’s the only way…” He paused, brows knitting together, lost in thought.

I clenched my teeth, amber tears flooding down my cheeks.

His jaw tightened then released, “he won’t harm you again.”

Tears fell into the water, hissing with disdain; I didn’t believe him. I crawled on my knees, shaking so violently I couldn’t stand. I reached for the clothing, my trembling hands could barely hold the fabric.

“Here…” Eris rose to his feet, “let me help you.”

“You’ve done enough,” I muttered to him, unable to speak any louder.

Eris nodded, strands of his auburn hair catching in his beard. “I never meant to harm you,” his low voice barely audible; he didn’t look away from me, embers dancing behind his warm irises. “Please…let me help you.”

I studied the man before me, the man of ash and smoke. Waiting. Would he strike me? Would he harm me in other ways?

“I won’t…” he replied softly to my unasked questions. Eris raised me to my wet feet, once a solid column—I now stood shivering, caving within myself. He unleashed the fire on his fingertips, sending the flames to the diminishing torch. The temperature of the dungeon increased to something more bearable.

The warmth of his fingers soothed the aching chill of the faebane. I didn’t bother to ask for the chains to be removed, I knew they wouldn’t do it. I knew he couldn’t—even if he wanted to.

But I think he believed my earlier threat, that if he were to remove these chains, I would shred and burn everything until the Autumn Court was merely a tomb of ash.

Eris dried my shivering body with a tattered cloth. His calloused hands gently dressing me. Not a single touch of skin as he dressed me in a new tunic—thicker than my last but gray instead of cream. He looked away, as he laced up the sleeves and front panels; his way of not releasing me of my shackles. Scarred fingers working vigorously until he finished with a knotted bow.

My hands still shook furiously, I tried to clench them into fists but failed.

He guided my dirty feet into the black trousers, one foot at a time. Again, he studied the wall behind me as he helped tie everything close. But it was tighter, the knot complicated and unwavering to whoever touched it next. Safety–security–for my own piece of mind.  

Lastly, he sat me back on the floor, drying my feet before sliding on the chestnut colored boots.

I could barely breathe, barely move as the adrenaline started to die down. I didn’t say thank you, I didn’t say a word to him. Not even as he slid back down the wall on the opposite side of the cell, his knee loudly popping on the way down. His rigid body positioned between me and the metal door.

A tray of unappetizing food appeared but all I could do was stare. Red meat and a loaf of stale bread. I tried to drink water, but it only hurt with each sip.

“You need to eat,” Eris finally spoke, his arms crossed in front of his burly chest. 

My eyes flashed to him, to his still stature then to the corner I threw up in. The thought of eating only disturbed my stomach further.

Eris pulled at his auburn beard, “I know it hurts,” he paused to exhale his held breath, “but you need it. You need the energy.”

I didn’t reply back, I couldn’t. Instead I laid down, shifting so my back faced him. Tears expelling out of me as I covered my quivering mouth.

“Nesta?” Eris’ voice sounded far away, hollow. He didn’t say another word, nor did he leave.

Instead the room filled with silence, sorrow suffocating the flames. I was scared to sleep once, horrified of the damage I would inflict but here—with faebane chains—it didn’t matter. The darkness flooded into me, whispers curling around me as I sunk further into where new dreams and old memories collide. With heavy eyelids and a broken heart, I let the blanket of slumber encase me.

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“Elain, elain…?” my voice unable to reach her.

We were in the House of Wind. A castle made of mountains and monsters.

I shook her frail shoulders, unable to wake her. She was there, I knew she was but the sadness. The overpour of agony, of disgust, infiltrated her body.

My beautiful rose–her petals had finally fallen.

I scanned her vigorously, “please…please come back to me. I know, I…I know what we saw. Who we saw. What we endured to stay alive. But I am begging you, please don’t leave me alone in this new world.”

Her beautiful hazel eyes sparkled briefly, a glimpse of herself coming back. Then it was gone, instantly and painfully—she was gone.

My rage had come to a head, my new body—limbs, hearing, eyesight—everything was fresh and absolutely unnerving. I was a human soul, trapped for all eternity.

The bubbling anger took control, I needed to scream—I needed to get this unsettling energy out of me.

I left Elain alone, for the first time since our arrival in this foreign land. I picked up my skirts and scurried out of our room. I prayed to whatever gods were in this realm and only hoped those bastard bats would leave her be.

My steps quickened as my heart shrunk, creating a black mass in my chest. I tripped over myself, my feet thinner—longer than before. I felt like an infant learning to walk for the first time.

“Shit…” I mumbled, picking myself up from the floor and continuing toward the nearest set of doors.

With a loud bang, I pushed them open, cracking one panel in half. I couldn’t control this newfound strength. I couldn’t control myself.

Books, thousands of books lining every wall. I could hear my galloping pulse in my ears, I bared my teeth—screaming as I tore into the shelves. I ripped apart pages upon pages. Everything I once loved, gone. I tore into scrolls and leather-bound masses.

