flames pattern

A visitor of Seveyan's dark capital: Hexxtü

@universehoppingprincess ||CLOSED RP

In the world of Seveyan, in the Dark capital of Hexxtü, a man around his mid twenties, was having a stroll through the streets of the capital, his left in his pocket, his right was holding the straps of a duffle bag over his shoulder. The skin of him was pale with a tint of red, he wore a T-shirt under a red jacket, a pair flame patterned cargo pants with some running shoes of the colors of red and orange, finally on his right arm, he wore a gauntlet that went to his elbow.

He paused as the gauntlet began pulsating with light, a quick motion he swung his duffle bag over on his left side and he looked at his gauntlet. “A spike of spacial magic.” He thought to himself, but he wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t check it out.

He held out his palm, while mumbling a spell of sorts, in his palm a magic circle appeared, the circle expanded and shattered into a portal, the spell ripped anyone it was aimed for away from their location and to the caster and this was where a horse of sorts fell out.

Pure Gilden Egg Adopts- RARE Set 1

(Adopts/Closed Species info here)

This rare set is different from my normal adopts- the parent has all 3 main pony traits, as well as three different Rare Ancestral Traits (Nightmare flames, Veined Pattern, Star Metal) The resulting foals have a high chance of inheriting not only Ancestral traits, but main pony traits as well, sometimes more than one!

$20 will get you a sketch of the resulting foal

$35 will get you lined/flat colored artwork of the resulting foal

$40 will get you lined/shaded artwork of the resulting foal

$45 will get you the above + custom cutie mark

For every extra $1 you can Induce/Change a single Color, Pattern, 1st - 3rd level Trait, or add a simple Accessory.

For every extra $5 you can add a Rare Trait

These eggs will be PURE Gilden, although you may volunteer an OC to influence colors, patterns, or possible Ancestral Traits.

To purchase one, please send an IM along with the number you wish to have. Payments accepted via Paypal only.

Egg 1: Available (+$5 as Guaranteed Star Metal trait)  TAKEN

Egg 2: Available 

Egg 3: Available 

Egg 4: Available TAKEN

Egg 5: Available (+$5 as Guaranteed Veined Metal Pattern trait)