flame spurts

Hogwarts: Percabeth AU

“Then how about percabeth hogwarts au where annabeth is the perfect student and percy is her punk boyfriend please? (I read about this in some headcannons once and i just really loved this au-also im such a sucker for punk percy omg) thanks :)!”

Well here you go dis-be-yo-homegurl, I hope you like it. I might make this into a mini series thingy???

((I love punk!Percy too btw, I live and breathe it if you can’t tell from all my fics))

It was on the Hogwarts Express, on the way to their seventh year, that I found a certain raven haired peer.

Percy Jackson, seventeen years old, Slytherin, half blood and a bloody good wizard. I had noticed him from my first day at Hogwarts, (how could I not? His presence alone demanded attention.) despite my awe for the most magical place in Britain. It took four more years, during the middle of fifth year, that he finally had the courage to ask me to Hogsmeade and eventually kiss me. That was, according to our friends, the start of a very long awaited era.

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Squadre Next Gen: Part Ten


Abraxi applied heavy concealing makeup under her eyes. The bags were awful and her dreams were filled with scars and hazel and blue eyes and flapping wings. The nightmares were so intense that her mentality felt like it was starting to fray. But she steeled her spine and put on the matching dress that Rajni picked out for her. It was her brother’s day, and she was not going to ruin it.


Rowan Whitethorn slid into his black jacket, buttoning the green stone buttons, running through the proceedings in his mind. He was orchestrating his son’s wedding and wanted it to be perfect for him. His fireheart and Manon were each walking their sons down the aisle.But tomorrow his children will once again leave to face the rebels. He prayed to the gods that his children would be safe, but he felt that his prayers would go unanswered.

He gripped the sides of the dresser, trying to control the frenzy in his blood. One day. That was all he needed. His children and his Fireheart happy. He would sell his soul to make that happen.

Gavriel came into the room, “Rowan.” Urgency filled his voice.

Rowan turned and looked at him, “You feel it to, don’t you?”

“Something is coming.”

“Protect her, Gavriel. Protect my daughter on this mission. No matter what happens, do whatever you must to protect my child.”

“With my life.” Gavriel nodded, “We should get down to the chapel, we can’t start the wedding without the officiator.”


Lyria straightened Sam’s jacket. His metals glinted in the firelight. Her brother was fidgeting and the fireplace flames were spurting. She needed to fix this before his nerves took out the castle, “Sam,” she said softly.

He kept his gaze trained on the feather in his fingers. She tried again, putting a chilled finger tip on his cheek, shocking him back to her, “There is nothing to worry about. Its just the family and even Father is officiating.”

After a minute of just the crackling embers, Sam asked, “Lyria?”


“Do you think I would be a good parent?’ Well she didn’t expect this question.

She mocked lightly, “Sam. Did you knock up Ciel?”

He laughed. That was a good sign, “No, Ria, I did not knock up Ciel. I was just thinking, you know? He is so great with children. I’m not. Not really. Just Sammy and Connie.”

Lyria snorted, “You will be a great father one day, Twin. I will look forward to teaching the child all the wicked little tricks I know to get around parental rules.”

The flames died down in the fire place, the regular fire returning. “Well little brother,” Lyria offered the crook of her elbow, “Let’s go get you married.”


Asterin Blackbeak curled her blond hair, cascading it over her shoulder. The dress Manon picked out for her was spectacular. She was thrilled for her prince and her beloved Sam to get married. But she could feel it. The wind is warning them. Three separate threats. And tomorrow the next generation of fighters were heading out to stop them. She just hoped that they all came back alive.

She smiled at her daughters, “You girls ready to show these posers what you are made of?”

They grinned wickedly at her.

“That’s my witchlings.”


Ciel stood with his chin raised while his father pinned his medals on his chest. Rajni was curing her hair, light kohl lined her eyes, making her gold eyes pop. Ciel sighed, “I manage to find the absolute best tux in this whole kingdom and my kid sister still looks hotter than me. Where is the justice?”

“Fate is catching up to you Ciel. Rajni looked at him in the mirror, over exaggerating her squinting, “Are those wrinkes under your eyes?”

His father had pinned the last metal when Ciel gasped, “Take that back, Nini.”

She laughed, “Not on your life. Soon you’ll have the 2.2 kids and will be that mother who cooks her children three square meals a day.”

Ciel rolled his eyes and grinned, “Better me than Sam. I love the male but the only thing he can cook is heated up oatmeal and even that is debateable.”

His father hugged him, and sly said, “You’re going to be a great husband and mother, Son.”



Artemis pulled the silk green shirt over his head and shrugged the silver jacket over it. He looked good. 

“Why did Lyria give you permission to go on the mission?”

Artemis didn’t need this today, “It’s not like she had a choice, Father. So I suggest you build yourself a bridge and get over it.”

Her father huffed a line of curses while he buttoned his shirt. 

‘Looking at his mother, he said, “Nothing is going to happen to me. But you must agree with me that I can make a difference, You did.”

Her mother smiled wickedly, “Show the world just what prowls under your skin, Artemis.”


Marion’s abilites were picking up the nervous tentions and and excitement for the wedding. But underneath it all, she could feel darkness start to fill the world from three different points. Morath, The Wastes, and Doranelle. Tomorrow she and her friends would set out to defeat this new level of threat but today, today they were going to celebrate Sam and Ciel’s wedding. There was going to be toasts and speeches and dancing.