Tears flooded down my face as I continued shouting.




I couldn’t control the fury that leaked out of my hands, the buzzing magic stirring inside me. Papercuts from sharp pages, wood splinters stabbing into me as I damaged every shelf in my wake.

“What did the books ever do to you?” he playfully rasped from behind.

My body twirled to face him, bewildered and broken, I couldn’t speak.

Cassian stood in the damaged door frame, whistling as he took in the room. “A mighty shame, don’t you think?”

“You’re alive,” I whispered, my chest heaving as I caught my breath.

Scars scattered across his gigantic wings. Bruises and scratches layered throughout his body. But he was here, standing before me.  

A smirk lined his soft lips, “no, I’m a figment of your imagination.”

“I thought…” I breathed in through my nostrils. His scent rammed into me, cedar wood, perhaps? Something else…I, I couldn’t focus.

Cassian stepped forward, his hands up in surrender, “do you plan on destroying the rest of the library or will you let the innocent books go?” Slowly, he made it to where I stood—in the middle of chaos and destruction. His worn boots crunching the wreckage beneath them.  

“Why are you here?” I snapped, my chilling voice leaving gooseflesh across his bronze skin. My brows drew together, I couldn’t look away.  

“I needed to…” he stopped speaking, nostrils flaring as he moved in closer to sniff me. Cassian’s dark hair fell into his face as his nose neared my tear stained cheek.

My breath hitched as his body nearly collided with mine. It was too much. He was a threat, a danger to…I kicked his shin, “back off, bastard.”

Cassian’s eyes widened, not even registering that I had just hit him, “no…” The black spots in his hazel eyes ignited, nearly encompassing all the copper flecks. He moved closer, enclosing the space between us. Cassian’s thunderous heartbeat throbbed against me, matching the pace of mine.

I shook my head, tears stinging my gray-blue eyes, “has this world not taken enough from me? Has fate not…” I couldn’t finish, my lips trembling so badly it prevented me from speaking.

“That’s not…Nesta,” he backed away from me, his eyes brimming with tears. “I’m sorry,” his voice broke, “I’m so…I, I’m sorry…” Cassian stepped backwards again—shaking his head before storming out of the room.

Sinking to my knees, to the scattered scraps of paper and binding on the floor. I dug my fingers into their remains, sobbing for the life I once had—crying for the life I would never return to.

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I cursed under my breath, every movement sending a jarring thrash of pain through me. I was scared to close my eyes, no matter how heavy they became—I wouldn’t risk it. Too much time had already passed since I realized she was gone.  

“I told you,” Az mumbled, adjusting my bandaged arm over his armored shoulder, “you needed to rest.”

A low, painful chuckle rippled out of me, “Rhys said the same thing.” I winced again, “my wings might be fucked but my brain is working just fine, I assure you.” Another grunt escaped me, this time due to my own adjustments.

Rhys chimed in, “are you sure?” An attempt to be humorous but I could hear the lingering fear—failure—in his voice.

I growled in response, even when I wanted to tell him it wasn’t his fault. None of this was. However, he didn’t need to hear what everyone else was repeating to him. Rhys needed familiarity—he needed a savage bastard, his Lord Commander of the Night Court Armies.

So, that’s what I’ll be.  

The shadows faded away, sinking back into the Shadowsingers scaled chest. Their grip tightened around my cloth-wrapped wrists, a silent signal of reassurance. We would find her, we would bring her home.

Wherever that was for her.

Wherever she wanted.    

The world had taken enough from her. Fate had ripped a hole through the heart that could tame beasts and set fire to men.


Not the Cauldron Thief, Emissary or King Slayer.

Just a woman caught in a world she never wanted to be a part of. A fucking avalanche of emotions. A blade wielded of ancient fire and ice.

Nesta, the woman who deserved more than what the cruel threads of fate have woven for her.

I would spend the rest of my life, cutting and rethreading a new life for her. Even if I wasn’t in it, even if I were one of the threads that needed to fall—to be forgotten. I would do it…no matter how much it tore me apart.      

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In case you missed the previous parts…
















Collision Course - Part Eight

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They rode in silence, only the occasional directions to the horses or calls to break for food or water.

It surprised Claire that Frank was so quiet but she presumed it was because he found Murtagh intimidating and her own silence daunting. As Murtagh erected a small camp for the night, Claire left Frank to cope with being saddle sore and wandered off to gather kindling for their fire. In the woods she realized how different silence was from solitude.

Her heart was heavy and she knew why; she missed Jamie. With Frank riding behind her sharing a horse, it was impossible not to be reminded of those first days after she traveled through the stones and the solid, reassuring presence of Jamie at her back, sheltering her and keeping her warm. Had she ever felt quite that way with Frank? Or was she misremembering all of it? She had wanted to get back to the standing stones so she could get back to Frank since she’d arrived, she just hadn’t succeeded before he showed up there himself. During that first ride with Jamie, she had been in shock and denial about what had truly happened; she had been surrounded by a band of ruthless Highlanders who thought she was an English spy and easily could have killed her.

