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Passing K's request on to you since you're feeling fluffy ;) "Gave a running hug to the wrong person at the airport and knocked you on the ground -- Olicity AU"



She hadn’t meant to do it, she really hadn’t.

One moment she’d been sitting in the airport foyer, tapping idly away at her phone, waiting for Barry to hurry up and meet her, the next she’d been sprinting across the aisle, bags dropping unnoticed at her feet, hair whipping behind her as she ran towards the tall figure entering the waiting area. Had she given it a few more seconds, she might have noticed the distinct surplus of rippling muscle that, “Barry” had seemed to be packing, as well as the light grazing of stubble that dusted high cheekbones and a jawline that could cut glass. Instead, she was met with a rather shocking surprise in the form of solid, dense muscle that hit her like a brick wall, as she collided with a broad chest, arms wrapping tight around his shoulders, bringing her slamming against his torso with a muffled “oof”.

It took a few moments of tentative feeling (perhaps a little more than strictly necessary) for her to realise that..yup, this was definitely not Barry. In fact, the stiff figure to whom she clung was nothing like the lanky, paper-thin form of her best friend. He even smelled different - an intoxicating musk of leather and citrus  that enveloped her senses like a comforting blanket - no, not comforting, safe maybe, but there seemed the slightest hint of danger that crackled about his presence and oh good lord was she really sniffing him?! Felicity sprang back, releasing the not-Barry with a yelp that was quickly stifled by the hand that clapped over her mouth. Unfortunately, even that physical barrier couldn’t stop the barrage of words Felicity felt mounting in her subconscious, as she desperately fought to keep the ramble at bay. She could do this, she could. There was no way she was going to make an even bigger fool out of herself by unleashing her motor-mouth on the poor guy, not this time. She just needed to channel her inner Middleton - calm, collected, regal. She could do this, she..

Striking blue eyes slammed against her own with a startling intensity that knocked the breath from her lungs and sent her heart hammering against her chest, his piercing gaze burning away tenuous restraint she had on her mind. She had time for only one thought before the tsunami of words was upon her.

Oh, frack.

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