Aelin had it all ready. Every last piece in the curch was decorated lavishly for her son and Ciel. She had found the country’s best cellist. Sam loved cello music, claimed that he could feel the vibrations the instruments played in his soul. That it made him feel both empty and full at the same time. It was a beautiful thought.

She looked at Manon, “I’ve been waiting for this day since you gave birth to Ciel.”

Manon grinned back, “Same.”

Tomorrow the war went on, but for today and tonight, light and celebration would reign over the darkness.

“Let’s get the show started then shall we?”

Witness me!

GM: an intense cone of orange flame spurts from the barrel of your pistol engulfing the three war flowers, when the smoke clears you see the blackened figures for a brief instant before they disintegrate into dust

Gunslinger: I turn towards the others to see their reactions

GM: they’re too busy fighting and do not see you

*the Gunslinger sighs*


The destruction of the HMS Invincible at 6:30 PM.

May 31 1916–Room 40′s intelligence had caused the Grand Fleet to put to sea the previous evening, but by the early afternoon of the 31st, Jellicoe had reason to doubt this initial assessment.  At 12:48 PM, he received a message from the Admiralty which read: 

No definite news of enemy.  They made all preparations for sailing early this morning.  It was thought Fleet had sailed but Directionals place flagship in Jade at 11:10 AM GMT.  Apparently they have been unable to carry out air reconnaissance which has delayed them.

This message was based on a report by a certain Captain Jackson.  Jackson had nothing but contempt for the civilians in Room 40, and made only his third visit to the room that day, to ask a single question: where was the call sign DK [normally corresponding to Scheer’s flagship] signalling from at present? The staff in Room 40, knowing Jackson would not value any additional comments beyond the answer, and not knowing the information would be directly passed to Jellicoe, told him that DK was still in the Jade, as was indeed the case.  However, Scheer had switched his call sign when leaving the Jade, precisely to fool the British; the staff at Room 40 knew Scheer had done this before (and would receive explicit confirmation of it later in the afternoon from the decryption of a German signal from yesterday).

This disastrous piece of misinformation caused Jellicoe to slow his fleet to conserve fuel; this would place him an hour or two behind Beatty’s battlecruisers–a delay which would make a huge difference in the upcoming battle.

At 2:10 PM, Beatty’s battlecruiser force began a turn to the north, in order to rendezvous with Jellicoe, as he had been ordered the previous night.  Far on the port wing, the light cruiser Galatea had difficulties seeing Beatty’s flag orders, and took several minutes to confirm them  In the meantime, they had spotted smoke on the horizon, and decided to investigate.  They found a Norwegian steamer, followed by two German destroyers that had been searching her.  At 2:28 PM, the Galatea opened fire.

Beatty, eager to catch any Germans before they escaped, quickly ordered pursuit.  However, this order did not make it to the four dreadnoughts accompanying him; their commander, Admiral Evan-Thomas, was strictly trained to follow orders and let Beatty steam off by himself, delaying their entry into the battle by 25 minutes.

At 3:45 PM, Beatty’s and Hipper’s battlecruisers engaged, opening fire simultaneously (despite the better range of the British ships).  Beatty thought he was facing Hipper alone (and with the support of Evan-Thomas’ dreadnoughts) and could make short work of him before he could withdraw back to the Jade (as Hipper had done at Dogger Bank last year).  Hipper waned to draw Beatty into Scheer’s High Seas Fleet, where they would be vastly outnumbered.

A midshipman aboard the battleship Malaya recalled his experience:

My thought were really more like a nightmare than the thoughts of a wide-awake human being.  I don’t think I felt fright, simply because what was going on around me was so unfamiliar that my brain was incapable of grasping it.  Even now I can only think of the beginning of the action as through a dim haze.  I remember seeing the enemy lines on the horizon with red specks coming out of them, which I tried to realize were the cause of projectiles landing around us, continually covering us with spray, but the fact refused to sink into my brain.

At 4:00, Beatty’s flagship Lion suffered a hit to one of its turrets, and likely only escaped a devastating magazine explosion due to the quick action of a Major Harvey; despite having both legs crushed, he was able to drag himself to a voice pipe to order the magazine flooded and its doors closed.

At 4:02, the Indefatigable was hit by two shells from Von der Tamm, one of which hit a turret.  An officer aboard the New Zealand described:

There was an interval of about thirty seconds and then the ship completely blew up.  The main explosion started with sheets of flame, followed immediately by a dense dark smoke cloud which obscured the ship from view.  All sorts of stuff was blown into the air, a fifty foot picket boat being blown up about two hundred feet, apparently intact though upside down.

By 4:10, Evan-Thomas’ battleships had arrived and opened fire, putting Hipper at a disadvantage.  However, at 4:26, the Queen Mary similarly blew up.  A minute later, the Princess Royal was obscured from view by multiple waterspouts from both sides, and it was briefly reported that she had blown up, as well.  At this, Beatty famously commented, “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today.”