She should be relieved that this whole ordeal was ending. In a few days time she would be back in the twentieth century; she would be able to soak in a nice hot bath, wash her hair properly, even shave her legs; no more stays or layers of skirts to trip over; bedding with clean sheets and no lingering smell of a chamberpot tucked away under the bed.

And Frank would be the one lying beside her. His wounds would be tended in a proper hospital and then they would go back to Oxford and pick up where they’d left off before their holiday had been so abruptly derailed.

That’s what their holiday had been about in the first place––picking up where they’d left off before the war. Was it possible too much had happened? She tried to think of what Frank must have gone through since her disappearance, the trauma of traveling through the stones and to so quickly fall into Black Jack Randall’s clutches; she had come dangerously close to that herself.

She did understand Frank’s position and she felt for him but there was something more holding her back.


He would be all right without her… wouldn’t he? Did she want him to be?

She scolded herself for thinking something so selfish. Of course she wanted him to be happy… she would simply be happier if it was her making him happy.

But she couldn’t have things both ways; she couldn’t reconcile the vows she’d made to Frank all those years ago––the vows that had sent her searching for a way back to Craig na Dun in the first place––with whatever it was she felt for Jamie.

She carried the kindling back to their camp and started the fire. Murtagh disappeared to see about supplementing their provisions with some fresh meat and Claire took one of Frank’s bandage-wrapped wrists into her lap to inspect the state of the wounds. They were still redder and more swollen than she would like. Prodding gently, some puss squeezed from the edges of the scabbed over cuts. He needed antibiotics.

“You’re still wearing it,” Frank remarked flatly, surprising Claire.

She reached for a salve from her medical kit and began lightly applying it to the infected wound.

“Wearing what?”

With his other bandaged hand, Frank reached over and tapped Claire’s left hand.

Her thumb instinctively felt for the iron band of her wedding ring, her heart steadied by its reassuring warmth on her finger.

She looked back at Frank’s arm in her lap and shrugged.

“Don’t really notice it,” she said dismissively. “Slipped my mind.”

“You should give it to his friend there,” Frank nodded toward Murtagh who was nearly finished with their tents for the evening. “He can return it.”

Claire clenched her teeth and ignored Frank. She could not tell Frank that Jamie had said she could keep the ring because that would show that she had thought about it and she would also feel compelled to tell Frank that she had asked to keep it in the first place.

Luckily, Frank was perceptive enough to drop the subject and instead began expressing concerns about his arms.

“You’ll be fine,” Claire assured him. “Once you get back, it’s just a matter of getting antibiotics for the infection. You probably won’t want to roll up your sleeves too often because of the scars––those are probably unavoidable at this point.”

“Once we get back,” Frank emphasized quietly.

Claire felt her cheeks flush momentarily but continued applying the salve uninterrupted. “You know what I meant.”

Having finished with the salve, she turned to put the jar away in her medical kit and thought she might have heard Frank mutter, ‘Do I?’ under his breath. She ignored him and set about re-wrapping his wrists, the rest of the treatment performed in silence.

Murtagh insisted she and Frank take the makeshift tent for the night.

“I’ll stay by the fire and keep watch,” he told her.

“You’ll need to sleep eventually,” Claire reminded him but Murtagh shrugged off her concern.

“I dinna sleep deep on the moors. There’s not much as might happen that willna wake me wi’ no time to act.”

Claire didn’t bother to argue; she helped Frank settle onto the roll of bedding before stretching out beside him. It was closer than they’d been sleeping in the cave where she preferred to rest propped against the cave wall, afraid of disturbing his much needed rest. They didn’t speak but rolled towards each other. She felt Frank’s lips brush her forehead and turned her face up to his.

There was a moment of hesitation and she realized that she hadn’t kissed him since they’d rescued him; not once. She felt a twinge of shame. After all he’d been through, she hadn’t thought to embrace him or even offer him a loving caress. She had been too wrapped up in his medical care and how Jamie was handling everything.

She reached up now and ran her fingers lightly along the stubble on Frank’s cheek. It was rougher than she anticipated. Her thumb slipped down and traced the Frank’s lower lip before he brought his mouth to meet hers.

She remembered his kiss, the warmth of his lips on hers, and the sureness behind it. She let her eyes close so that when he pulled away, he couldn’t read what she was thinking. He lightly bumped her forehead with his chin, a question.

“We should get some rest,” she whispered, her hands drifting down and lightly rubbing his upper arms. “We still have a long few days before we get to the stones.”

He smiled against her forehead, satisfied for now, then shifted and brought his bandaged arm up to hold her close to him. Her head rested on his shoulder and she felt him relax beneath her cheek. Her body relaxed too but her mind refused to settle.

