flameo sir

AU where Houji told the Washuu that Tatara’s brother Yan took out more special class and associate special class officers than are currently employed at the CCG, that he developed a kakuja, and that he could breathe super-hot fire.

AU where the CCG thus considered Tatara a potentially high level threat and did some recon to see if he, too, had a kakuja or cannibalized or showed any signs of possibly being able to breathe fire. 

AU where even just as a precaution, the CCG maybe invested in some flame retardant gear for at least the people they were sending against the possible fire breather.

AU where they were given flame-proof masks instead of eye-gear that catches fire more easily than human skin seems to burn.

AU where the CCG decided to take the Rushima operation remotely seriously, maybe? Just… maybe?

Like was Marude sabotaging this mission from the get go, knowing the Washuu were probably ghouls and that he was gonna do his stunt right in the middle of this, the most important operation in CCG history? (still unclear why you needed to do that right then, Maru, but maybe that was the only time your buddies could bail you out…)

I doubt it, because that meant he was putting so many human lives at risk.

And the Washuu/V wanted to stamp out Aogiri, the irregular threat, as much and as thoroughly as possible. Even Matsuri would have given it his all, with him on command and Arima and his squad completely absent from the mission, he should have been doing everything to ensure his success.

So why does it seem that no one bothered to plan out any of this?

Like - okay. Suzuya and his squad were ambushed. Sure. You couldn’t have known Floppy would be there, but it should have been within parameters.

Why was Houji even engaging with Tatara without the Qs and Suzuya there? Where was the gear? The flameproof shielding? The intel?

Is this Houji being all macho trying to take down Tatara mano a mano? Because this bravado of yours, not telling anyone about Sir Flameo, is getting people killed, Houji.

Why isn’t there even a helicopter to provide intel from the air? I mean, Eto cut down Matsuri’s last time, but only because they were flying low and near a building.

Like… you can’t blame chaos in the command. This is bad planning.

Honestly, I know I talked about this before a long time ago, about the lack of tech, but the American in me wants to know where the shock and awe is with this. The bomb first ask questions later. The lack-of-precision strikes.

You have an entire Island with only one friendly (Mutsuki) whose status is unknown, and the Washuu aren’t known for changing strategy for one life. No eye witnesses, no civilians, no infrastructure worth anything.

If I weren’t so confused by the lack of any planning whatsoever, I’d think they were trying to take Kanou’s work back intact and preserve his lab, or that someone has instructions we don’t know about.

But considering the mess everything else is in, I don’t even think that’s the case. 

Still, why has no one asked Chigyou to come up with a version of cRC gas that slowly sinks rather than floats in the air so you can just… release it over the island?

Someone hire me for head of strategy at the CCG I swear.

Like - I think the explanation for the lack of too much scientific development on the side of the CCG is supposed to be that V is about keeping a balance. They don’t want too clear a victory for the CCG, either, so they can’t green light every weapon or tech or science based solution. Good. Got it.

But flame retardant gear and enough people to take out Tatara doesn’t ruin the overall balance, especially when he’s already an “irregular threat.”

The only thing I can think of, getting into real conspiracy theory territory here, is that for some reason the Washuu were looking for a large personnel change-over. That this is badly planned so people do get killed because now that Eto’s book is out they have to be far more selective in who works for them, and killing off most of the employee pool might require a lot of retraining, but it allows them to hire new people whose loyalty they can double and triple check first.

It’s a stupid idea, but otherwise they are just letting their people die and being incompetent for no reason. But Yoshitoki is dead on the floor of a boat (despite my continued attempt to pretend otherwise) so maybe they just weren’t that smart to begin with, and we had a distorted perspective of their ability because we learned about them from the point of view of people who were terrified of their power. Maybe the Washuu have just always kinda sucked at this.