At 4:35, Goodenough’s light cruisers, which had proceeded further south to cut off Hipper, sighted Scheer’s High Seas Fleet itself.  Within five minutes, Beatty realized the trap that Hipper had set for him, and turned his ship to the north.  However, due to yet another error by signal officer Ralph Seymour, the order was not conveyed to Evan-Thomas’ dreadnoughts for another 14 minutes, at which point they were within range of the High Seas Fleet; they managed to escape, but not before suffering several hits.

The Germans now chased the British to the north for the next hour, continuing a running gun battle.  The back and forth chase and the deteriorating weather lowered visibility, and at 5:59 Hipper’s ships emerged from a bank of mist to find themselves 16,000 yards from Jellicoe’s dreadnoughts, which finally had arrived after increasing their speed at 2:35.  The aim of Scheer and Hipper had been to draw out Beatty, never to engage the whole Grand Fleet, and they were taken completely by surprise.  

However, Jellicoe was not in the best position to take advantage of this, as the poor visibility (and slowness of communications with Beatty) prevented him from knowing exactly where Scheer was heading.  Nevertheless, Jellicoe needed to deploy his fleet, and quickly, and at 6:15 PM ordered his ships to form a line to port.  This would put them further away from Scheer, but hopefully put the Germans at a disadvantage both in terms of visibility (due to the angle of the sun) and in positioning; Jellicoe hoped to cross the German T.

While this was happening, however, Hipper scored another success, as the Invincible, a battlecruiser attached to the Grand Fleet, blew up at 6:30, just as the Indefatigable and the Queen Mary had.

Within another three minutes, the British had deployed, successfully crossed the German T, and was pouring fire into the High Seas Fleet.  Scheer, realizing his entire fleet was at risk, ordered “Gefechtskehrtwendung nach Steuerbord!” at 6:36.  Each ship was to independently make a 180 degree turn to starboard and head south (contrary to common practice, where ships always followed a leader).  Within a few minutes, the High Seas Fleet had disappeared into the mist and smoke to the west.

Jellicoe, unclear as to where exactly Scheer had gone, altered course slightly to the south, but did not pursue aggressively, fearing torpedoes (one would strike and damage the dreadnought Marlborough) and knowing he was in a good position to cut Scheer off from retreat to the Jade.

Scheer was surprised that Jellicoe did not follow.  Despite having the worst of the brief combat, 12 of his 16 dreadnoughts, all his pre-dreadnoughts, and the battlecruiser Moltke were still relatively untouched.  At 6:55, Scheer unexpectedly ordered another Gefechtskehrtwendung nach Steuerbord, turning his ships back towards the Grand Fleet.  Whether he hoped to surprise Jellicoe, thought he could quickly slip past the Grand Fleet to return to Germany, desperately wanted a real encounter with the Grand Fleet, or did it on a whim, is still unknown.  He later admitted that “if I’d done it in a peacetime exercise, I’d have lost my command.”

Regardless, the attack did not work; he was spotted soon by Goodenough’s cruisers, and by 7:14 they were taking heavy fire from Jellicoe.  He could not effectively reply; even the battlecruisers at the front “could scarcely see anything of the enemy who were disposed in a great semi-circle around us.  All we could see was the great reddish-gold flames spurting from their guns.”  Those battlecruisers, already heavily damaged from the afternoon’s combat with Beatty, took even more punishment; Derfflinger was hit fourteen times in four minutes. Only two German shells hit British dreadnoughts, wounding five men; the only casualties from German gunfire aboard the Grand Fleet’s dreadnoughts in the whole battle.

At 7:21, Scheer ordered another Gefechtskehrtwendung nach Steuerbord; under extremely heavy fire, this did not work as well as the other two, and some ships nearly collided.  To buy him some time, he ordered his destroyers to conduct a torpedo attack on the Grand Fleet as his capital ships withdrew.  This posed the greatest threat to the British, and Jellicoe turned his fleet away in order to present the smallest profile and escape their limited range.  This worked, and no torpedoes scored hits, but it gave Scheer 17 crucial minutes to escape.

The sun set at 8:19, with the fleets now well out of sight of each other.  However, Jellicoe lay between Scheer and the Jade, and prepared to block his escape and destroy him at dawn. 

Today in 1915:  Allied Advance up the Tigris

Sources include: Patrick Beesly, Room 40; Richard Hough, The Great War at Sea; Robert K. Massie, Castles of Steel.  This account is primarily drawn from Massie’s chapter on the day of the battle, which I highly recommend.  There are also many monographs just on Jutland; it is sadly not a subject I can even come close to doing full justice in this format.

for @ofgeography ‘s birthday enjoyment, part one of a story about a spunky princess and a histrionic dragon– naturally I thought of her while writing it

What can you do with a princess no one else wants?

           Bargtn hadn’t known there were princesses that no one was interested in questing for or paying a ransom to rescue.  Just his luck, to get stuck with the seventh daughter of a penniless king. How was he supposed to show off his valor and success now?  His mother had always been careful about reminding him how a dragon’s hoard reflected his character—treasure from placating bribes and gifts are testaments to a dragon’s fearsomeness.  A few singed coats of armor hung in an entrance hall will always look impressive to visitors.  

           Princesses are a different matter.  They’re annoying and hard to feed, and in and of themselves, have very little redeeming value.