She lay there entirely awake but unmoving until she was sure he slept deeply. Then gingerly, she moved his arm from off of her and rolled away.

“Are you all right?” Frank whispered. She hadn’t been subtle enough.

“Of course,” she assured him, moving to rise. “I just need to go… you know.”

There was a muffled chuckle from where he shifted himself into a more comfortable position. “That’s something you must have missed––running water and proper lavatories.”

“You have no idea,” she murmured, ducking through the flap of the tent.

Murtagh sat up from his spot beside the low campfire, his dirk in his hand until he recognized that it was only Claire.

“Mistress,” he murmured before laying back.

Claire wandered off into the woods for a moment to keep up the pretense and prayed that Frank would be asleep again by the time she got back.

How was she going to do it? How was she supposed to go back with Frank and be his wife again when every time he touched her she felt the rising shame of betrayal? She wasn’t even sure which betrayal was behind the shame. She remembered how it had been to kiss Frank before, the way it built slowly, the way her body would arch towards him. She remembered but it hadn’t been like that tonight. He had kissed her and it had been lovely but it had been a kiss like any other. She had waited and searched for that deeper stirring but it didn’t come.

There were no visible flames left in the small circle of stones they’d used to contain the fire but the spot still gave off a reassuring heat. Claire found Murtagh sitting again when she returned a few moments later.

“Ye’re bad as Jamie when he’s something on his mind,” Murtagh said, nodding to an empty space next to him.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” she murmured, taking him up on the offer to put off going back in with Frank.

Claire stared into the embers of the fire. There weren’t any visible flames but a warm red color ebbed and flowed, pulsing with life. She didn’t notice but the fingers of her left hand were playing with the ring on her right, turning it in circles so the nub where the two ends had been joined orbited her middle knuckle, catching whenever she slightly bent the finger.

“Ye canna choose where yer affections lie,” Murtagh said quietly.

Claire’s fingers stilled but she wouldn’t look at Murtagh.

“But that doesna mean there isna a choice involved in what ye do about it… even if sometimes it doesna feel like it. Maybe… maybe it’s like yer stones.”

At that, Claire did look over at Murtagh, but with confusion.

“Ye didna choose to pass through them, no?” he asked.

“Of course not. I didn’t even know what had happened at first,” she agreed.

“Like falling in love,” Murtagh mused but this time there was something heavier in it, something more personal. A smile played on his lips and the way he stared into the glowing embers was like looking into a memory. He wasn’t talking about her but about someone he had loved once, maybe still did––perhaps that was why he seemed to have so much to say.

“By the time ye realize it, ye’re smack dab in the middle wi’out realizin’ how ye got there. Ye can trace yer path back and ye might come to ken the moment it happened, but ye canna always make yer way back out of it again… I dinna ken anyone tha’s chosen to go back to try to find their way out… at least, none tha’s succeeded.”

“You don’t think it will be possible to pass back through the stones?” Was it fear or hope that she heard in her voice.

Murtagh shrugged. “Dinna ken. Might depend on whether yer heart’s in it.” He looked over at her at last and she felt her face flush, grateful that the dying fire didn’t cast enough light for him to be able to see it.

“Who was she?” Claire asked, turning the conversation onto Murtagh. “The woman you couldn’t find your way out of loving.”

Murtagh looked away again and Claire was about to apologize for asking when he murmured, “Ellen MacKenzie. I doubt I was the first to love her––though, I loved her before Brian Fraser, having met her first… But he loved her the way she wanted… and needed.”

“Jamie told me about them,” Claire explained. “About the Gathering where they met.”

“Aye. Ye can see it, ye ken––no with yerself… no right away. But ye can see it in a man’s face if ye watch careful like… the moment it happens and he has to make a choice what to do next.”

“You saw it with Brian Fraser?”

Murtagh nodded. “Him… and others.” Murtagh reached forward with his dirk and poked at one of the larger pieces of wood, rolling it onto the other side. The smoldering bottom, exposed to the air but not the heat, faded to white ash even as smoke erupted from beneath as the untouched side began to burn.

“We’ve another two maybe three days till we reach the stones,” he informed her. “Best get what sleep ye can. We’ll be needin’ to keep a closer eye for Red Coats as we’re gettin’ nearer Fort William.”

Claire rose and left to join Frank in the tent. He was asleep on his side, his bandaged forearms laid gently one atop the other beside his head. She lay down and turned onto her side as well but with her back towards his.

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Uh oh 😲 we made yellow bot mad what is he gonna do tell his brother? That's what he is good at anyways he can't even defend himself without getting the others involved and now he has a useless glitch to help him 😂

Oliver turns on you suddenly, fire flaring up and licking at your clothes. It catches, and suddenly you’re surrounded by a ring of flames. Oliver slowly begins to shrink the circle as the fire gets closer and closer to you. There’s a mad, dark determination in his eyes.

Then the other Googles are there with fire extinguishers. Blue drops his and begins to shake Oliver. “Ollie! Wake up! Snap out of it!”

