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Life Lessons: Punch Out Edition

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Rebound like Glass Joe

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Don’t be afraid to have your own style like Disco Kid

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Believe in yourself like Little Mac

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Be a little mischievous like Aran Ryan

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Have some attitude like Don Flamenco

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Work hard at what you’re good at like Piston Hondo

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Support the ones you love like Doc Louis

AkaYona 122 “I want to touch you” (ハクに触れたい)

So I should clarify a bit more about this particular speech bubble, because a brief misunderstanding and a translation note I forgot I added have caused a little bit of confusion. 

Someone just asked me the following:

Actually I just read your translation for AkaYona 122 and I noticed something. At the end she says ハクに触れたい which you wrote means she wants Hak to touch her… but wouldn’t that be ハクに触れられたい? When I read it I got the sense that it wasn’t the literal sense of touching, but more to touch on a experience, to have the experience of something… so more like, “I want to be near you” which is why it’s ni…に without the passive られる… IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE.

At first I was very confused, because I was sure I had translated it as “I want to touch you”, then I re-read my translation and I remembered - the に here had initially tricked my sleepy brain into thinking Yona wanted to be touched by Hak, so I translated it as “I want to touch you” because it sounded less sexual and more correct.

The thing is I later realised my translation was actually what Yona was saying: the に here is indicating what/who it is you want to touch. That’s why it’s not in passive form (dear follower who asked this privately).

I had arrived to this conclusion myself yesterday during flamenco an hour or so after posting the chapter, because I kept wondering why on earth I had assumed Yona wanted Hak to touch her when the sentence was screaming I WANT TO TOUCH YOU in my head. I was glad I had actually translated it correctly at a subconscious level, but forgot I made a joke out of it (woops)

SO CHILDREN (and especially those who don’t study Japanese who are probably reading this post and have no idea what’s going on). No, Yona does not want to be touched by Hak, she genuinely wants to touch him and initiate the contact herself. Luckily I translated it correctly anyway, but hey, I still told everyone that Yona was the one wanting to be touched, so apologies for the incorrect translation note >__<


I also decided to keep Yona’s last line as “Can I go to you?” and keep the idea of her wanting to walk towards him that was present in the original Japanese. I thought about it last night and decided I’d rather preserve that aspect of the line rather than the “beside you” part.