           “You can’t even hunt for yourself,” he grumbled at his captive after the third week without any sign she would be leaving his company.  He still couldn’t believe humans actually had to eat every day.

           “If I could, I’d certainly pick prey that was more edible than this.”

           Bargtn wasn’t sure if he should be thankful that at least she wasn’t boring or peeved that her responses were so bratty.  He huffed in frustration, allowing small spurts of flame to rise in his nostrils.  The girl didn’t even flinch as she had when he’d first taken her; she just picked at a gash in the sleeve of her gown and stared disdainfully at the charred ox he’d brought for her midday meal.  I am a failure.

           He flopped down on the cave floor; the princess’s disgruntlement was audible as she jumped to avoid his tail.

           “You’re pathetic,” she said.

           “What would you expect of a dragon who can’t even properly ransom a princess?” He did not bury his face in his paws soon enough to miss her eyes roll.

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Squadre Next Gen: Part Four


Aelin really, really did not want her children and their mates to go after these groups. She could go-

“Fireheart. You cannot go.”

Whirling around, “And why not?”

“Because you and I need to stay here to defend Terressen. Sam and Lyria will be okay-”

The fire in the fireplace spurted blue flame, “That is what you said last time! Have you not seen the scars on our son’s back? He obliterated half of a mountain range from the pain. I failed him. I promised him he would never feel the pain that me and you went through.”

Rowan wrapped his arms around her, “You did not fail him. We did not fail him.” Looking down at her, “Ciel would sooner die than let him get hurt again.”

“Why isn’t Ciel crown prince anymore?”

Rowan rubbed the back of his neck.

“Hello, Buzzard. Answer me.”

Before Rowan could answer her a soft knock echoed through their private chambers.

The only person who knocked like that was Sam, “Come in, Sam.”


Sam pulled Ciel in with him, “Ah yes,” his mother said, “is my son the reason you are no longer crown prince of Adalarn?”

“I wish to stay here in Terressen with Sam. With your blessing of course.”

A laugh escaped his mother’s mouth, “Of course you are welcome to stay here. Live here. Hell you can live in the castle if you want.”

“There is one other thing,” Sam said, shifting in his boots. Ciel put a frosted hand on his back, cooling his fire.

“Yes, Sam?” There was a small smug smile on his mother’s lips.

Steeling his spine, Sam rose his chin, forcing himself to look at his mother, “We got engaged. We are engaged. Ciel and I would like your blessing to get married. Just something small before we depart for the mission.”

His mother’s eyes lit up. The queen loved parties.

“No son of mine is having a small wedding. We are going to throw you the grandest wedding this kingdom has ever seen!” turning to rowan, “Get the events planner” clasping her hands together, “I am so very happy for you both!”

“Mother, really, you don’t have to-”

“Hush. My baby is getting married!”

Oh gods. All the people. Sam’s stomach started to turn. He tried again, “What about the mission?”

“One week. That is all that I am asking. Sam, you are Crown Prince and this is your mate. We just need to wait for everyone to get here. I’ve kept tabs, they all could be here in three days.”

Something must have showed on his face, at the discomfort of being surrounded by so many people because Aelin said, “Actually, you know what? Lets have a small one. However you want. Just the family.”

Sam smiled at his mother and thanked her for understanding.

Ciel gave her a grin, “Thank you, Queen Aelin.”

“No. if you are getting married to my son it is just ‘Aelin’ to you. But i will warn you, just this once, Ciel, if you harm my son in any way I will end you, is that understood?”

“I would sooner Yield my life than hurt Sam in any way.”

His mother’s eyes were bright, “Good. I will keep you to that promise, Ciel.”


Rajni shifted through the reasons why she would be called to her father’s guest chambers. It all boiled down to two things. Either it was about the mission or about the future leader of Adalarn and the Witch Kingdom. Either way, they both gave her a headache.

Opening the door, Abraxi was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed and was glowering. If Brax was pissed it had to be about Ciel and if it was about Ciel then it was about the future of Adalarn and the Witch Kingdom.

Rajni sat on the sofa, an arm across the back, “Going by Brax’s glowering, I would say that I was called here to talk about the fate of our kingdoms.”

Her father nodded, leaning back in his own chair, “Yes. Ciel has given up the crown as you well know. Which leaves you and your sister to decide who will be the future ruler of the kingdoms.”

“I do not see why it cannot be both of us. Together. Her heart and my mind. Together we can lead the two kingdoms.”

Her father nodded to himself, “Abraxi, what do you think?”

Brax put a hand over her heart, “I would be honored to rule next to Rajni. Side by side.”

Rajni crossed her legs, “Then it is settled. Besides, we all know that Lyria refused to take the crown unless Sam ruled next to her.”


Lyria decided to spar, or at least try to, instead of heading out for a fight. She had all of this pent up energy that she needed to burn. The words were echoing in her head. She knew how precious witchings were. And Hekabe’s daughter was killed because she helped Sam. Her brother, her twin. The Crown Prince of Terressen.

Gavriel tripped lyria, she landed on her back. Glaring up at him, “Cheap shot.”

He grinned at her, offering her a hand. She pushed it away and stood up.


Lyria turned to find Artemis who now had short hair and a more masculine look today, Lyria wiped the sweat from her brow, “Artemis! How can I help you?”