Oliver glares at him and shakes him off. “I’m done.” He gives another disgusted look in your direction before stalking off.

Mad, watching the entire thing through Oliver’s eyes, grins widely. “I do believe my little murder bot is all ready to be picked up.” He hops up from his desk and heads for the Inc.


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Nessian Part Seventeen by L.J. LaFleur


The Night Court forest was vast, pines for hundreds of miles. It was one of our greatest defenses. Even with a compass or magic, foreigners would still lose their sense of direction. But now, standing here, it was haunting me. These woods that I grew up in, that I loved—were tainted by the screams of Nesta.

I released myself from my brothers, stepping forward with great effort. I bit down on my chapped lips; trapping the cry that threatened to escape.

I had been through worse, I reminded myself. Split open on one battlefield only to be torn apart on another, but I made it. Each time, I had fought through the hurdles; dripping with sweat and blood stained but victorious nonetheless.     

Scanning over everything, from the surrounding pines to the ancient boulders, I was unsure of where to focus first.

Breathe…Rhys pushed into my mind.

I looked over my shoulder, giving him a short nod as I inhaled. It felt like an arrow to my chest as her scent barreled through me.

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

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Miraculous: Part 1

The new Miraculous Ladybug episodes inspired me to clean up this au, so enjoy!  I’ll post snippets as inspiration comes.

Kai jerked awake as pain shot through his fingers.  He yelped, freeing his hand and shaking it.  Then he cursed.  The hammer had once again slipped from his grasp.

“I hate Garmadon,” the boy muttered, stooping to retrieve the tool.  "Can’t he just let me get a good night’s sleep for once?  Why does he have to keep attacking us?“

“Uh, because he wants your Miraculous, dummy.”  A small creature shot from Kai’s mess of hair and hovered in front of him.  It was dark grey in color, with artificial flames sprouting from its head.  "I’ve told you this, what, five billion times already?“

Kai scowled, rolling his eyes.  "I wasn’t talking to you, Flikk.”

“Well you shouldn’t talk aloud then,” the kwami said.  "How was I supposed to know?“

Kai opened his mouth to retort.  His next words, however, were interrupted by a man stumbling into the shop with eyes glazed over.  He made to attack Kai, but the blacksmith slammed the pommel of a sword into his head.

“Nya!  There’s another serpentine attack!”

“Again?”  His sister poked her head down the stairs.  "That’s the second time this week!“

“Stop complaining and just get transformed,” Kai said.  

Nya groaned.  "When we find Garmadon, I’m gonna punch him in the mouth for all the missed school he causes me.“  She thudded down the steps.  "Stixx, you ready?”

Kai turned back to his own kwami.  "Let’s go, Flikk.“

“Transform me!” they shouted together.

The kwami spiraled into Kai’s earring, changing the color from silver to white.  Kai swiped his hand across the lower half of his face, feeling the familiar weight of his mask settle.  A scarlet light enveloped his body, changing his simple tunic and trousers to a fiery-colored ninja gi.  Lastly, a golden sword materialized and dropped into his outstretched hands.

Kai prodded down on the eye of the dragon on his sword, activating the transmitter.  "This is Firebrand.  I’m in Jamanikai with Phoenix and there’s another serpentine attack over here.“

He repeated his message a second time.  "Hopefully one of them got that.”

Nya was bent over the slumping villager.  "It must be the Hypnobrai.  This guy’s eyes are red.“

Kai nodded.  "The general has to be here then.”  

“Right.  I’ll go around by the butcher shop, you take the back streets.”

“And we’ll meet near the fountain.  Got it.”

The streets were eerily quiet, especially considering that there was a serpentine attack going on.  Kai leaped across the roofs, dropping into an alley near the town center.  He caught a glint of gold as his sister arrived.  Cautiously, they joined each other by the fountain.  

“Ssso nice to sssee you.”

The pair spun around.  The Hypnobrai general slithered from the shadows, staff in hand.  He was followed by the rest of his tribe.  Kai switched into a sword-fighting stance and Nya gripped her spinning disks.  

“Skales,” she spat.  "Wish I could say the same.“

"Still trying to get your hands on our Miraculous?” Kai demanded.  "Ha.  Good luck on that!“

"I don’t need luck,” the snake hissed.  "I’ve got a whole village this time!“  He lashed out with his tail, and hypnotized people shambled into the light.  They staggered towards the pair, snarling like zombies.

"Any plan?” Nya asked.  She was pressed up against Kai now.  

“How about we RUN!”  Kai sheathed his sword.  In one swift movement, he vaulted over the crowd and landed on a rooftop.  Stumbling slightly, he glanced back over his shoulder.  

Although the villagers moved sluggishly, the serpentine did not.  Kai stepped back as they scaled the siding.  

“Firewall!” he shouted.  Kai clenched his hands into fists.  Elemental energy rose from the ground in a sheet of flames.  He shot the fire in a circle, thrusting his arms out and to the sides.

