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I overheard one of the older ladies (in her 50s) at my flamenco lessons today say that “women have forgotten how to dance sensually, All this feminism, look what it’s done!” (she was being very serious)

I fought back the urge to tell her that gurl, being a feminist doesn’t mean that you can’t like pretty dresses, or love your makeup, or like how you look in a tight dress, or know how to shake that arse or jiggle those boobies, or dance sensually to the music.

Feminism doesn’t make women less feminine, or less sensual, or less anything. It’s about equality of the sexes, about paying women what they deserved to get paid, about letting them dress how they want to dress without judging whether their skirt is too long or too short, without slut shaming them or calling them prudes. Feminism is about telling men they’re no less of a man if it’s their wife who brings home the bacon, that they can be dancers and not be afraid of being called a “sissy”, that colours aren’t gender-coded, that a woman doesn’t have to dream of being a princess, that she can be a mathematician, a scientist, a lawyer, a judge… 

It’s not about women wanting or pretending to be men, or becoming more masculine. It’s about letting everyone be who they want to be, freely.

Life Lessons: Punch Out Edition

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Rebound like Glass Joe

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Don’t be afraid to have your own style like Disco Kid

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Believe in yourself like Little Mac

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Be a little mischievous like Aran Ryan

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Have some attitude like Don Flamenco

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Work hard at what you’re good at like Piston Hondo

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Support the ones you love like Doc Louis

devilbratayla  asked:

AU where Pidge is a little shit and signs Keith up for flamenco lessons for reasons (bet lost?) and when Keith goes Lance is the instructor and Keith is suddenly very interested and makes sure to always go to class on time. If he's early he may even get a chance to hear Lance sing~

*snort* i can see it

“This is ridiculous.”

“You choose it!” 

“As a joke! I didn’t seriously want to take dancing lessons!” Keith glared at Pidge as they stood outside the studio.

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Are you more of a girly girl or more tomboyish or maybe a combination of both?

I think “posh girly” is my defined style, anon; I’m the ojou-sama with the long skirt and the neat hair up-do….. But I’m also the bed-hair no-makeup monster with the tattered trainers and the twice hand-me-down shirt heading to an early flamenco lesson looking like she just came back from the dead.

AkaYona 122 “I want to touch you” (ハクに触れたい)

So I should clarify a bit more about this particular speech bubble, because a brief misunderstanding and a translation note I forgot I added have caused a little bit of confusion. 

Someone just asked me the following:

Actually I just read your translation for AkaYona 122 and I noticed something. At the end she says ハクに触れたい which you wrote means she wants Hak to touch her… but wouldn’t that be ハクに触れられたい? When I read it I got the sense that it wasn’t the literal sense of touching, but more to touch on a experience, to have the experience of something… so more like, “I want to be near you” which is why it’s ni…に without the passive られる… IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE.

At first I was very confused, because I was sure I had translated it as “I want to touch you”, then I re-read my translation and I remembered - the に here had initially tricked my sleepy brain into thinking Yona wanted to be touched by Hak, so I translated it as “I want to touch you” because it sounded less sexual and more correct.

The thing is I later realised my translation was actually what Yona was saying: the に here is indicating what/who it is you want to touch. That’s why it’s not in passive form (dear follower who asked this privately).

I had arrived to this conclusion myself yesterday during flamenco an hour or so after posting the chapter, because I kept wondering why on earth I had assumed Yona wanted Hak to touch her when the sentence was screaming I WANT TO TOUCH YOU in my head. I was glad I had actually translated it correctly at a subconscious level, but forgot I made a joke out of it (woops)

SO CHILDREN (and especially those who don’t study Japanese who are probably reading this post and have no idea what’s going on). No, Yona does not want to be touched by Hak, she genuinely wants to touch him and initiate the contact herself. Luckily I translated it correctly anyway, but hey, I still told everyone that Yona was the one wanting to be touched, so apologies for the incorrect translation note >__<


I also decided to keep Yona’s last line as “Can I go to you?” and keep the idea of her wanting to walk towards him that was present in the original Japanese. I thought about it last night and decided I’d rather preserve that aspect of the line rather than the “beside you” part.

Milo has recently become slightly obsessed with flamenco (“flamingo”) music/dance. Apparently they had a flamenco lesson at camp from their teacher (this is what happens when your mom makes you go to Spanish language day camp), and a few performers came in as well to demonstrate flamenco guitar. By the end of the “music” week, Milo had a new passion. There’s nothing quite like having your four year old plan his next birthday party to include flamenco dancers and musicians. Luckily, we’ve got another 10 months before his next birthday, plenty of time for him to find something else not quite so expensive-sounding that he’s interested in doing at his party.

As part of the flamenco craze, he started begging for a guitar of his own. I told Matt that maybe we could find an inexpensive ukelele to get him, something he could mess around with. Yesterday, Matt came home with a mandolin that he found at a yard sale. Milo went wild for it (I cringed a little, knowing how difficult mandolins are to keep in tune, foreseeing tearful episodes of mandolin-related frustrations in my future), and hasn’t let it go since then, even bringing it to bed with him last night.

After their bedtime books, I usually sing them some songs. Last night, Milo announced that he was going to sing us a song that he wrote on his new “guitarra.”

“This is a song I wrote, mama, it’s called Love Song.” He strummed the mandolin, and sang us this:

Sometimes when you fall in love
it is with your best friend
because they are very nice and have a pretty shirt,
but sometimes it is not love
but just friends and that’s ok too
people can also have two daddies and no mommies,
that’s no reason not to love them.

“That’s how the song goes, mama, that’s all I wrote so far.”