“I heard about the meeting and what you guys are going to do. Let me come with you! I can help!”

Lyria tried to think out of a way to not have to answer this. Artemis was her friend and she didn’t just want to say no. She looked at Gavriel. Yes. He was Artemis’s grandfather, he could tell shifter no. Gavriel looked back at her, reading her thoughts. He sighed and looked at Artemis, “Look, Arty. We have this covered. Besides you are too young for this kind of mission. Not to mention the fact that your father would castrate me if I let his child go into a potential war zone.”

Artemis’s face darkened, “Ria. I am useful. Let me help!”

She wasn’t going to be able to get out of this, Lyria sighed and said in her “i’m going to be queen so listen to whatever I say” voice, “No. You are too young and that is final.”

Artemis flared ver nose and whirled around, shifting into a ghost leopard and ran into the forest.

She looked at Gavriel, “That went well.”

Dinner for One: A Nessian Fic

Authors Note: here you go babes. I saw a thing by the lovely @angelina-figjam and couldn’t pass it up! A special thank you to @elnabu and @propshophannah for helping me get into the characters heads

Nesta Archeron had heard the snap of the mating bond when Cassian shielded Azriel. A part of her had known that he was her mate, her equal, at that snap. But the the thought of what it meant for her, for him. But before she could think about it, before she could process it, she died, Elain died, and he nearly lost his wings and her sister was taken to the Spring Court. There were so many reasons to not have to face the bond. But now there was. The war was over, they had survived. And so did the bond.

“What are you going to do?” Feyre asked, leaning against the bar at Ritas. Her sister’s face was a mask of calm and interest. But she knew that Feyre was assessing her as well.

A lie or the truth? Perhaps a middle ground instead, “I’m sure it’s not your business,” Nesta said,  “But, you know how mating bonds work.” Her sister was mates with the High Lord, she would understand her hesitancy, uncertainty.

Mor and Feyre looked at eachother with scheming in their eyes, Nesta narrowed her eyes as they both said at the same time, “Go to the cabin.”

Nesta arched a brow, “The cabin?” As in the same cabin that her sister…

She narrowed her eyes at Feyre whose response was a half-grin. Mor grinned at her slyly, she returned the grin with an icy glare. She just rolled her eyes. Before Nesta could respond, Feyre cut in. “Yes. Spend the next week thinking about what you want, Nesta.”

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the fire of the heart

a/n; i wanted to write a bit of killian feeling vulnerable & lost, & emma being there to comfort him. so here - have some flangsty post-reunion hurt/comfort! read it on ao3

“Go to sleep, Emma,” Killian grouses as he breathes in steadily. An arm is flung over his face, covering his eyes, and he huffs as he feels Emma shuffles beside him.

“What are you talking about?” she responds lightly. “I’m not doing anything.”

“You’re smiling,” Killian laughs lightly, his voice laced with sleep. “And thinking too loudly. Go to sleep.”

“How would you know? You’re not even looking at me.”

Killian groans in amusement as he removes his arm from over his eyes and flops onto his side to face her. He peeks one eye open, catching her fleeting smile as she immediately attempts to mask her features. He rolls his eyes at her innocent expression, finding that he can’t be annoyed at her despite his severe lack of sleep, before he twines his arm around her waist and tugs her to him. She nestles against his bare chest, the tresses of her hair silky and smooth against his skin. Her breath washes over the heat of him hotly and he melts all over again from the inside out. A smile presses against the skin right above his now beating heart as he lets out a disgruntled noise and adjusts against the overwhelming warmth of her presence.

“I can feel you smiling, my love,” Killian says, his lips grazing her forehead as she chuckles against him. The sound of her laughter is warm, melodic, soothing, and graceful - a cacophony of sounds that resembles the sorrow and angst and hopefulness of a symphony. It’s a sound that he never thought he’d hear again, a sound that he found himself missing and trying to remember, foolishly and hopelessly, when the walls of the Underworld’s caverns had been closing in on him. He had replayed everything there was to her in his head to keep himself sane: her name being a tragic and stark reminder, her laugh being a body-warming comfort, her touch being something to hold onto, something to hope for, something to dream about, and her kiss reminding him of the hard and honest truth - his reason to once live for, then his reason to move on, now his reason to continue hoping, dreaming, and living.

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What Dreams May Come

4k words - 11x21 coda because I need a conversation between Dean and Cas to help save Cas from Lucifer and I’m not holding my breath for SPN to deliver. AO3

Sam finds Dean in the garage under the Impala. The portable radio that he set up in here is blasting Korn because it’s loud and angry and about the only thing drowning out his own thoughts. Sam shuts off the music and Dean prepares himself mentally for a confrontation.

“The fuck, dude? I was listening to that!” Dean’s growls from under the car.

“We need to talk,” Sam says as nudges the side of Dean’s leg. “You’ve been hiding out in here for two days. What’s up?”

Dean sighs loud enough to piss off his brother and rolls his eyes even though he knows Sam can’t see it. He’s tempted to tell him to go away, but he knows Sam will just press on and he’d rather just get this touchy-feely crap over with. He rolls out from under the car on his creeper and looks up at Sam.

“What’s up? Chuck fucked up my suspension, that’s what’s up. Seriously, God or not, I’ll stab him in the face if he keeps zapping my car around.”