The majority of the snakes went down, whether from fear or burns, Kai didn’t know.  Then, out of nowhere, a flash of blue slammed into the remanding serpentine.  They fell off the roof with a cry.

“Anyone shocked to see me?”  

Bolt had arrived.

He was clothed in dark blue cotton, with a bright yellow bolt arching across his shoulder and chest.  Kai resisted the urge to slap the cheeky grin off the other boy’s face.  He sent him a smoldering glare.  "Where have you been?“ he demanded, breaking into a run again.  His earring was beeping, and he didn’t need to look to know that it was now blue.

The lightning-themed ninja shrugged even as he followed, unperturbed by his grumpy partner.  "Relax, hotshot.  I was on a patrol near that Darkley’s School.”

“Darkley’s?”  Nya flew in beside them, zipping above the thatched roof.  "Isn’t that the school for bad boys?“  They ducked into an alley, panting.

"Yeah,” Bolt affirmed.  "I’ve heard that Garmadon’s been victimizing the kids there.“

The three fell silent at the super-villian’s name.  Then Kai squared his shoulders.  "So what’s our plan?”

His sister grinned.  "I was hoping you would ask!“  She knelt and began to scratch at the ground.  "Since Skales has a tail, he can’t jump or climb fast, right?  We can corner him somewhere where he can’t slither away- and take the staff from him!”  She sat back, looking pleased with herself.  

“How about right here?”  Bolt gestured to the alley.  "I know: wait here and I’ll teleport him to you.“

"Better hurry,” Kai interrupted.  "I only have a few more minutes.“  The beeping in his ear was becoming more forceful, and he had no doubt that the earring was either yellow or orange.

The blue boy dashed out of the alley, leaving Kai alone with Nya.  She grabbed him by the wrist and hefted him onto the top of the house.  

"Tell me when he uses double-strike,” she instructed.  "I need to be ready with mine.“

Indeed, storm clouds were already gathering over the village’s center.  Suddenly, a vibrant white bolt arched from them and struck something out of his sight.  

"He just activated it!”

Nya nodded.  She thrust out her hand, shouting, “Phoenix fire!”  Like Kai’s special ability, her’s had to do with flames, but unlike his, they didn’t actually burn.  She wasn’t a moment too soon, for Bolt chose to appear in a flash of lightning that very instant.  And Skales was with him.

Nya practically pounced on the general’s staff.  She slammed her hand against metal, disintegrating it into ashes.  Only the sapphire jewel remained.  With practiced precision, she scooped it up and slipped it into her pocket.

“Hebi will need to purify the dark matter later,” she said, “but I’ll keep it until I see him.”

Kai made to reply, but something hard slammed into his face.  Skales was back on his feet -or tail, in this case- and streaking out of the alley.  Irate, Kai drew his sword to charge, but Bolt gripped the hem of his tunic.  

“Your earring!” he gasped.  "It’s blinking red!“  His eyes darted down to his ring.  "And I’m down to my last bolt.  Guess that’s my cue to go!”  With that, the blue ninja dashed away.

“I really want to know who that kid is,” Kai said, watching him go.  "Is he this hyper as a civilian too?“

Nya nodded.  "It’s hard to imagine him any other way really.  We have patrol tomorrow, right?”

“Uh, yep.”

Kai’s transformation fell away, leaving him standing in his blacksmith’s clothes again.  He caught Flikk in his palms as he fell from the earring.

“Does that Bolt never stop talking?  It took everything I had to hold your transformation together, so you better have some food for me.  I’m starving!”

“Stixx never complains this much,” Kai grumbled.  He fumbled for the peppers he always kept in his pocket and gave it to the kwami.  "Why can’t you be more like her?“

"What, and always be ready to fight everything?  No way.   I’ll save my energy for when it counts, thank you very much.”

“Honestly, Flikk, I don’t try to fight everything.”  Nya had dropped her transformation, and her bird-like kwami was perched on her shoulder eating dried fruit pieces.  "That’s a lie, and you know it.“

"See?”  Flikk sounded smug.  "You’re even fighting me over whether or not you like fighting.“

"You’re impossible,” Stixx said.  

Nya laughed.  "Should we head back?“ she asked, stopping the argument before it could escalate further.  

Kai checked the street.  "Coast looks clear.  Let’s go.”  He opened his pocket for Flikk to land in.  

The pair started up the street, back to their blacksmith shop.

Chapter 2

misscrazyfangirl321  asked:

Prompt: Dragons are real, and Amaya harnesses one to burn something. Mick is awestruck.

“Get down,” Amaya shouted, yanked him down beside a boulder before the fire hit them.

Mick snapped out of his daze as the heat passed over the both of them. When he had heard the villagers talk of a dragon, he had been over the moon. The Professor has shot a snarky remark at him after Mick said he was actually thrilled about, but it didn’t dampen his excitement. No one was surprised when he volunteered to go look for the beast, but everyone, including himself, was stunned when Amaya volunteered to go along with him.

