Schilt P4 flamethrower

Manufactured c.1917-18 based on the previous Portable series started in 1915.
8L capacity gasoline tank, 10-12m effective range, 5mn long fuse, spring-loaded lever trigger.

A much more bulky design than its German counterpart, but with a very sexy lance. The P series was derived from the larger static Schilt No1 and No2 flamethrowers.

M2 series Flamethrower

Designed by the US Army Chemical Warfare Service c.1941-70′s.
Twin two-gallons gasoline tanks and a nitrogen propellant tank spraying half a gallon of gasoline per second between 20 and 40m. The gasoline is on fire.

Probably the most well known flamethrower out there due to its use in the movie-prolific Vietnam and Second World wars.