Sam gives him a warning look, “You should probably take it easy with him. I mean he is… God. He’s kind of got a reputation for smiting people who give him shit.”

Dean gets up and slides the creeper to the side, walking over to put his tools carefully back in their drawers. “Yeah, well, he doesn’t act like a god. I mean, he’s a mess. You know this morning he used the last clean towels and left the wet ones on the floor. Isn’t cleanliness supposed to be close to godliness?”

Sam just shrugs. That’s one cliche that is far from the truth. Chuck never washes his dishes, leaves beard trimmings and toothpaste chunks in the sink, and helps himself to whatever he wants in the bunker. I mean who uses another guy’s robe without asking?

“I’ll tell you one thing,” Dean grumbles, pointing at Sam, “it’s a damn good thing he was willing to move Baby out here. What the hell was he thinking, putting her in that room? If I had to take her apart to move her, he would be one homeless deity!”

“I don’t know, Dean, we were just happy to not get thrown into the void by your creepy stalker.”

“Fine!” Dean surrenders, “he gets a pass for answering a prayer… finally.”

Sam shifts on his feet and Dean can tell he’s revving up to bring up whatever crap he came in here for. “So, Chuck and Lucifer are upstairs trying to figure out our next steps. We could kind of use your help.”

“Dude, do you listen to yourself? We’re bunking with God and the Devil himself and you think they need the help of two humans? And why the fuck does our life sound like the opening line of a joke?!”

Sam huffs a small laugh but presses on, “They do need us, Dean. And you are the one with the Darkness immunity idol, so yeah, you should probably get up there and help.”

Yeah, he knows that this crappy connection he’s got going on with Amara might just be the key to finding her, but it’s been two days of Lucifer hanging around the bunker and it’s driving him crazy. Every time he catches a glimpse of tan trench coat or blue eyes his heart does a flip before he remembers, that isn’t really Cas standing there. And now, he can’t even look at his brother. Turning away, he drags a hand down his face and finally admits, “I can’t do it, Sam.”

Sam, of course, misunderstands. “Dean, we aren’t going to let Amara do anything to you. We’ll find another way.”

Dean can’t help it. A defeated laugh bursts out of his chest and he shakes his head. “That’s not it, man. I can’t… sit across the table from Lucifer.” Dean feels a damn prickling behind his eyes and blinks it away before turning around to face his brother. “He’s sitting there wearing Cas’ skin like fucking Leatherface.”

“We’ll get Cas back, Dean. But… we need Lucifer to re-cage Amara.”

“C’mon, Sam. You really think that even if he does help us, once the Darkness is gone, he’s going to just give up that vessel? There’s pretty much one other option on earth and that’s you, which by the way isn’t happening either so don’t think about it!”

“We’ll find a way. We’ll trap him or exorcise him or… I don’t know… get Chuck to throw him back in the cage.” Sam argues desperately. “We just need him to do this first. It’s what Cas wanted.”

“What, and let her get her hands on Cas again? No way, Sam!”

Sam opens his mouth to argue that they now have Chuck and Amara won’t be able to take Cas and Lucifer again but Dean interrupts him.

“Don’t, Sam! You know she used Cas to get to me? You don’t think she’ll do it again? She was torturing him and somehow she figured out how to get into my head through him. We can’t let her get near him again.”

“We won’t.”

“And he’s sitting right there. Right across the table from me and I can’t even talk to him. I look at Lucifer and… fuck! I know Cas is in there but Lucifer won’t let him take the wheel and I don’t even know if he’s OK. I mean, Crowley said - ” Dean’s voice breaks and, dammit, he feels a tear wet his cheek. But he coughs and continues, “Crowley said he’s too far gone and I don’t even know what that means. We may never get him back and I can’t sit across the room from the asshole who’s holding him prisoner.”

“What if there was a way to talk to him?”

“We tried that, Sam. Crowley said he barely even acknowledged him.”

“Well, yeah, Dean, that’s Crowley. He and Cas aren’t exactly besties.”

“We’re kind of out of other options, here. Cas’ family all try to kill him every time they get near him so who else are we going to get to jump his bones?”

“I was actually thinking… you.”

Dean squints at him, “Dude, that’s not what I meant when I said jump his bones.”

Sam just barely stops himself from rolling his eyes. “Yeah, save that for after Lucifer exits the building at least.”

“You’re hilarious,” Dean grouses. “Besides, I already asked Chuck to expel Lucifer. He won’t.”

Sam sighs, “Yeah, I know.”

“Kept going on about how this was Castiel’s choice and he has free will and he won’t take that away. How the fuck did we end up Air BnB-ing the most useless god in the universe?”

Sam just makes a bitch face because he’s still breaking out of his Chuck fangirl phase.

Dean grabs a beer off of his tool bench and turns back to Sam, “You know he said he’s actually proud of Cas? Proud! Of Cas for understanding free will and using it. A lot of good that did him. Now he’s trapped in there with the damn devil.”

“Look, Dean, Lucifer isn’t going anywhere. He knows that if Amara wins he loses too. We all do. And once we deal with the Darkness, we force him out, with or without Cas’ permission. I’ve been thinking about this, and I think if you could talk to him, he might just be able to expel Lucifer. He overcame Lucifer briefly before. We just need to get you in his head, let him know what’s going on out here.”

Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Dean has tried praying, but he doesn’t even know if the prayers are getting through. Lucifer is an archangel and Cas is just a beat up soldier with clipped wings.

“Sam, Lucifer’s a pretty strong firewall. How do you suggest we get past him?”

Sam suddenly looks excited, and Dean knows that face. Sam has found something.  “I’ve got an idea. I found this spell. It’s for temporarily incapacitating an angel by putting them to sleep. I figure we set up another trap and ward it with Rowena’s spell, summon Lucifer and put him to sleep then you get in with African Dream Root.”

Dean just stares at him for a moment. “Three layers of spells, what could possibly go wrong?”

“Hey, I’m just saying, if you want to talk to Cas, this is how we do it.”

Dean chuckles and tips his head back to take a swig of beer, “What the hell, right? Go big or go home.”

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thedragonwholovesart  asked:

For the ask prompt writing thing. Fraxus (romantic otp). Freed and Laxus get sent into the past (somehow) and have to explain their relationship, and how strong they both have gotten, to their younger selves and the rest of the guild. Just some fluff with the younger versions releasing that grown freed/laxus look attractive and they both grow out of their dorky phases. This would be so amazing if you could write this, please message me if you are interested or planning on writing this!

A/N: This is gonna be a long one. It’s not exact but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Please forgive me if it’s bad. ;u; First time writing Fraxus. Sorry for not messaging you beforehand! I couldn’t seem to be able to message you. 

Title: Nothing to Worry About

“Where the hell are we?” Laxus looked around, expecting to see some foreign place.

“It seems like we’re Magnolia.” Freed answered him as he put a finger to his lips. “Though it does seem a bit different.”

“I told those two idiots to be careful with that spell book.” Laxus grumbled with crossed arms.

Freed gave him a smile, “I’m sure Bixlow and Ever didn’t do much damage. After all, it does seem like they just changed the town a bit.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Laxus looked around. Something didn’t sit right with him. Something was different.

“Well, let’s go find those two idiots, shall we? They must be back in the guild.” Freed held out his hand.

Laxus gave a noise of indifference and held Freed’s hand without a second thought. Freed couldn’t help the dorky smile that formed on his face along with a hint of blush. He still wasn’t use to the fact that Laxus would hold his hand without thinking. It made his heart skip a beat.

They made their way towards the guild, Freed was too happy to notice the strange looks they were getting but Laxus couldn’t help but notice the looks. They weren’t looks of disgust. Just surprise and confusion. Not only that, Laxus has seen a couple of these faces before. They almost looked younger.

It was when they finally reached the guild that Freed finally noticed that something was wrong.

“The guild…” Freed gasped.

“It’s the old building.” Laxus’s eyes narrowed, crossing his arms and letting go of Freed’s hand to Freed’s dismay. “What the hell is this?”

“It’s almost like- Nevermind, that’s crazy.”

“What?” Laxus looked at Freed. “It’s your idea, I doubt it’s crazy.”

Freed blushed at that hidden compliment, “Well, it’s almost like we’ve traveled back in time.”

Laxus stared at him for a while before looking at the guild. He thought about it for a while.

“Nevermind. It is crazy.”

Freed gaped at the Lightning Dragon Slayer, “Laxus!”

“Calm down.” Laxus patted him on the head, without looking his way. “I was joking.”

That didn’t stop the adorable pout from forming of Freed’s lips. Laxus gave him a sideways glance. He felt his cheeks become warmer. Damn, Freed was cute sometimes.

Laxus sighed, “Stop making that stupid face. I was joking. Maybe we did travel back in time. Let’s go inside.”

Freed simply nodded and followed Laxus through the guild door. The guild was as noisy as ever. Nostalgia filled both of them as they remembered their time in the old guild. It was so simple yet so nice. It had such a friendly feel to it. Freed couldn’t help but smile. It was where he met first met Laxus.

Heads turned once they heard the door open and gasps rang around the room followed by loud whispers.

“Laxus?!” A small voice yelled.

Laxus immediately recognized who it was coming from. Sure enough, a little Natsu was standing in front of him, in awe of the fully grown Laxus in front of him.

“Whoa! You got a growth spurt!” Natsu grinned.

Laxus sighed, heavily. Typically Natsu. He opened his mouth to tell him what was really happening but someone else bet him to it.

“He didn’t get a growth spurt, Flame Breath!” Gray yelled from his seat.

“Oh yeah! Then explain how he looks like that, Ice Princess!” Natsu gritted his teeth.

Gray stared at him. He had no answer to give.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” Natsu grinned proudly, with his hands on his hips.

“Time travel.”

“Huh?” Natsu turned around to look at Freed as did the rest of the guild.

“We came here by time travel. We don’t exactly know how but we ended up in the past.” Freed explained.

Everyone stared at him with wide eyes. It was unbelievable.

“That’s-” Natsu began to say.

“Bullcrap!” A voice yelled in the back of the guild. Everyone, including Laxus and Freed, turned to see a teenaged Laxus angrily waking over to the adults standing in front.

“You expect me to believe that you’re me from the future?!” Teenaged Laxus growled while he looked at the so called “Laxus” in front of him. “Like that time travel shit exist?!”