Now, here they were, at the top of the mountain with a real life dragon. Mick was still coming to terms that the dragon wasn’t a hoax and that it actually breathed fire. His heat gun didn’t stand a chance when they attacked him (or her) earlier, so an alternate method was going to be needed to subdue it in order to see if they could find a trace to its origins. If he or Amaya messed up in this, they’d end up like many of the gleaming bones scattered by the dragon’s cave.

“Any ideas?” he asked before the beast shrieked loudly.

“One,” she shouted. “But it might not work.”

Amaya crawled around him to stand beside the boulder. Mick opened his mouth to say something as she placed a hand on her totem. The glowing form of a dragon surrounded her body. As it vanished, the dragon screeched again. Amaya gave a cry of her own in return as Mick climbed to his feet.

He watched in awe as she stepped closer to the dragon. It didn’t try to incinerate her immediately, which seemed to be a good sign. She raised her hand out and the dragon leaned its head down to rest its snout against it. Mick took a step forward, making the dragon shift its eye toward him and let out a puff of smoke from its nostrils.

“He’s a friend,” Amaya said soothingly. “He admires you.”

Mick kept watching. He had heard the story of how Amaya had communicated with a T-Rex before. Seeing it happen before his eyes was amazing. She and the dragon seemed to be in their own world with each other. There was no aggression at all from either of them.

She murmured something to the dragon, who settled down low on its haunches. Amaya walked around and swung a leg over the body at the base of the neck. Once she was settled, she turned back to Mick. “Coming?”

Mick looked at the dragon, and then her again. “What?”

“Remember how we heard about that lord terrorizing the village?” Amaya asked. “All the things he’s been doing to the families there? I have an idea to stop it, and she agrees with me on it. But we’re going to have to fly to get there. So are you in?”

He grinned before striding forward and mounting the dragon behind her. The wings unfurled behind them, and Mick found himself grabbing onto Amaya as the dragon took flight. Air rushed passed his face as Amaya leaned forward to wrap her hands around the neck of the dragon. When he looked over the side, Mick swallowed a little when he saw how high they were above the ground. The villagers down below them were probably freaking out right now.

When they reached the property of the lord, the dragon angled itself downward. Amaya’s hair was starting to escape the bun she’d put it in, hitting him in the face. Mick didn’t mind it at all. He watched as the dragon roared and let out a stream of fire. Everything became engulfed in flames as they circled around it. He couldn’t help but smile as Amaya looked back at him.

“This was your idea?” he shouted over the wind.

She nodded. “He deserves it for what he’s been doing. Besides, the timeline says it burned to the ground on this date.”

Mick’s grin grew larger as the dragon flew them away from the smoking ruins.


Flamethrower Part 8

Booyah got another chapter out and no one had to wait months for it!

Summary: Not much is known about Sans the Skeleton. He owns a bar in Snowdin. He has a younger brother Named Papyrus. And recently something’s been raiding his trash for food. Reversing the Roles of the Baby Blaster AU originally created by @spacegate

Part- Yanno what I have no idea anymore. Let’s just ride this train to the finish.

Notice: this Piece is mostly self-edited and may contain typos, grammar errors and run on sentences. if you spot a mistake, please report kindly

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Follower Release:  The Fabled Beauties - Evelyn

This follower uses PLAYER meshes.  The included skin is compatible for any type of UNP style meshes.  NOT compatible with CBBE.

Weight: 20
Location: Solitude The Winking Skeever
Class:  Sun Priestess

Spell List:
Fast Healing
Circle of Protection
Stendarrs Aura
Sun Fire
Flame Cloak
Guardian Circle
Bane of the Undead
Become Etheral Shout
Fire Breath Shout

Important Note:  To keep things not being overpowered, her default armor is steel plate when you meet her.  However she has an entire set of her “real” armor in her inventory.  To have her equip this, do the following;
1. Trade with her, and take everything in her inventory
2. Open console and click on her.  Type:  removeallitems
Then hit enter and close the console
3: She will then be naked, trade with her again and give her all the items back.  Done

She will be released on Nexus Sunday morning, however I feel that my friends here on tumblr can get her early. 


Countdown to Halloween: Day 4 (Dragon)

I hope you guys are enjoying the countdown. I kind of messed up and was supposed to write Baekhyun’s today, but I just had an idea for this one so yeah. I hope you guys like it. <3

-Admin Kat

Also, please listen to this (X) while reading this. It will set the mood (also, the youtuber is an amazing musician)

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 5Day 6,Day 7,Day 8,Day 9,Day 10,Day 11Day 12, Day 13,Day 14, Day 15,Day 16

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October 2 2015 - Mexican anarchists clash with riot police in Mexico city during a protest commemorating the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre. In this massacre the Mexican army killed hundreds of protesters against the ruling party PRI, which is again the current ruling party of Mexico. [video]/[video]/[video]


Part Two - http://howtobesupernatural.tumblr.com/post/147607476437/part-one

Warnings: Blood, Mention of death

You stood there, mind whirling and blood covering you from head to toe. Something was forcing you to the back of your own mind and that part of you was shaking in fear. Something evil was inside of you, you could feel it clawing at your mind, scraping away every sense of morality you had left. It was beginning to destroy you from the inside out. What had Lucifer done to you?