Laxus simply stared at his teenaged self before raising a fist and bonking him in the head, “You should really watch your mouth. They’re kids here.”

Teenaged Laxus look at him with a mix of surprise and anger. Who did he think he was hitting him in the head like that?

“I don’t give a flying crap about that! You’re an imposter. You’re not me!”

“Geez, was I really this much of a brat?” Laxus shook his head.

“Who are you calling a brat?!”

“Um, Laxus?” A quiet voice interrupted.

“What?!” The younger Laxus spun around to face a teenaged Freed with shoulder length green hair. The much older Freed simply stared at him. It was a weird feeling seeing your younger self in person.

“I think they’re telling the truth.” Teenaged Freed looked at his older self. “How did you come here?”

Freed smiled at his younger self, “Evergreen and Bixlow.”

“Who the hell are they?” Younger Laxus crossed his arms, still not convinced.

“Some good friends you’ll meet soon.”

The teenager scoffed, “I don’t have friends.”

The younger Freed couldn’t help but look hurt. It caught the eye of older Laxus. He couldn’t believe how much of a jerk he used to be.

“Well, you’ll make them. And you’ll learn to love them.” Laxus told his younger self. Younger Laxus glared at his supposed older self.

“Okay, if you’re me, then tell me something only I would know.”

Laxus smirked. The classic line. Laxus leaned over to tell his younger self something only he knew. Younger Laxus’s face turned a deep red.

“Okay! Okay! I get it! You’re me!” The blonde teen yelled as he covered his face.

Laxus gave a small chuckle. Success. Both Freeds gave him a “what did you say” look. Laxus just waved them off.

After the younger Laxus had composed himself, he looked back at his older self.

“So you’re me?”

Laxus rolled his eyes, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

The younger Laxus turned to look at the older Freed. “And you’re him?”

Freed smiled and nodded.

Teenaged Laxus folded his arms, “That’s surreal.“

A younger Freed gave a laugh, “Very surreal.”

Freed and Laxus smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Well, how the hell are you getting back?” Younger Laxus inquired.

“We actually don’t know. It’s what we’re trying to figure out.” Freed admitted.

“Master isn’t here but when he comes back you could ask him.” Younger Freed suggested.

“Good ol’ gramps.” The Laxuses said in unison.

“I suppose we can wait here until he comes back.” Freed agreed.

“Until then you could answer some questions about the future!” Natsu spoke up.

Freed and Laxus looked up to see the entire guild looking at them. They had forgotten all about them, watching their entire conversation.

“We can’t some much because of the whole space time continuum thing.” Laxus told them.

“But we could answer some questions.” Freed finished.

“I am super strong in the future?!” Natsu grinned.

“Like that’ll happen.” Gray mumbled.

“Shut up, Ice for Brains! You’re probably the weakest in the guild!”

“Oh yeah, Dragon Breathe?! I probably won more fights than you have!”

Erza slammed her fist against the table, “Stop it, both of you!”

“Yes ma'am!” Gray and Natsu squeaked.

Laxus shook his head while Freed laughed. Nothing had changed.

“You’re both very strong mages. All of you are.” Freed told them. “This guild is strongest guild in Fiore.”

“Whoa, really?!” Someone exclaimed.

“How did that happened?” Another asked. Even the kids were surprised.

Laxus answered them before Freed could open his mouth. “Our bonds. Our trust. Our friendship. That what makes us strong.”

Everyone looked at Laxus with surprise. This wasn’t the Laxus they know. Freed couldn’t help but smile at him. He’s gone a long way. Natsu was the first to cheer.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m taking about! We are Fairy Tail!” With that the guild exploded into noises of excitement and honor.

Younger Laxus looked at his older self, “How strong do I become?”

Laxus simply smirked and ruffled his hair, “Strong enough to protect your family.”

“What about me?” A younger Freed look at his older self. “I’m so weak.”

Freed bent down do he was eye level with his younger self, “You’ll be strong. Strength isn’t only your magic power or muscles. It also comes from your heart. Remember that and you’ll be strong.”

Younger Freed smiled brightly and nodded, “One more question.”


“Will Laxus ever love me?”

Freed let out a small chuckle, “Watch this.” Freed stood up straight and looked at Laxus. Laxus’s attention was on his younger self. Freed looked at his younger self and gave him a wink before leaning over and kissing Laxus on the cheek.

Laxus froze in his place. The blush rising to his cheeks was impossible to hide. He whipped his head around to look at his green haired boyfriend.

“W-What the hell was that for?!” Laxus sputtered.

“Just because.” Freed said, happily as he entwined their fingers together.

“Don’t go getting weird on me.” Laxus grumbled before looking away, blush still evident on his face.

Freed look back at his younger self with a smile, “I think you’ll be okay.”

Younger Freed laughed and looked at younger Laxus with a smile.

“Don’t you dare try that on me.” Younger Laxus warned. Younger Freed just continued to smile and took a step forward. Younger Laxus took a step backwards. Freed took another step forward and Laxus another step backwards. Then it broke out into a chase with Laxus running away while Freed laughed and chased him around.

“We’ve come a long way, huh?”

Freed looked at Laxus who was smiling at their younger selves. Freed smiled too.

“We have.”