“Perfect.” He was behind you, approval radiating from his very being and you couldn’t move away, only shift where you stood. “I can feel your resistance, (Y/n). Don’t worry. It’s fading quickly.” Lucifer said, placing his hands on your shoulders. At his touch, you felt the energy within you spike. The energy came with him. All of this was because of him.

“(Y/n),” Your head snapped towards the voice that uttered your name. Sam stood there along side his brother, horror clear on both of their faces.

“Ah, we have company.” Luci whispered to you. “Tell them how much you love what I’ve done for you.”

“He makes me better.” You didn’t recognize your own voice. “Lucifer is shaping me into someone better than I ever could have been. Just look at this..” You smiled, gesturing to all of the lifeless bodies around you. “I never could have done this without him.” You looked down at the puddle of blood at your feet.

There was a voice in the back of your head screaming, pleading. “You did this! What have you done? How could you do this? Wake up! Wake up!”

“What has he done to you?” Sam was breathless at the sight before him.

“I just gave her a push in the right direction.” Lucifer made sure his grip on you was tight. “Boys, we would love to stay and chat, but-” He was cut short at the eruption of flames around him. A circle of fire surrounded the two of you and you were ripped from his arms before you could blink.

“Go! Go! Go!” Dean was yelling as Castiel rushed you to the farthest end of the room before disappearing with you in his arms.


Imagine #43 || Request #24

Hope I can finish all the Isaac requests this new year so I can start with the brett imagines before the Teen Wolf’s new season starts ♥ I am soooo excited OMG!!! Hope it IS true that Isaac will be coming back for this season. Anyway, this has 2 or 3 time skip since the anon wanted Y/N to be part of the pack and I can’t really do a whole story about the progress on how they really got close to becoming part of the pack because that will be a really long imagine. And I didn’t know how to incorporate the reader’s relationship with Isaac here other than the meeting part and some side comments and gestures that indicate that they are somewhat together because this is almost (if not) a pack imagine already. But I hope you guys enjoy this one. Happy New Year!!!


Breathing in, you waved your hand over the parchment paper and the ink slowly morphed into trees, pathways and roads. Once you’ve found the place you were headed to, you immediately packed the paper in your backpack but not before your ears caught a crunching noise several feet away. Instantly pausing in packing the other things in the bag, you strained your hearing to hear footsteps and murmuring headed your way. And before you knew it, there was a sound that whizzed near your ear before a blast of purple blaze hit the tree just in front of you. You quickly moved to cover yourself on the ground from the flying splinters from the tree that took the hit before getting up promptly and running as fast as you can.

“Y/N!” You name was called from behind by one of the hags chasing after you, another suddenly appearing in front of you making you stumble back and falling down on the ground.

“You think you can get away that easily?” One of them asked, looking just as mad as the rest that were now circling you.

“Four against one.” You started to stand up, looking at each of them. “Isn’t that a little bit unfair?”

“Witches never played fair, hon.” With that, you felt ropes wrap around your wrists that were now holding you down (A/N: cue Halsey’s Hold Me Down song lol) on the ground making you fall back to your knees.

Showing no fear as the silver dagger glistened under the moon’s light in the witch’s hand as she neared you, you bowed down to make you look like you surrender. Watching as the witch’s shadow raise the knife that will instantly kill your kind, the familiar heat in your palms immediately sparked and before any of them knew it, the ropes that held you down caught on fire and eventually they were engulfed by the flames that now encircled you. Walking out of the circle of fire unscathed, you turned to watch the witches wriggle in pain before getting burned to ashes, their screams dying and the smell of burnt hair making you scrunch your nose in disgust.

Waving your hand over the flames, it doused into embers and ashes leaving only the bones of the four that were hunting you down as well as their magical belongings which you took and kept for future uses-you hoped that this will be enough message to those ancestral witches to not mess with you.


“Who’s she?” you heard someone asked, in the corner of your eye you saw a tall guy with a mop of curly hair nodding his head towards your direction when he reached two more students, in which you guessed that those two were friends, standing by their lockers looking your way as well. The one with sun-kissed skin had the look of being good-natured, and the other had the tendency to flail his limbs around while adding sarcasm in his words.

“I don’t know, but she’s new.” The tan guy answered, but not missing what the paler of the two said about you being another threat or villain to cause havoc in Beacon Hills and trouble in their lives.

“She’s hot.” You caught the tallest among the three comment making your cheeks flush red.

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